Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Tales

Hello everyone and welcome to a new week, well actually we're almost half way through.

Winter has reappeared in spades with the temp. back down to where it should be - 11deg.
Just as well I found this lovely crocheted blanket at the op shop to snuggle under...........

I couldn't believe it when I spied it in the back corner of the shop along with some other granny blankets.
The pattern and colour stood out and I held my breath as I unfolded it to have a good look.

The yarn used is quite fine, so I'm guessing it's reasonably old.

It's in excellent condition just a few ends need darning in.

I love the edging, a variegated green yarn has been used before the final crochet trim and it really gives it a lift.

Click on the pics to enlarge and see the detail...........

I think it was $8.00 well spent, don't you?

Another pic of the Rhubarb flower which has bolted.
It's shot up and really doesn't look all that interesting now

Apparently the older varieties are more likely to bolt and also more mature plants tend to do this.

After quite a wet weekend, today has turned out quite a mixed bag, weather wise.

Sunny, rainy, sunny, cloudy, hmmm, remind you of anything?!!

The Japonica in the pic is called Apple Blossom, a lovely salmon pink and white.
You don't see this variety very often, I love the combination of colours.

It only takes a couple of branches to make a very simple flower arrangement, but watch out for the spikes, ouch..............

With a little bit of sunshine the bees are busy at work.

I had to be quick to snap a pic of them as they didn't muck around getting pollen from the Rosemary flowers.............

With the warm weather last week, the Manchurian Pear has decided to push ahead and blossom a month early.

Love all those little black dots against the pure white petals.

I have to say I'm so glad the temp. has dropped back to where it should be.
It just seems so wrong to be out in the garden in Winter wearing sunscreen...........

Shall leave you with a gardening pic from last week.

My little helper was searching for nice, juicy morsels in the barrow load of manure I picked up in the paddock............

I was quite happy to reward her gardening efforts with a few worms.........

Like this fella...........now if you were a chook you would be licking your lips by now.....or not !!


On the crafting front, I am finishing off the Sunflower tea cosy, so if you would like to see the finished item, pop back in a day or two.
I'm also working on things for my market stall on the 20th of August.
So the crafting wheels are turning slowly, but we're making progress.

Thankyou all for dropping by to say 'hi' and see what I've been up to............
I've actually been given an award recently by the lovely Cuckoo and I have to think of several interesting things to tell you about myself..........hmmm.
Shall have to sleep on that one.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Hello Claire,

    Love the afghan! I clicked up close and the colors are divine..someone worked long and hard on that one.

    Still hot here..no Fall in sight yet...most likely weeks off ;-<

    Looking forward to seeing your tea cozy..I love your work!

    Enjoy the week

    Janet xox

  2. What a lucky find, Claire - the blanket is gorgeous! Love your other pics too!

  3. That blanket is divine, as soon as I saw it I had to click on it for a larger picture and magnify again, just to glory in it. Our temperatures have dropped again too but NOT THAT FAR! I love how far your designs and sewing pics have come, they are getting very intricate. Your sunflower one has me thinking of an idea for cape gooseberries which I love. Hope I can get some fruit ripened this coming season. I always enjoy your flower arrangements too and the tid bits around them. Love to you Claire.

  4. Oooo, what a lucky find Clair. I do like a good blanket to snuggle under and yours looks very warm and cosy.
    The japonica is beautiful and I've never seen that colour before so thanks for sharing.
    Happy crafting for your stall and I'm looking forward to seeing the Sunflower tea cosy.
    Have a lovely day,
    Anne xx

  5. Great find at the op shop Claire. Your rhubarb flower is looking more familiar now.
    Good luck at the next market.

  6. The Japonica and pear blossom are so pretty.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the sunflower tea cosy.

  7. I am sure chook was licking her chook lips - very caring of you.
    The magnolias are in full bloom and I have the merino wool and blankie on ..brrrrr!

  8. Hi Claire - what a fab crochet blanket (I'm very envious!!!). Lovely to see your 'chook'! Looking forward to seeing your crafty works:D

  9. Hi Claire, love the rug - just like my Nana used to make even down to the edging.

    Your tree is spectacular. Wish I had such a specimen, or the room for one in the first place, I have the perfect vase for some of its branches.

    Hope your chicken enjoyed the worm!

  10. The crocheted afghan is a wonderful find for $8!! Your garden is wonderful. Can't believe how many things you have coming up right now! And this is your winter!

  11. Lovely photos Claire! And that rug is magnificent! It's wonderful that someone who appreciates it, should find it in the op shop! Meant to be! :-)

  12. hey claire, lucky find at the oppy! It's a nice time of year with all the blossoms just starting to bud up isn't it! Love the blog reno, the banner photo is lovely! Julie:)

  13. What a great find! And the flowers are all gorgeous. ANd I love the happy chicken. And the fat worm!


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