Friday, January 27, 2012

Colour, Colour Everywhere

Hello and welcome, here we are at the end of another week.......
I had hoped to post earlier but.......

It's been very warm here and on Wednesday our air con. decided to play up, aargh!! No one available to look at it till next Monday, so in the meantime I have been trying to 'keep cool and carry on', hehe.....

In between other projects I have been crocheting some bunting.

Little triangles of colour, you can see them stacked together in the basket. Some blocked, some waiting to have 'their curls tamed'

It's been a great portable, little project. Pop a ball of wool and a crochet hook in a plastic bag and take it with me. Trips in the car have been measured not by distance, but by how many flags I can crochet. I can hook up two flags as we head into 'big town'....

I found Heather's easy to follow tutorial over at

Today I made myself a little helper, she's taking her job of choosing colours for bunting very seriously.

She was inspired by some sweet little fairies Ruth made from the book Scandinavian Stitches by Kajsa Wikman.

It feels like ages since I made something different, my crafting mojo is returning in fits and starts.

I have been busy, turning the spare bedroom into my sewing room.
The boys have been very good helping move furniture out and furniture in.
My 'space' won't be designer material, but, it will be my space where I can leave everything set up and just walk out and shut the door.
We will reclaim the dining room table,oooh, I am looking forward to that.

Earlier this week I received a parcel from Finland a little Etsy purchase.....

I was very pleased to find it waiting for me in the letter box and check out that gorgeous tape........squirrels and acorns.
Inside a brown paper package and a hand stamped card......

Inside the parcel is the necklace I bought from Delila over at
She lives in a little village in Finland and makes woodland inspired jewellery.
My necklace has a hand made acorn and lovely beads hanging from it.
It will be a piece of jewellery perfect to wear in Autumn and Winter.

I have admired her work and enjoyed reading her blog for quite some time, so......

If you haven't visited Robin and the Sage before, pop over and take a look and be inspired.

So, what have you been inspired by recently?
I would love to know.


I'm hoping we will get some rain over the next couple of days, the garden will certainly enjoy it and I think I will go outside and do a little rain dance. It's very dry and watering is quite a chore in the evenings.
I also hope to finish off the 'moving' process into my sewing room this week and find a home for everything. I will no doubt be making another trip to the op shop as I continue to have a sort out.

Looking outside there are some stormy clouds gathering, so maybe we will get some rain a little sooner than expected.....fingers and toes crossed!! B

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thankyou so much for popping by for a visit.
It's always nice to hear from you.

Take care,

Claire X


  1. Your little yarn basket is so sweet, looking forward to seeing the finished bunting! I started some crochet bunting too but it has sadly been neglected at the moment! Hopefully will get around to finishing it soon, Jenny xxx p.s you can have some of our rain if you like - currently it's a mix of rain and hail :( roll on Summer!

  2. Good day, Claire; it's so nice to meet you through your comments on my blog. I hope to read more of your posts; interesting to see your handiwork. In contrast to your weather, we're cool here, not cold as it should be in January, but that's nice for farm animals and those taking care of them.

    The picture you have as your header is grand! I love vintage sewing things. Hope you'll drop by and visit again! Charlotte

  3. Hi Claire,I have been looking at Ferret Fabricates at http// har work has sent me into a different direction.Tricia

  4. Your colourful, jolly bunting is gorgeous Claire.......I have enough rain to spare if you're in dire need, my wellies have been working overtime, splashing in all the puddles on my walk to town...........just praying the river doesn't flood again.

    Happy weekend, lily. x

  5. I don't even know how to comment... your post is so very full of things I LOVE! From the yarn to the scandinavian inspired lady to the squirrels and acorns... LOVE!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Claire, you may have some my rain - it's water logged up here! Bucketing for days.

    I am so very impressed that you can crochet in the car - doesnt it make you sick?


  7. Ooh I don't envy you not having air con. in your neck of the woods. I hope it rains soon to cool it down (and save you watering).

    Your crochet bunting looks lovely and colourful, I can't wait to see it finished!

  8. Your little helper is a tad serious, " 4 more flags before your cup of tea" i can imagine her saying. Love the flags such bright and joyful colors. Beautiful necklace too, thanks for sharing. Fingers crossed for lots of rain on Monday!!!!

  9. Lovely little triangles there Claire. I'm glad to hear your craft room is coming along. You will do a tah dah won't you? Pretty please!! :)
    Anne xx

  10. Oh how exciting for you to have your own craft room, definitely so much better than the kitchen table. Love the basket idea, my work is usually just shoved in a shopping bag lol.

    The heat here is just not giving us a break, I dont mind hot weather but this humidity and no rain is pretty unbearable, but enough whinging from me there are worse things in life :) I am getting some crocheting done, and I have a new sewing machine to try out too...

    I am going to try those cute buntings too, I feel the need lately to add more bright colours to my life...

    Have a lovely weekend,


  11. ooooh can't wait to see your lovely bunting finished! and those zinnias on your table are just gorgeous x
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  12. These are lovely, Claire! The new banner really looks nice. The ric rac was an especially nice touch!

  13. Thanks for sharing the bunting tutorial...look forward to seeing yours when it is finished.

  14. Claire, I have some pieces of Delila's too and enjoy them SO much. I love her bracelets and have one I wear almost every week.
    I'm so happy for you and you new 'space' Hope you reveal it someday soon

  15. yay for the mojo-ing! LOVE that wee dolly missus...could you knock up a batch of helper fairies and send them over please?! x:) Cant wait to see the bunting in action, looks glorious!!

  16. oh such lovely-ness.... what is it about bunting that makes me smile so much.

  17. Hello Clare,

    sometimes i seem to be so busy that i do not even look who really do read my blog or has just found my blog and jewelries. i am so glad about this post of yours, so lovely to see that acorn in your home! i just received new business cards today, pity that i could not send few for you.

    now i have another blog to follow! :) ... and you know Julie Whitmore too, this land of blog is like a huge family; so many like minded people do know each other.

  18. ... and now i wonder where my brains are, i just notice that i do follow your blog. well do not mind my ramblings then on the first post. now i know that i truly need to begin follow blogs with more care.


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