Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You Can Colour My World.....A TaDah Moment

Hello ladies, I am sitting here trying not to pull my hair out, as I clicked on the 'new blogger' interfacey button the other day, as you do to see what's what and I can't figure out how to go back to the old blog setting thingamy doosie whatsit.......aaaargh!
Consequently uploading my pics at a time, then they all turn out to be in the opposite order .
So let's work backwards shall we........this was meant to be my Ta dah moment too!!
Okay, a nice little envelope arrived all the way from the UK today.No surprise as it was a recent little etsy purchase.

I have been admiring Celia's work for some time and when I saw one of her latest lino cuts, I just knew it would be the very thing.........

Isn't the picture just beautiful?........It's titled 
'the birds' wedding day'

I love it,if you go and visit Celia's blog you can see her post about making this lino cut and printing it.

I am amazed by artists who do this sort of work.
The amount of patience,together with a steady hand and the creative side of things come together to produce wonderful prints.
I have had a go at this and found it not quite as easy as I thought it might be, but no doubt practice helps.
I probably gave up in disgust with myself and went and sewed something!!!

Okay, it's just too late at night to faff about with you blogger, so I shall continue....
This is the envelope that greeted
me when I opened the letter box
a Royal Mail stamp and a lovely
chook stamp. I bought it inside put it
on the bench and got on with my
housework till I could sit down and
open it in my own time...
This back to front thing really
stops things flowing.......

I am having some friends over this evening and love to have vases of flowers around the house. But, as there are only a few roses that have survived the heat and of course my colourful Zinnias I am always on the lookout for new ideas. I was about to put this basket away in my sewing room, it only had a couple of balls of wool in it and then....lightbulb moment...
Fill it up with lots of brightly coloured wool and leave it there in a casual, nonchalant (totally planned) way. Will anyone notice, probably not, but you know, it makes me happy......

The table in my entry is a blank canvas waiting for it's spotlight moment.
As my large vases were already in use, I had to reinvent the wheel, so to speak and I love single flowers in jars/bottles.

I am happy with the effect, once again it will probably go unnoticed, although I have trained No.1 to notice these sorts of things, so I usually get some feedback!!

Look above the flowers ladies.......yes, that's bunting is finally finished, yippee.
I love it.
I finished it last night and then No.1 and I wandered around the room, climbing on top of benches and trying to figure out where it would go. We don't have alot of wall space for hanging things in this room, so it was a wee bit tricky.

We tried the dresser but couldn't get it hanging nicely so eventually gave up but today I was determined to put it up.
It just had to be the dresser so I had another go and tied it to the basket handles and was happy....

Eventually, it will find it's way into the sewing room, but for now it's in the right spot. Hiding around the corner on the right is a bright orange flag and on the left a mauve flag...9 in total.

Ta dah......Happy, happy, happy.........

Righto, I 'm off to bed....I'm sure I'll dream about bunting.
I have already started my next crochet project and it involves a tin can!

Without doubt some of you will know exactly what I am hinting at but when I was having coffee with non crochet friends today, they looked at me in a sad (she's lost her mind) kind of way when I told them I was crocheting a cover for a tin can.....

Ooroo and once again sorry for the weirdy, wonky way this post has turned out.
If any of you clever gals know which button to push (with the sledge hammer!!!!) to put things back the way they were, pleeease share.

Take care and thanks for understanding,

Claire XX

P.S. I must say that I do like being able to change the size of the pics after they've been uploaded!!


  1. Funnily enough, I've just done the same thing and want to go back to the old way (probably the story of my life)! Hope it can be done, but have a feeling that we're stuck with it!
    Love your bunting and the wool in the basket looks really colourfull!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. First off I have to say that it tickled me that you've trained No.1 to notice your decorative touches!

    The bunting's looking splendid up there on the dresser.

  3. Hey Claire,

    Your bunting looks so pretty hanging it. It plays so nicely with the flowers on your table. The basket of yarn is so!

    What new Blogger thingy?????

    Janet xox

  4. Hi Claire - haven't come across the new Blogger thing either yet (fingers crossed!!!). I'm having a similar thing with my e-mail today tho, which they've decided to upgrade too :(

    I LOVE your new bunting - I miss my crochet soooooo much - hopefully will be back to 'usual crafting' time soon. (Your flower - and wool - arrangements are lovely BTW!)
    Alison x

  5. Hello Claire,
    Your bright basket of yarn adds a burst of color! You just can't beat filling your house with yarn ;-)
    I don't like the new Blogger either, but I can't remember what you have to do to go back...

  6. Hi Claire,
    Yes, the same thing happened to me. I think that eventually everyone has to upgrade blogger. I got the OH to do it for me - it was frustrating and my photos also came out blurred to start with!
    Love the flowers in little jars - they look ever so pretty! Wish I could crochet!

  7. Same for me - no-one stand in the way of progress.

    After seeing your flowers my house seems strangely bland. One good thing about fresh flowers in this cold weather is that they should last longer.

  8. Those prints are exquisite Claire. What a clever idea to put the balls of coloured wool in the basket. They look very effective.

  9. Oh Dear! I don't know what button you have pushed but I did something like that once some months ago, "Try this new blah blah blogger" Oops! Horrible. For a moment I panicked but after about 24hrs I got it back. Try going into template designs and seeing if you can revert to something there. Good luck. If not my go-to-tech computer person in a blogger called Just Lu. Her name is Lorene and she is really helpful and usually up with any new changes.
    I adore your Zinnias and in hind sight I may have had a successful year with them this year. Lee has been saying for the last year that we would have a long hot dry summer. I will have to ask the guru about next year.
    The bunting is perfect on the dresser and compliments the old warmth of the wood. So cheery. I'm sure your visitors notice and I'm sure they notice your gay basket too.
    Love to you Claire,

  10. Hi Claire, I LOVE your bunting !! Glad you have the crochet bug :0)
    as you said in your last post , it's so portable ...well done on going public .
    Can't wait to see your can covers.
    It's great to see your pictures bigger. I upload my photos one at a time after I've written the text in the edit HTML mode ...Just make sure the flashing bar is where you want your picture to appear ...then switch to compose to re-size...does this make sense ??
    Thanks for all your wonderful comments.
    Jacquie x

  11. Hi there, I love how your bunting has turned out, I think adding the brighter colours is a good idea.

    I just upload my photos in reverse order. Once ready to type I switch briefly to edit html mode and insert a couple of blank lines above the first lines of html text then I switch back to the normal edit mode. I find that after having done this I can then cut and paste photos if I want and type text where I want to too. I use Firefox, I have found in the past that different browsers allow/disallow different actions.

  12. The world would be a boring place if everything was always the right way up!. Love the finished bunting!

  13. Hey Clair,
    Your bunting looks fabulous hanging on the dresser, like it was always there. I love the basket of wool idea to use as decoration. What's you next project?
    Anne xx

  14. Love the print. The bunting adds nice color, as does the wool in the basket. You have been busy as usual! Karen

  15. Hi Claire, love the bunting, and that linocut print is gorgeous! Your zinnias are stunning, I forgot to plant some this year, must put them on the list for next year.
    I think I am using the new interface for blogger,(!) and I upload the photos and arrange them in the order I want before adding them to my post, seems to wrk ok for me, I think there was (is) a button at the top of my dashboard to go back to the old interface if I want. Reading the other comments, it seems there are a few ways of doing the same sort of things out there!
    Hope you sort it out, have a great day, Julie:)

  16. Hi Claire.

    I'm so thrilled you enjoyed making the bunting - it looks fabulous! I love your choice of colours.

    To get back to the old Blogger interface - there's a little 'cog' or 'flower' icon (not exactly sure what it is) near the top right hand side of the dashboard page - if you click it, you can select 'old blogger interface' from the drop down list.

    Hope helps!

    Heather x

  17. Technology, ugh! Give me the crochet and bright balls of wool any day!


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