Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yum scrum, aren't they just so cute?..............

Little strawberry pincushiony thingies.
Can you pick which one is mine? hehe.........

Needs a bit of fertiliser.

Look at that tea cosy, red and white, just gorgeous.

I have one knitted in that style, probably belonged to my grandmother but it's orange and blue!

Love that basket too.......more red and white and a polka dot mug.

Now UK readers may very well recognise these pics from a recent addition to the craft magazine market.

It finally made it's way to my local newsagents this week and I bought it immediately, without so much as a quick look first............
O/S magazines always take their time to make it 'Down under' so we are probably a couple of issues behind by now.

Mollie Makes, full of beautifully styled pics and lots of gorgeous things to drool over.

After reading about it on lots of blogs I finally get a copy of my own...........

Had to sit down and whip up a strawberry straight away.
Just need to make them a little bigger next time.

They have me wishing Summer was already here and I could pick my own strawberries from the garden

I've been a little quiet on the blogging front as I sewed up a storm for 2 markets last weekend. The first was in Bright on Saturday and even though I got a bit muddled and set the alarm for an hour later than was a cracker of a day. Beautiful weather, quite a few stalls although not the usual amount we have during Summer and plenty of people around and they were happy to be buying, which is always a good thing.

A Blanket Bunny will be winging it's way to London very soon.
I think I better start making passports to go with my softies as they become little international travellers.
I had quite a few sales which means there's plenty of sewing to be done before the next market.

Had to take a pic of the blossom lined street, so pretty and it screams ..........

Once the market was over I popped into the Enchanted Forest, to have a little look and got chatting to the owner.

She gave me her business card which had the sweetest little pop up paper cut in the middle of it.

Sorry about the blurry pic, my little camera doesn't cope with closeups, but just check out all that owl in a big, old tree, toadstools and bunnies.

It's just adorable and only about 2 inches high.

Have you ever seen a cuter business card?

Add a tea light and look at that shadow.

It makes me smile every time I look at it.

I also did the Sunday morning market here in my little town and once again a beautiful day, plenty of stalls and people, but they all had their hands in their pockets.........

That's the nature of just can't pick it.

I've never seen Tigger showing an interest in veggies before but after I had been shopping today, I left the box of veg on the bench to go and get changed and when I came out to the kitchen, there he is..........

Getting to know the bunch of celery...........he was rubbing his head onto the end of the stalks and having a little munch on the leaves.

Not sure what that was about. He often has a chew on grass when he's outside.

Maybe he's just making sure he gets his 5 serve of veg a day........

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful this week and I've been working up a sweat in the garden.
It's the warmest August on record, which might be nice to have fine weather but doesn't bode well for the coming Summer.

Everything seems to be blossoming early which isn't a surprise.
The Manchurian Pear is looking stunning. The blossom appears and then you get the green tinge as the leaves unfold

The chooks are enjoying a good scratch around and are getting into full swing laying eggs, beautiful brown shells with chocolate speckles on them.


Well, that's a little roundup of what's been happening in the Sweet Birdy Love household recently.
That and the fact that hubby and son have been on the road making their way up to Queensland for a music festival in Yeppoon, gigging along the way. They've been enjoying temps. of 25 deg. and No. 1 has been in his element wearing shorts, singlets and his favourite warm weather footwear.....bare feet !!

It's been a little quiet with them away and I should've done more sewing but the fine weather just won't let me stay indoors.
Once I subdue those weeds into submission it's all systems go..........

Thanks for popping by everyone and if you have time to say 'hi' I would love to hear from you.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. I Love, love, love the business card! How special that it turns into a silhouette with a tealight - fantastic idea. Tigger is so handsome and thoughtful to check the freshness of your market wares ;o) Keep enjoying the great weather xx

  2. Hey Claire,

    Love that little business card and your berry pin cushion is just lovely...small, but lovely still.

    I am so jealous of all your little markets you seem to have over there.

    Someday we will enjoy one together and have fun talking about it afterwords at that favorite coffee shop of yours ;->

    That is on my 'bucket list'

    Janet xox

  3. Blossom time makes the soul sing doesn't it. Towns are clever to mass plant them. Who could blame Tigger, I love the smell of celery too. We have been having some milder weather but very typical spring here, four seasons in one day. September always brings the changeable winds, one minute southerly, next hour northerly. We drove over the Sidling to Scottsdale at the weekend and we were reminded of Claire's trip and "all the mountains". Fondly remembered.

  4. Ah look at your moggie getting one of his 5 a day! I love cats. Mr C is allergic, quite badly, so I can't have one. Sob.

    How can your winter be giving you 25 degress????? It's colder than that here and it's our Summer!!!

    I've given up with my garden again this year. Hopeless! Well don you for getting to grips with yours.


  5. Strawberrylishious x Well done with your strawberry pincushion! MollyMakes is a lovely read.

    I love that cute business card too - so different.

    Leah x

  6. It's lovely to see the blossom out and hear that you're having good weather. It worries me though that if you're getting closer to Spring, we must be getting closer to Autumn (and then Winter)!

    I replied to your comment on my blog, but in case you haven't seen it, the dress pattern was from Prima magazine ( which you probably don't have over there).

  7. I see you have the love of red and white Claire. Polka dots are rather cute and cheerful.
    I was very tempted to buy Mollie Makes but as I have a serious addiction to magazines, I restrained myself. I love your strawberry pin cushion thingy! :)
    The business card from Enchanted Forest is gorgeous, and as a lover of owls.....nothing more needs to be said.
    I had a good laugh at your moggy having a love in with the celery. I wonder if it affected him like catnip does with some cats. Miss G's cat Bungee loves the smell of chlorine in her hair after she has been to swimming squad. He smooches, rolls and rubs his face into her hair. It's so funny to watch.
    Good to hear you had success at both your markets. All that hard crafting work is being rewarded with sales. Yay!
    Your chooks look very happy having a scratch around and aren't those glorious eggs they lay so full of flavour.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Anne xx

  8. Wow, what a post - lovely! you've been so busy, hope everything was succesful. Love the little business card you found, what a great idea. Still makes me chuckle how you are swooning into spring and here I am scenting autumn in the air - what a world we live on!

  9. Hi Claire - thanks for highlighting 'Mollie Makes' - haven't seen it here in the Hebrides, but I'm hearing good things about it on the bloggie-grapevine - must investigate it further :D Enjoy your lovely weather!

  10. Hi Claire, I just love to read your blogs.To see the different weather is good.We have summer in England that is at prescent a bit like winter.

  11. Tigger is too precious! Lovin the strawberry motifs. Just became one happy follower. Your blog is too cute!

  12. Claire, your strawberry is so cute! I want to make some of those... found a pattern almost a year ago and still haven't done it. Sigh... I need more hours in the day. Your kitty is so cute! How funny that he likes the carrot tops! Sounds like you have a few days to do anything your heart desires.. sewing gardening, or whatever. It does look like the weather is gorgeous there. And the pear tree looks so beautiful in bloom! We have one in our front yard. (Ours looks really pretty in the spring, but smells really bad.)
    Be sure to stop by. I have a giveaway going on at Garden Of Daisies.

  13. I love the business card, such a great idea to place a tealight in front to cast the shadow.

    I like to see your photos of the your outside world and how you're climbing out of winter whereas we're just about to start the descent...

  14. Looks lovely Claire, and what a gorgeous cat. Finally getting chance to catch up with everyone.

  15. Thank you for the catch up Claire. Those strawberries are so cute and so is your pussy cat.

    That certainly is a very different business card, I like it!

  16. Clare , That is an adorable strawberry, I've always wanted to make those and have a tiny collection of oldies.
    The alley of trees is so gorgeous......

  17. Oh look at your cat....mine ate some garlic mashed potato the other night, must be something in the air for cats eating veggies. Your blog is lovely, will be visiting more often. I live in the South/Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne btw.


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