Friday, January 20, 2012

Goodmorning Sunshine ☀.........

Good morning or evening depending on where you are and
a big welcome to all my new followers.......

Thanks for popping by for a visit.
I hope all is going well in your crafty corner of the globe.

In between trying to stay cool and some other projects I have been doing a little bit of creating.

A lovely lady by the name of Shirley (also a chook lover) gave me a box full of beautiful woollen fabric samples. She asked if I could make her a chook and she chose these colours.
Shirley has a personality to match her colour choice!

So, here's Rosie, she's a bit like the Queen Mary under full steam, but I am quite happy with the way she turned out and the gusset (these things are the bain marie of my life, hehe...)is a success.

Not sure if she's a one off, but for a very long time,I have been thinking of making one.
Sometimes you just need a little push to get you over the hurdle.

I thought a couple of pics in the garden (where chooks often find themselves!!) was appropriate but the sun has washed out her colours.

She did like being out with the flowers, but not so keen on the bees...

For all of you living in cooler climes I thought some blue sky and sunshine pics of my Sunflowers might brighten a gloomy day for you.

They remind me of a choir, all standing up straight with heads held high.......

A bit of blue sky love ♥ going on here too....

They are putting on a great show at the moment...

...and keeping the bees busy.

You know those little fellas were still out at 8pm last night.

Don't they have a home to go to?....

Love the blue sky against the yellow flowers

...just wonderful

It's been pretty warm here this week and I have been wilting in the heat, so I thought it might be wise to pick the roses and bring them inside where I can enjoy them rather than leave them to burn to a crisp in the sun.

L - R
Mothers' Love, William Morris and at the back
Blue Moon with Lady of Megginch.

I placed the vases throughout the house where I could enjoy them.

A pic of the vegie garden

We had a load of wood delivered.....getting ready early for Winter.
Just needs someone to put it away!!

The beans are producing slowly but steadily, there's plenty of tomatoes on the various plants. The Spring Onions are lovely in salads along with the capsicum and there's quite a few little pumpkins developing on the vine.
There's always something from the garden used in our dinner...

There aren't as many Zinnias as in previous years, but they are doing a wonderful job adding colour to the yard.

Tig is doing what he does best.......

Find a disused carton, curl up and go to sleep.

Ah, it's a cat's life.


Well,it's been very warm this week although not too hot at night for sleeping.

We were planning to head away for the weekend away but it hasn't happened. That's OK later in the year when we have more time and it's not so hard to get accommodation might be better.......

So, they say a change is as good as a holiday and I got a bee in my bonnet this afternoon and entered the SMB shed.
That's 'secret mens business'....just in case you were wondering.
I roped No.1 in to help and we dragged out an old kitchen table which I intend to use for a sewing table.
I also decided it was time to sell a piece of furniture which had been stored for some years.
I rang the local antique dealer he came around half an hour later, gave me a price loaded it up into his car and off he went.
I now have a few dollars to put towards a 2nd hand storage unit of some sort...

So the spare room, becomes my sewing room once the bed is removed.
I have been talking about doing this for some time, today just happened to be THE day...
And, I am going to reclaim my dining table, yay!!

I hope, your week has ended on a good note and things are going according to plan.

Take care,

Claire X


  1. I just love those sunflowers, and the chookie is pretty cute too!

    Mmmm I can smell those gorgeous roses from here...

    Have a great weekend Claire!

  2. Crafting and moving furniture sounds like you have been busy...great to have your own space though.xx

  3. Love the chook! And so jealous of your heat and sunshine... its been grey and rainy for days here. Thank you for sharing a bit of summer with us! Have a good weekend.

  4. Hi sweetie remember me my friend... It's freezing here I am hidden under blankets and woollies ... Very busy with my training and loving every minute of it and still fitting in my knitting ...

  5. Hola Claire son hermosas, que linda colección de gallinitas yo las adoro y tengo algunas, en estos días hice algunas en porcelana, la que hiciste se ve muy contenta ☺ y ni hablar de la alegría que transmiten los girasoles únicos un besito Sandra.

  6. I love the sunflowers too. Claire, it's been grey and dismal and wet here today - your blog has cheered me up no end x

  7. Beautiful chick there. I too have trouble with gussets (that sounds so awful!!!;-P) It can be so hard to get a smooth insert.

    Your roses made me pine for mine, the William Morris in my garden was lovely this year but we battled rose beetle. Now the bushes are in the winter rags, cut down and waiting for warmer days.

    All the best to you, from a wet and soggy Nottingham

  8. I love the pink chook who does look right at home in the garden. Speaking of gardens, yours is looking wonderful with flowers and veges to enjoy. Tig looks so cute curled up in that box. However do they do it?! :)
    The best news in your post is that you will have a sewing room. I'm so happy for you to be able to have space just for your and your crafts. Enjoy the process of decking it out.
    Have a gorgeous weekend,
    Anne xx

  9. The chook is lovely, Claire. The sunflowers against the blue sky are as beautiful as it gets!

    Happy creating in your new room...Karen

  10. Cute chicky! Those sunflowers are amazing Claire and oh for some blue sky and sunshine.

    Have a happy weekend - I'm getting very excited about my cosy.


  11. I love the pink hen, and Rosie is such a good name for her.

    Those sunflowers do look lovely against the blue sky, they're doing a good job of cheering up a dull day over here!

  12. I am looking at your blue sky photos will sun envy.

    Nothing but rain forcast for the rest of the week up here, and where I usually can go out in summer and pick things for dinner, I haven't really bothered this year, due to the weather and other things. But I have got a few strawberries growing.

    Your collection of roses in vases looks beautiful sitting on table. I can almost smell them.

    Good on you for starting on your wood pile early.. Must get hubby on to that,.

    And Im looking forward to seeing your new sewing space


  13. Tig's a sweetheart! And thanks for the blue sky and sunflowers...something to look forward to, esp. when it's -10C out here today!!

  14. Sunflowers and a big blue sky........Beautiful. Love the sound of 'your' new space ......Enjoy.

  15. Claire, your garden is such a joy to look at! Makes we wish it was summer here. Love your zinnias and sunflowers and roses!! The little woolen chook you made is adorable!! Wonderful idea to reclaim the spaces in your house and use them for the way you live now. It will be nice to have a sewing space all to yourself!

  16. What a great post Claire. The pics are really lovely.
    Your chookie came up so well. I've only ever made a couple of chooks/roosters which is surprising as they're another thing I collect!
    Your flower garden is gorgeous, and I just wish I had the motivation to do a lot more with mine. Flowers in the house make such a difference.
    How exciting for you to have a new sewing/craft room. You won't know yourself, and you'll have to post some pics of course! :)) x


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