Monday, February 6, 2012

I Remember Youoooooo.........

Hello and welcome to a brand new week.......
It's sunshine and blue sky as far as the eye can see today, but there was a hint of Autumn in the air this morning as I went out to feed the girls...

All you Northern Hemisphere bloggers, I'm picturing you all snuggling down under crocheted blankets with your hands tightly wrapped around mugs of hot chocolate.....partly because I would love to be doing that, but mainly because of the cold temps and weather you've been experiencing.
I hope you are all well and have the fires stoked or the heaters on or just rugging up when out and about.

Better give a little explanation of the above pic.......
I was in need of a bookshelf for storage in the sewing room. So we picked up an 'el cheapo' one at a furniture shop when we were in town yesterday.
I pulled out my little polka dot purse and counted out all my pennies to pay for it.I like to think that I've worked for it and it's a sense of achievement to pay for the things I need.
Last night hubby and No. 1 put it together. There were screws, nails and glue involved.
I smiled to myself thinking this would be interesting......
but they assembled it without any problems, until they realised No. 1 had put the very top piece on upside down.
As there was glue involved there was no way to reverse it. It functions OK but there are holes for screws that you wouldn't normally see, pffft!!

Does it really matter?

Today I have had fun filling the shelves with bits and pieces, but unfortunately this may not be their permanent home as I intend to use the shelves for storing fabric.
Easier to see at a glance what you have rather than rummage through plastic storage bins.

As I sorted through various bags and containers I have rediscovered projects put aside long ago to move onto something else.......

The doll sitting up on the top shelf, I made about 5 years ago. I was very pleased with the way she turned out and love her outfit.
Would like to make her a companion one day.....

I've filled jars with coloured cotton, buttons and brought my sea glass collection out of the dim dark cupboard, so I can enjoy it.

Now back to the boring bit of sorting out.
It feels like one step forward, two steps back as I unearth more 'stuff'.

We're talking years of collecting here girls, so it was always going to be a big job.

Lets' just head outside for a short break in the proceedings and get some fresh air and see what's happening in the garden.

The main colour this year amongst the Zinnias seems to be orange.
Very striking.........
Last year I think it was a deep pink/purple.

The seeds find their way into a variety of places and it's really hard to pull them out when they've put up such a struggle to grow in the gravel path and flower.....

Our pumpkin has rambled across garden beds, wending it's way between tomatoes and capsicum.
It grew from a seed in the compost, so another little experiment left to it's own devices.
There are only 3 pumpkins on it, but they are a decent size and when I saw the price of pumpkin in the supermarket yesterday, I was quite pleased that we had at least 3!!

This variety is Kent and we've found them to be lovely and flavoursome, quite sweet too.
When it's roasted, mmmm...... it's hard to stop eating it.

The mini Roma tomatoes have been the best producer this season.
Eaten straight from the garden, they are lovely and sweet.

I roasted a dish full on Saturday night and I had to walk away from the kitchen after I took them out of the oven as I couldn't stop eating them, yuuuummmyyy.

Love those little, rosy, egg shaped fruit hiding amongst the dark green depths of the tomato foliage.

Don't you just love the smell of a tomato plant when you brush past it? smells of Summer...

The front orchard is producing a bumper crop of pears.

They look wonderful hanging from the branches. They are a little way off being ripe but that still doesn't stop the parrots....they're not particularly choosy.

There are plenty to share, just hope they have a lovely flavour.
Last season they looked delicious but had a rather unpleasant flouriness to the texture....such a disappointment.
At least the cows and chooks enjoyed them...

Plums are ready to eat and the birds can't feast on these as they are under netting, hehe.......

I made jam with the plums a couple of years ago and I think there's still some in the pantry, but it may be time to make another batch.

Ok, break's over back to the sorting.
I'm itchin' to get stitchin' again and there's no sewing till the room's sorted, eeek!!
Hopefully,by the end of the week, things will be close to being finished.


So what have you all been up to today, or over the weekend?....

Was it a project you have been working on or just the usual?

Do tell, I would love to hear.

Thanks for dropping by to visit, lovely to hear from you all.

Take care,

Claire ♥♥


  1. I'm loving the look of your home produce Claire, especially those tomatoes. The plums look good too. Dad and Mum's pears will just about be ripe when I go home next Sunday for a week and a half. I think I will be spending quite a few hours cooking and freezing them for Mum. I love plants that self sew, the zinnias look wonderful.
    Happy sorting and organising.
    Anne xx

  2. Soooo, now I have to have Frank Ifield messing with my brain all night ..............

  3. Those sunny pictures have definitely warmed me up. It must be really nice to pick your own fruit and veg. I bet its so much tastier. I don't really like organising but the bright side is you'll probably find loads of things in your stash you'd forgotten about and make something brilliant with it :)

  4. So Claire how do you grow your Zinnias? Are they self sewn or do you plant seed or seedlings?

  5. Love your shelves with all the pretty bits and pieces on them. Great to see some sunny pictures - it is so foggy here that I can hardly see anything at all out of my window!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. My goodness, I love your garden...we are in the middle of organising our vegie patch and hopeful that I will have some chickens in the next few months. Your garden is inspiring and in fact, I shall be out there tomorrow, digging! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  7. Oh for some warmth right now! It's great to see sun, warmth and fresh produce growing!

  8. It is great to have handy men around the house....mine has been building a beautiful recycled wood table.

  9. Hi Claire - love your new shelving :D I have some sorting to do myself, perhaps that's why there's a delay in my crafting, boo hoo :( We're avoiding the cold snap here today - sunny blue skies, can you believe it!!

    P.S. These plums look 'deelish' :)

  10. Hello Claire! I'm so sorry I haven't stopped by in a couple of weeks - this crochet lark is getting rather busy with lots of orders from people, which is all lovely, except that it means I don't have time to read my favourite blogs!

    I am trying to suck the sunlight out of your lovely photos - it's so grey and foggy and cold here today, and I'm yearning for bright, warm sunshine and the feel of heat on my face.

    Your new shelves look great, as do all those jolly plants and flowers in your garden.

    x x

  11. Mmm, your fruit and veg look so lovely, not a blemish on them!

    It's been foggy here today but there's still snow on the ground which brightens things up no end.

  12. I have been doing sorting out too! I love your shelf with all those enticing little treasures arrayed so neatly. And the sunshine and all that lovely produce - it makes me wish for summer . . .

    Pomona x

  13. oooh your garden looks amazing, wonderful to see so many gorgeous things growing, my garden is full of frost and mud. and your shelves are lovely, what fun to get out treasures to display. thanks for your visit.

  14. :-} Nice to see what your up to Claire!

    Doing cute display shelves are fun, but like you mine tend to have more to go on them. Your tomatoes look so happy in that blue bowl.

    HUGS Lorraine

  15. You are a true gardener Claire. I am constantly taken aback at how lush and healthy and stunning your garden is. Beverley Nichols would love it! Marion Cran too

  16. lovely shelflings filled with all your sweet treasures- havent you made it look so lovely!...ive been catching up on your blog postings with a cuppa tea ;0)...enjoying it! x thanks for such lovely comments you have left me- uplifting and very kind hearted x

  17. Your garden looks amazing. It's wonderful to see such pretty flowers when everything here is covered in snow. xxx

  18. your garden looks amazing! and its so nice to see the warmth and sunshine in your photos, its -6 degrees here at the moment! brrrr
    Yay for zinnias, i grew them for the first time last year and am now addicted!
    thank you for your sweet comment x
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  19. I bet you are having so much fun figuring out where to put everything in your sewing and craft room! That bookcase will provide great storage! I wish I could fly over there and join you in your sewing room! But I'd eat all your tomatoes and plums and there wouldn't be any left for the parrots or for making jam. Love all your pretty zinnias too!!

  20. I just realized after seeing your flower pictures that I started following you last year around this time...I remember last year thinking...I can't wait to plant my zinnias and here I am again, in the middle of a cold snap and wondering when I can plant my zinnias....
    thanks for the memories

  21. I just found your blog...and have really enjoyed reading it!Your garden is wonderful :) I have also started to feel a hint of autumn in the air, especially in the evenings when I'm working in the garden.

  22. Love the zinnias, mine have all turned out to be pink and white, I was disappointed as I love the vibrant oranges and reds.


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