Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stuff, BIts 'n Pieces, This 'n That....✄✄✄

Hello, how are you all?
Hope you had an enjoyable weekend......

Autumn's on my mind.....
The Maples along the driveway are starting to change.
There's a nip in the morning air, dew on the grass.....

'Every leaf speaks bliss to me....
Fluttering from the Autumn tree'

Emily you said it so well...

I woke this morning to heavy was lovely lying in bed and listening to it.
Definitely a morning for breakfast in bed....
a mug of tea, toast and home made plum jam, yum...
The boys are away for the weekend, so I can please myself....

When I fed the girls this morning I discovered that a feathered beastie had been visiting the orchard again and been twice as destructive as last week, aaargh!!

He must've known I was having a sleep in!!

Let's turn the clock back to Saturday shall we?...

I had a list of things I wanted to do, I was planning to stitch up a storm. Somehow that storm was downgraded to a mere blip on the weather radar, but I was happy with the end results.

Why am I stitching hottie covers when it's 35 deg?....
Yes, I had the aircon cranking, certainly made it alot more comfortable.

I'm enjoying using the pastel shades in this blanket, very subtle.
I've decided to do a couple of markets next month, so I'm hoping someone else will like these and I won't be bringing them home with me.....

Ok, back to Sunday......when I should've been doing dishes, ironing or vacuuming this morning, I was sitting at the machine stitching a little something.
Not sure what I was aiming for, but I had to get this out of my system before I could do any of the boring stuff.
A scrap of wool, a scrap of fabric and some stitching...
It's not finished, I have been doing a little hand stitching on it this evening.
I think it's turning into a cuff of some sort.
No plans just playing and see what the result is.
There's always the possibility it will end up in the bag of scraps.

Thought you might like to see the view from my sewing room.......
So peaceful watching the rain fall on all that greenery....

The 'Wild Wood' of Silver Birches.....beautifully green and cool in Summer, golden in Autumn and stark, white, papery trunks against the sky in Winter.
Parrots visit and the chooks love scratching in the leaf mulch when I let them out of their run.

The windows are of the wind out variety, shame about the bar in the middle......
No flash.....that way you can't see the mess either side of the machine.
When the inspirations flowing, the tidying up has to wait.

More pin cushions waiting to be stitched up....

The stock for my market stall is growing slowly, which is better than leaving it to a mad rush in the week before, which is usually the way.

Pretty ✽✽✽ .......


It's been a weekend of mixed weather.

After yesterday's heat today has been extremely damp.
It was looking very Wintry outside, low cloud obscuring the mountains and driving into Big Town it was foggy.
You could imagine it was a pea souper in Winter, except for the fact that the paddocks are just looks wrong.

I thought I heard a collective sigh from the garden as the rain started to fall.
The plants were looking very droopy and sad last night.

Might be time to get into the garden and pull out a few weeds this week.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
Whatever your week brings, weeding, sewing or doing the 'boring stuff' I hope you find some time to be creative.

Take care,



  1. Hi Claire,
    It's funny reading about Autumn being on its way to you while we're desperately awaiting spring. Today's weather here, though, sounds exactly the same as yours! :-)

  2. I feel the seasons about to change here too, though Autumn seems so long away, odd to think of it even! Enjoy your rain, you're welcome to some of ours too.

  3. I love, love, love your hot water bottle covers. I too have discovered the joy of using blankets for my sewing creations. I am sure that they will be popular at the markets.

  4. Spending a rainy day stitching sounds lovely! Those hottie covers are cute! You don't see them here anymore! Looks like you have all kinds of creative things going, what fun!

  5. It's bliss having the house to yourself for a day or two! Your hot water bottle covers are so cute...I doubt they'll be making the trip home from the market ;)

  6. I am with Carlie, for a moment I was shocked that you spoke of Atumn leaves!
    I love the bottles, they are so pretty.
    How do you embroider your 'words' by machine or by hand?

  7. we also got some much needed rain! as soon as the heat leaves I will also hit the sewing machine, I just cant get motivated to craft when Its that hot!

  8. Hi Claire - I love how you mix your lovely embroidered text with your applique - fab :) I'm liking the sound of that cuff too - hope you sell lots at your fairs.

    Trying to decide whether to do some (fairs) this year or not - it's fun to meet people at them though, isn't it?

  9. Hey Claire,

    Your posts are always chock full of fun stuff!! Love the hot water bottle covers and the 'thingy' you are toying pretty!

    Mr. Secret Agent just left for California, so I can ply all night long if I wish...Yay.

    Enjoy the week

    Janet xox

  10. It's raining here too.... I think spring is almost here! Claire, if I lived there I would buy everything you made!!!! You'd have trouble keeping your booth stocked for other buyers! I just LOVE all the goodies you make! You have a very pretty, green view out your window.

  11. I love the "Owl always love you"! The pastels colours of the blanket are lovely.

  12. Could I be more envious of you? Brekkie in bed and Autumn on it's way. I just love the colder months. I love the snuggle.

    Owl always love you. GENIUS.


  13. Claire, your blog is beautiful! The picture up front just draws me in and I love those glass bottles with a simple flower.

    It seems so strange to think you're going into fall and we're anxious for spring.

  14. teehee..."owl will always love you"...perfect! :D $14 a kilo?!? I'll send you some of ours! ;0)
    xx email in progress xx


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