Monday, February 13, 2012

Stitching Up a Storm.............

Afternoon, how are you all?

As you can see it's a sunny day here and the temp. is forecast to climb into the mid thirties this week......

The last couple of weeks haven't been typical February weather at all...quite cool in fact.
No complaints from me as it's easier living when there's no heat or humidity but the vegie garden needs some heat to do it's thing.....

Yes, you've guessed it, I plugged the machine in this morning, snipped some of that lovely woollen fabric I was gifted recently and made another 'Bgurk" .

Please meet,
Little Red Hen and her chicky.....

She's one proud Mamma, so it's best if you keep your distance as she's very protective of her little one.....

She's not going to let that little chicky out of her sight

I thought we would head outside for some photos as it's such a beautiful day and I've been told my Vitamin D level is a little on the low side,so it's a good opportunity to soak up some rays.
I was a little surprised to hear this news but mulling it over it all adds up.......
I'm not a Summer person so will head for the nearest patch of shade when outside to avoid getting sunburnt and stay cool.
I now spend more time indoors sewing than I do outdoors gardening, that's probably the biggest change in lifestyle.

Anyhoo, time to get outside a little more and enjoy the weather before it heats up too much.

Last Friday the weather decided to tease us with some stormy clouds and the threat of a thunderstorm.
The garden was looking for some rain and I thought here we go.....but no it wasn't to be and someone else got a nice drop of rain.

Beautiful, atmospheric clouds♡

Beauty waiting to unfurl.....


Can you see them?

One evening last week after a storm we had this amazing cloud formation.

It was if someone had waved a paintbrush across the sky picking out a cloud here and there to colour........


The trees have started to change colour, first the Pistachios and then the Maples along the driveway.
It feels as if we haven't had much Summer really and Autumn is knocking on the door.
You know I'm not going to complain about it......the last of the Winter wood supply has been stacked away in the shed ....thankyou we're ready, but surely there's still some heat to come......

The beautiful White Belladonna Lillies are about to burst into bloom...

The bulbs look sad most of the year then it seems suddenly a little green shoot appears.
A day or two later it's almost 10 inches tall and then the flowers start peeping out of their little green covering........

Next post I'll show you the ugly duckling to swan transformation.

Our Nashis and apples are ready and providing lovely, fresh fruit to snack on.
They're not huge maybe half a dozen bites and they're gone.
Perfect size for filling pockets and munching on as we go for an evening walk......

So what has the week got in store?
More time outside me thinks, shall have a crochet hook in one hand and a gardening fork in the other, just to keep things interesting.

Some more Mamma chooks and chicks, a little more tweaking needed I feel.

If you want to check out some other chickens head over to visit Mimilove.
Karen has just finished a fab commission.....a combination of painting and stitchy creativity which will make you smile

Back into the working week, hope all is well in your little corner of the globe.

Thanks for taking time out to visit and say 'hi', it's always nice to hear from you.

Take care,

Claire ♥♥


  1. Hi Claire,

    Oh, the fabulous chick. I tell you I could do with some of your sunshine. We still have the white stuff which is now dirty and icy.

    Amazing clouds and the garden, wonderful.

    The cosy fits perfectly and I love it dearly.

    Liz xx

  2. Hi Claire, I love your little red hen and her colourful and great fun :0)
    Those clouds are amazing...I've never seen anything like that.
    Hope you are keeping cool....Autumn is coming ... and Spring for me ,our favourite times of year :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. Wow look at those amazing clouds!

    Love your little hen and her chick, I took a double take at the hills as they aren't unlike ours, but then hearing about the temps, it's quite clear you are definitely not nearby!

    The garden looks lovely, especially all that lovely fruit on your last post...yum!

  4. Your posts are always so cheery, Claire and full of interesting pics. I love that cloud formation - stunning, as are your flower pics. My favourite, of course, has to be Little Red Hen and Chicky!I love your new header too. Have a good week. x

  5. Little Red Hen and her chick are adorable! I love the shot of your zinnias with the storm clouds as a backdrop...we've had storms, and heaps of rain, the last couple of afternoons.

  6. Aw - the little hen and chick are gorgeous! Very strange cloud formation!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Hi Claire. Thank you for visiting my blog. I absolutely love the use of colour in your blog. I look forward to seeing more of the lovely things you make.

  8. Super chicken and chicklet! Very much envying your lovely weather, sat here in the grey uk with a headcold!

  9. All gorgeous - love the hen and chick and the beautiful mountain view behind. Your flowers are wonderful, such colour when all here is grey. Great evening skies too. So nice to be able to visit for a bit of summer sunshine. So nice too, to be able to comment - for some reason I've not been able to access your comments recently but seems OK now.

  10. Your chook and chooklet are gorgeous Claire! Love your atmospheric flower shots - very inspiring :D

    Enjoy your lovely weather while you can, I'm desperate for Spring to arrive here, mostly for the longer days as much as anything else!

  11. Gorge chooks - did you introduce them to your other 'girls'?
    The weather looks unbelievable - so different to what we're having here (drizzle, fog, cold) - can you send me a little bit of sun in exchange for a little rain cloud?
    Emily x

  12. Your new chook is a cutie! Does she try to get into the neighbors garden too? :-) What amazing cloud formations. Sorry your zinnias didn't get any raindrops this time. I can't believe it's already autumn where you are. Seems so early. I think that spring is still about a month away for us.

  13. Hey Claire,

    Lovely post and your wool lovelies are just that...Lovely!!

    Beautiful Zinnias and those clouds!!!!! You know I love me a beautiful cloud formation.

    It has been very cold here and quite windy...but I don't mind.

    Janet xox

  14. That chicken is wonderful.And its baby, so fun and whimsical.
    Pistachios? I just ate some, I wonder if they are from your area? Is it a big area for those?
    Gosh, its so beautiful there, clouds and hills and everything else.

  15. Such sweet chickens......I am with you on the heat....tucked away out of it is where I like to be too. x

  16. Loving Little Red hen and her chicky!

    That evening sky is amazing.

  17. The hen and chick is inspired. Lovely work.

    Despite it being winter in England we are having a lovely sunny day here too. (Probably not as hot as where you are though).

  18. Just lovely nature painted pictures Claire. You really have an eye for just the right angle! Karen


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