Friday, February 17, 2012

Did You Know...........

It's true........under the silvery moonlight bunnies come out to play...

You have to be very quiet and find a hidey hole from which to observe them.
They're quite shy and will run away if they think people are around.

Moonlight gives everything a magical quality......

Two little cotton tails, looking for some fun....

They best be careful because another creature comes out at night but not to play.....

Ooops, interruption to blogging...a cloud has just burst overhead and the rain is bucketing down. I better check to make sure the garage isn't flooding.

Okay, the storm has moved away a little, taking the lightning and thunder with it.
The garage has a small amount of water in it but nothing to really worry about, phew.
A bit of a sweep later will see it put to rights.

Aw, come on mum, please let me be in the pic?....

I have to send a big thankyou to Alex, she has inspired me to search through my stash of blankets and whip up some hottie covers.

Last ones I made were back in 2010......

I bought this blanket a couple of months ago and hadn't yet snipped into it......

There are so many different colours in it.
It's going to be fun using it for lots of projects.

Earlier this morning I was outside in the sunshine.....topping up the Vitamin D levels.

The Bella Donna Lillies are blooming beautiful and they have a lovely perfume.

Tig's wanting to hog the lime light today!!

Gertrude Jekyll, was also sporting a beautiful bloom.
Tucked away amongst the foliage, I nearly missed it.

Hope the rain hasn't damaged it....

Not hard to guess which chook laid this egg...

A perfectly placed feather ...I couldn't resist taking a pic....

Thought you might like to meet some of the nightlife.

I've learnt over past Summers, that it's worth turning an outside light or two on before you head out into the garden, if you want to avoid walking into a cobweb and it's owner!!
This little beauty was feasting on a grasshopper the other evening,
fortunately I spotted it before walking into the web, which was head height, eek!!

Now I know of it's whereabouts, I will certainly be avoiding it...


Well, the storm has passed, if the sun comes out it will be rather steamy.....

The local monthly fruit and vegie swap is on tomorrow morning, so I'll be taking in some of our mini roma toms, apples, nashis and sharing the Zinnia love with a bunch or three.

Always interesting to see what others are growing and come home with some different veg. It's also a great way to meet other members of the community.

Well,it's back to the sewing machine more blankets to cut up and stitch back together as hottie covers.

Might throw a load of washing in the machine,now that the sun is showing it's face.

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for stopping by to say "hi", always great to hear from you.

Claire ✿✿✿


  1. Another beauty Claire. I love the bunnies. When I lived in Brittany they were all over our garden. We had to rescue two babies from the bad kitty.

    Enjoy the vegetable swap and have a lovely weekend. Hope the sun keeps shining.

    The temperature has risen here but it feels colder! Maybe it's just me.

    Liz xxx

  2. Love the stitched bunnies, they remind me of the ones who came out at dusk in my grandmothers garden. What a lovely swap that will be! Karen

  3. Your hottie cover is amazing, I like the 2 thoughtful rabbits.
    And your flowers are just beautiful, I can almost smell their perfume.
    Thanks for visiting!

  4. Such a cute hot water bottle cover, love it! Adore the puddy tat too - sorry can't abide that spider, rather you than me!
    Hope everything is ok in your part of the world

  5. Hi Claire, I love your bunnies and the writing on the's so sweet and neat too are wonderfully clever with that sewing machine.Love your lilies too.
    Jacquie x

  6. Love the hot water bottle cover - I think I have a baby blanket in those colours from when my boys were little! Your cat is so lovely, not so keen on the insect life, though!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Oh Claire! Breathtakingly beautiful! Suits the blanket colours so perfectly. We had a brief sprinkle this afternoon but it barely wet the cement. More predicted for the weekend so fingers crossed...sort I have the market tomorrow morning and that is no fun in the rain, LOL. Have a lovely weekend full of inspirational crafting XXX

  8. Your hotties are gorgeous Claire, what a lovely idea to use the blankets.

    Really have to gloss over the spiders though ... bleurgh.


  9. That hot water bottle is so pretty! Lovely photos of the cat - I had to do a double take as he looks so much like our cat, Milhaus! Spiders and their webs I find very interesting - that they can make such beautiful webs when having eight legs to contend with. I sometimes find two knitting needles difficult to contend with!

  10. I love the hot water bottle cover - it looks so snuggly and soft! And your bunnies are soooooo cute!!! Clever, clever you!!!
    Have a super weekend!

  11. Those hot water bottle covers look very cosy and huggy.

  12. Claire, are those the sort of lilies that Beverley Nichols always goes in rhapsodies over? They are something, really.
    I think the people trading with you are very lucky. That spider must be very large if that is a grasshopper. yikes.
    I've got Reginald Arkell's Old Herbaceous by my bedside to start soon. have you read it?

  13. Love the spider photo! The hot water bottle cover looks great, very Easter'y' with the colours and cute bunnies. Hope you have fun at the fruit and veggie swap! :) x

  14. Your hot water bottle cover is so cute! I love your kitty too :) Once a cat has made up their mind to be in photos...there's no stopping them :)

  15. Hi Claire,

    What a great idea with the hot water bottles. Being in the Southern Highlands we put them to good use up here.

    I will have to keep my eyes open for blanket candidates.


  16. Your creations are si lovely! Love the hottie cover!

  17. I love your Hottie Cover. Its great to see other people's cover idea's. So glad I inspired you.

  18. I love your little bunnies - so cute (and clever of you).

  19. I love watching the little bunnies come out. For a while we had a little bunny family in our yard... my husband was mowing and saw something move..... A whole bunch of little babies down in a hollow in the ground. The mommy bunny had covered them with pieces of grass. For weeks we didn't mow in that area, so there was a tall patch of grass growing. In previous summers, we had bunnies sleep under our lilac bushes. Our cat at the time was quite old and he didn't chase anything. (not the case anymore)
    Anyway, I love your bunny hot water bottle cover. The veggie swap sounds wonderful. I would not want to run into any of the webs... well it's not the web I care about, it's the 8 legged critter who built the web. In the Autumn, we have a few of those critters who stretch their webs from the red bud tree to the shrubs under the dining room window... which means it crosses the sidewalk to the door. So I go out with my broom each morning and sweep them to one side. I'm sure the neighbors must think I'm certifiably NUTS as I run up the sidewalk swinging my broom around in the air.

  20. Oh that hottie cover is adorable! How neat is your FME writing!?? Insane.

    How lovely to have a veggie swap. I wouldn't be able to join in as my fingers are not green. They are black. I am going to try to sort out the garden but it just takes way too long and I never conquer it.

    We've had a lovely crisp sunny morning here but not the clouds are looking a little threatening. Never mind. Tis an excuse to light some candles and plug in the fairy lights.

    many blessings,


  21. just love those bunnies! you are so clever.
    love the sound of the veggie swap, what a great idea
    love jooles x

  22. Those bunnies are absolutely adorable!

    Tig's a great enhancement to your photos, you should let him get in more often.

    The veg swap sounds such a good idea.


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