Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joy Is The Flag Flown High...........

Hello there and a late welcome to Tuesday.....

I am sitting at the table pictured with the windows open and a beautiful breeze blowing........it's lovely and cool.

Yesterday the rain finally arrived, during Sunday night we had over 30mls, of steady, gentle, quenching rain.
It continued to rain throughout Monday, but the sun did appear and when it did, ooh , it was rather steamy....not nice.

But, today, ah.........breathing a sigh of relief from the heat.

Last night I finished off the flags for my bunting......I was very good and darned in all the ends and gave them a gentle steam press as one or two unruly corners continued to curl up.
Tonight I shall crochet them all together and hang them up.

I had intended to stick with paler colours but couldn't get the mix quite right and when I added some of the brighter shades, whammo ........

It's been hard to stop crocheting these flags they are soooo addictive and a fun project.

I sat in the main street at my favourite cafe drinking coffee and crocheting, much to the amusement of gathered friends!!

Hey you've gotta push the boundaries sometimes, right?.......

My dining table hasn't been this bare/tidy in oh, ......years!!

No.1 said 'it just doesn't look right' and hubby thought he'd come home to the wrong house!!

Gotta love 'em

Stormy skies yesterday......love the inky blue clouds.......

Hoping the rain will come this way......and it did.

Beautiful, cooling, refreshing rain.....

The garden looks renewed today. It had been wilting in the heat and no matter how much you water it, t needs the rain fall to bring it back to life.......

While it rained yesterday, I moved 'stuff' from the dining room table and put it in the spare room.

Yes, that's it above.
No ta dah moment yet.....probably not for quite some time....

Baltic pine (orange) furniture will have to do and you know what I'm over the moon that I have my own space so the furniture, pffft.
 Does it really matter? 
Not one jot...

I am surprised (ever so slightly) at the amount of 'stuff' I have collected, amassed, found, thrifted..........

I have to find a home for each and every bit, eeek!!

Until it is sorted, or until I can move freely without having to climb over things, I think the sewing thing will be on the back burner.
Crochet will be my craft of choice for the next little while, it's portable and not as messy as the other stuff i 'do'.

I have been drooling over Cecile's crochet at 

Oh, the colours she uses and things she makes are wonderful, beautiful little purses, bags, flowers......all sorts of things.

Pop over and have a browse but make yourself a cuppa first and make sure you have a spare hour, you'll need it.
If you've never crocheted before you're going to want to learn after visiting Cecile's blog.

Well, I am off to enjoy this cool weather, maybe I'll do something exciting like the ironing and dream about my next crochet project.

Thanks for popping by, I wish I could package up some blue sky and sunshine for all in the Northern Hemisphere. 
Sounds like it's turned rather chilly recently.

Lovely to hear from you and take care,

Claire XXX


  1. The little flags are gorgeous. I love the colours. All the best with sorting out your craft room. I have a little craft room and it doesn't matter how many times I tidy it, it's not long before I'm climbing over things again.Too much haste to get on with things, me thinks.It feels like it could rain here this evening and cool things down. The humidity is just so intense. Just got out of the shower and sweating again. Oh well!!

  2. Your brightly colored crocheted flags are lovely! Those will look so cheerful hanging up someplace... in your new craft room perhaps? I can't wait to see how your sewing room comes together!!

  3. I'm always moaning about the rain here in Scotland - good to be reminded that it is very welcome in other places. Love your crochet - colours are great!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Oh I just love the bunting - I must must make some. Also am v jealous of your craft room - I look forward to seeing it filled with all your lovely treasures.
    We have a light dusting of snow this morning but talk on the radio also of the severe drought we are having in East Anglia as we haven't had enough rainfall for the past couple of years!

    1. Winter bunting really, very snuggly! That is one huge rain cloud - in our patch we just have a bleak grey chill. So are you taking over the spare room for a workplace? (I hope so!)

  5. They truly are joyous......I am inspired but I will wait until our weather cools a little/lot....oh for some refreshing rain. Kids back to school tomorrow and 38 C!

  6. The bunting is gorgeous, great choice of colours! Crochet is a lovely therapeutic craft in my opinion, and like you say it's so portable! I've considered taking it to baby group when O is bigger and doesn't need my help sitting up and playing with toys. That definitely looked like a good storm coming your way, I love watching the stormy clouds coming over the horizon and lightning is great to watch when it happens. Apparently the 'Siberian front' is on its way to Scotland, possibility of snow soon, but it's still winter anyway. Fingers crossed this summer will be warmer and sunnier than last! :) x

  7. Hey Claire,

    So glad you got to cool off a little. I love you crocheted bunting...adorable. I need to make me some..I love to crochet and yes, it is very portable. That is one of the things I ove about it.

    Love that dining table of yours..is it a farmhouse style table?

    Having a warm spell here and enjoying it, however I would love just a little snow. It is Winter after all!

    Until next time...be well and big hello to the boys!

    janet xox

  8. Love the bright colours of the flags. the weather has turned really cold here so we're huddles up over the heater. It was about minus 4 last night.

  9. Love the bunting. I can't wait to see the photos when it's finished. I must admit where we are we saw the big rain clouds come across too and they were just amazing. Although I wasn't too impressed with the humid weather that then followed. Anna :)

  10. I'm glad you got your longed for rain!
    It was frosty here this morning but the sun is shining and we have blue skies.


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