Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring .............

Sssh, listen can your hear it?
No, that's because it has actually stopped raining.
But don't worry it won't stop for long..............

It's wet, grey and quite dark here today, surprise, surprise.

But as you know..............I love this weather.
I have been busy creating, mess and mayhem today, but have you noticed a little something very special in the photo?

Yippee, my labels have finally arrived and I am very happy with them.
Some time ago I decided that it would be good to have some labels to put on my large makes. I did ask for some advice from readers about buying or making your own and you were all very helpful. Time went by and eventually I decided to order some on line and here they are.

I just love the sewing machine............

In preparation for the market on Saturday I am in the process of making another baby mobile/dingly dangly/ thingy............... this time birds.
I just have to finish off the ends and sew some little silver bells between the birds and on the bottom of the ribbon.

They are doing a good job brightening up the day............

If you are wondering about the Sunflower teacosy, it's still in the WIP pile and I promise I shall finish it off very soon.

Another 'make' for the market are these little Birdie T's

I wanted to come up with another design besides the toadstool house (see 4 posts ago....don't know how to link to an old post!! If you would like to share the secret please feel free)

It took me a while and I'm not sure if I am 100% happy with it but we'll see how it goes on Saturday.

This pic was taken yesterday, what a difference 24 hours makes...........

Blue sky and sunshine, just gorgeous.
Actually, apologies for uploading the wrong photo.

I 've tucked my camera into my pocket, so I can take a pic or two on my way to check the letterbox for mail.
It's a bit tricky juggling the camera and umbrella but here goes.

The Manchurian Pear is in full bloom way ahead of time and not surprisingly, there are no bees about today.....
We have two of these trees, the second was planted a few years after the first and always flowers much later.
I'm afraid this rain will spoil the display somewhat.

No. 1 son who is up in Queensland enjoying 23deg. and sunshine whilst wearing shorts and a singlet was worried that it would bloom while he was away and he was right. Hopefully the flowers will hold on for another week or two, so he can enjoy some of it's beauty when he gets home.

Despite the gloomy day there are beautiful, bright splashes of colour around.
I must transfer these miniature Daffodils into the garden after the flowers have died back.

They are such sweet things.

Also from yesterday, a pic of the girls out of their run.
They enjoy a good forage in the 'Wild Wood' .
It helps break down the leaf litter whilst looking for creepy crawly things, so I am more than happy for them to scratch away to their hearts desire.

.....and it's always worth checking out the wood box for any 8 legged treats.

Shame they wouldn't fill it up as well, the wheel barrow's right there girls !!

I don't think I could have gotten a better action shot of Dorothy if I had tried.
When I opened the kitchen door to take the pic, she was off like a shot.
Probably thought she would be in trouble...........

Last but not least, guess who's the King of the Castle?

It's easy when you know up onto the 44 gal. drum then up onto the post above the gate.
This always impresses the girls and then you can crow very loudly and let the whole neighbourhood know that, you are the King of the Castle.............

Cheeky thing,


So, as the rain continues to fall and it's forecast to do so or the next couple of days I shall pull on the gumboots and head out on 'Worm Rescue' patrol ( please refer to last post, I'm not completely bonkers!!)

The weather man has said Saturday will be 19deg. with sunshine, yippee..........I shall be busy tying knots, snipping off loose threads, sewing 'things' together and getting sorted............

I hope your week is going well, thanks for taking the time out to call past and read my ramblings.
If you have a minute or two up your sleeve post a comment and say 'hi', it's always nice to hear what you've been up to.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Hi Claire,
    I'm enjoying seeing all your crafty makes and lovely blossom on the trees. I love the action shot of Dorothy, she certainly looks funny with her wings out. That rooster of yours is nothing but a show off. Typical male I'd say! :)
    In regard to how to link to one of your earlier posts, here is what I do.
    Go back to the post in question, copy the link at the top of the page. For instance for this post it would be and then copy it into your link when creating your blog post. I hope that makes some sense. If not call me. :)
    Have a lovely evening and have fun at the market on the weekend.
    Anne xx

  2. Hi Claire, raining at our place too! very muddy underfoot as we have had some earthworks done.Yesturday i headed out for an afternoon walk and found myself saving worms!! Love your little birdy mobile and love the cupboard their hanging off. Good luck with your market day!

  3. Claire, I think they will love your new design, I know I do!
    does that pear bear fruit?? what a magnificent tree.

  4. Hi Claire , just been catching up on your latest your birdy moblie and your latest tees....such neat work as always .
    I have some labels but not as nice as yours , they are super.
    Enjoy the wet weather :0)
    Jacquie x

  5. Forgot to say your new header too !

  6. Hi Claire,

    I love all your birdy sewings, especially the hanging.
    Great photo of Dorothy running off - hens are so funny when they run!

  7. Rain, rain everywhere it seem - in blogland at least. Love the birdie mobile, that will certainly brighten up someone's nursery.

  8. At first I thought you were describing the weather here in the UK because that's what our summer's been like. Made me laugh when I realised you were in Australia! Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that I love your birds and your labels are fab!

  9. Hi Claire - I love your birdy 'dingly/dangly thingy' :) The labels look great too, very professional.

    It's lovely to see your chooks and your garden, even in the rain :) Hope you have a great market day - you will sell lots for sure!

  10. Love your creations, and the pear tree is gorgeous. Funny to see you heading into spring as we head into fall. Your rooster is a handsome devil.

  11. We've been having a lot of rain here too, although surprisingly it's sunny here today! :)
    I love the little birdy mobile and your new labels look fantastic - you'll have to take some photos of them in place on your next creations! :) x

  12. Hello Claire - I love your new header! (and the little birdie mobiles too) Your labels are great, no wonder you're pleased with them - just the little finishing touch to all your lovely craft work. Daffodils - the promise of Spring (sigh) Our days are definitely drawing in and the nights are getting a lot colder.

  13. New labels look wonderfully very serious Claire !
    Great to see you proudly show your name on your products now :)
    Rotten chickens, they really are too smart

  14. Hi Claire, thanks for popping by, I love crafting when it's rainy outside, it always feels snug and cosy with the rain against the window.

    Love your birdie mobile and your appliqued t's are always so pretty.

    Beautiful blossom,
    lily x

  15. Hi Claire,
    Sorry it has been so long since I've left you a comment. I have been following but we have had a lot going on at our end and I've not had the time to leave a comment.

    I LOVE the labels - very nice!
    The coathangers got my attention, they look just like ones I had as a little girl (many years ago) but they were tiny, yours are adult size. Very nice indeed.... the Birdie T's are beatutiful and very creative.

    Lastly, I think your Rooster is just as cheeky as mine. We called him Will and he too will climb/fly/leap/skip to the highest point and do his thing! Funny though, my girls can't stand him (well not really that funny for poor Will). Belle and Ariel will gang up on him from either side and literally 'rugby' tackle him to the ground if he even dares to look at them amorously - should I be worried?

    So thanks for sharing all your wonderful work and snippets of wonderful life, I really enjoy the escape ;o) Take care, Yollie xoxo


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