Friday, February 3, 2012

Threads of Happiness

What do you do with some brightly coloured embroidery thread and a teeny, weeny crochet hook?

You guessed it ladies......

You make teeny, weeny bunting flags.

The bunting love continues here in the Sweet Birdy Love household.
Two storage containers full of beautiful rainbow, candy coloured thread to choose from........♥♥

These little cuties are just as addictive to make, but a teensie tiny bit fiddly as you can imagine.
I find good daylight is necessary in which to make these and I do have to watch what I am doing....

If you would like a tutorial for these little cuties head over and visit Lucy at Attic 24.

Her January 24th blog post will show you how to make them.
Can't do the linky dink thing directly to that post yet!1

A new addition to the kitchen bench today.....
For several years this wonderful tin has been residing out of sight on the top shelf of my walk in pantry........

I looked at it the other day and thought
"why are you not sitting on the bench where I can enjoy you?"

This tin was used as storage for flour when I was a kidlet.
I love the colours, they are some of my favourite combos, so vintage....
It was made in Australia by Willow...... a very rare thing these days, which makes it extra special.
What will I use it for?
Eye candy and that's about it.
It's 10 inches high so would take a lot of buttons to fill it, but then again......

Colour is featuring big time this week...

The poor old Aggies were looking sad and sorry, so on Tuesday evening I chopped their heads off.
3 barrow loads were carted to the rubbish heap, but some made their way inside as they do every Summer.

Here they will stay until they dry off and become a lovely, soft parchment colour.

Cherry red and bright green...♥♥

A surprise pressie the boys bought me back from their weekend away at the Newstead Folk Festival recently.

Hubby saw a local fellow in the main street, he had two pairs of pliers and was bending old fencing wire into shape.
Asked if he could make a chook, no problems........

I love it and am more than happy to have any amount of these girls foraging in my garden.
So to all the crafty/handy blokes out there......well done.

Speaking of handy blokes, No. 1 has asked me 'pretty please' would I post a link to a video he made recently.
He wrote this song last year and has been struggling to find the right title for it.
He would appreciate it if you would have a listen and any suggestions for a title would be great....
I am earning big Brownie points here girls, so if you can help me out in return he'll be happy to do a few extra jobs around the place
That's what I call fair trade.
There are more videos from this session on Youtube, just google Richard Perso Main Street Sessions.....

The week has ended on a cooler note after recent heat and the air con is back in action.
Big cheer.....

A big cheer to all of you clever computer gals who sorted out my wandering ways and got me back on track with the old Blogger interface. Nice to back in my comfort zone, but new skills need to be learnt.

I have spent some time sorting out my new sewing room and it's slow going but I am making progress.
I am so happy to have my own space and since moving everything off the table and reclaiming it I feel so much I lost 10kgs overnight...... now that would make you happy wouldn't it?
Anyhoo, I shall move in there eventually and get back to the sewing thing but for now there's more bunting to be made.

Thankyou all for popping over for a visit, I would love to invite you all over to sit around my tidy table and have a cuppa and some scrummy cake, but for now I shall just send each and everyone of you some blue sky and sunshine wishes for a lovely weekend.

Take care and thanks for visiting.........Claire X


  1. Oh Claire! Just came back from listening to your young mans songs... Wow what a voice and talented musician! He must get his creative talent from his mother. Love the tiny bunting and wire chook. Going to listen to some more music...Karen

  2. How cute are those lil' triangles?! and the willow tin- I agree, you couldn't keep it hiding....decluttering is an amazing feeling- I should do it more too. and as for the song, how amazing! :)

  3. Glad you got back to "normal". Love the tiny triangles.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. What cute little bunting, they must be so fiddly to make.
    The bright green Aggies in the red jug look stunning.

    I've no suggestions for a title for No.1's song but I enjoyed listening to it.

  5. Love that tin! Wish I could crochet!

  6. Great post full of loads of bunting , chickens and fab music.....I have a dij,guitar playing singer husband I must let him listen to this. xx

  7. Teeny Weeny Bunting...just gotta say..Stinkin' Cute...

  8. I love the tiny bunting, its so so so cute. I gave you an award over at mine because I really enjoy your blog. Just going to check out the music now. Have a good weekend.

  9. Hi Claire,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! Just watched your sons clip. What a talented man he is! He has a good voice. I like the roughness of it. Can't help him on a title, sorry...

    Your bunting looks lovely. The embroidered tablecloth is very pretty too.

    Wish you a happy weekend!


  10. Claire - number 1 son is very talented and although 'rock' is not generally my sort of music, I really enjoyed his video. I am rubbish at thinking up song titles by my offering is 'Gone so long'.

  11. Your miniature bunting made my heart skip a beat with happiness! so adorable that I want to make some now, too ;-)

    1. I love you mini bunting Claire and would love to know what kind of thread you used and where you bought it from. How thoughtful of hubby to bring you back a wire chook, which looks right at home in the garden. At least she won't do any damage.
      My one remaining chook has gone broody, it's hysterical the way she fluffs herself out looking all indignant when I give her food. She was given 5 snails this morning in addition to her wheat, so she should be mighty grateful to me. :)
      Loving your tin too with those pretty colours and design. Way to lovely to be in your pantry not seeing the light of day.
      Richard's music is wonderful, I love his voice, the way his soul is poured into his singing and performance. How he can play didgeridoo and guitar at the same time is amazing. As for a title for his song, "Somethings building" or "There's something building"?
      I've just played the video to Genevieve and she is very impressed.
      Enjoy your Sunday,
      Anne xx

  12. Hello Claire, thank you for popping by!
    Lovely to hear from you!

    I just love the mini bunting!
    Some of that would look cute on my printers tray....being mini and all!
    I also really love the tin! It's super and should be in ete sight to be enjoyed!


  13. Oh my GOODNESS!!! I LOVE your blog - I knew from your banner that I would!!! There's such a lot to see here - I'm going to have to come back to do some more exploring.....
    That teeny-tiny bunting is soooo cute!!!

  14. Hi Claire , I have passed on a bloggy award if you want to play...happy weekending to you. xxx

  15. No. One shocked me, his voice is so powerful and seething with energy, great pitch and intent. Jeez.
    Right away I got the impression of a freight train moving.
    so titles :
    Cold Rail Blues
    Steel driving Blues

    If I think of another, I'll write again

  16. Ah, bunting - you can't have too much of it, of that I'm sure!
    Emily x

  17. OH yes, I have been thinking I need to hook some of that bunting. I have soooooo much thread I can use.
    I love that tin too. Glad you got it out of hiding!

  18. Awwwwwwwwwwww how sweet is that bunting and I love the chook!

  19. Hello, I'm becky a new follower!
    I was listening to the video and it's amazing! I love his voice. I thought of the song name no more thunder, although julies choice cold rail blues is cool to.

    Anyway, good luck to him!
    Becky :)

  20. Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog. Just watched the video of your no.1. My no. is 10 and learning classical and electric guitar and if she turns out to play half as well as your no.1, I will be one very proud Mum! His voice is amazing too. Rubbish at song titles but what about Hot and Cold? Great blog, will be back again soon. x


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