Thursday, May 24, 2012

Creating While On Holidays

Helllooooo.......this week's creative, crafty blog post is coming to you from sunny Queensland, miles from home in chilly Victoria...

I've been on hols for a week and it's been very relaxing, but there's been plenty of craft action taking place. In fact I found a UFO whilst packing for my holiday and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to continue working on it.

I started this embroidered panel some years ago now. 

 There is an Angel for each season but this is the first to be completed, well a few more stitches are needed yet.
 They were going to be cushion panels, but I think I may frame them and hang them in my sewing room.....

I finished the Fly Agaric just needs to be stuffed and stitched.....

What am I going to do with it, hmmm, not sure perhaps make a couple more so it won't feel lonely..

A couple of days were spent in Byron Bay, we had beautiful weather, scenery, food and time to leave a small token of my yarn bombing affection!!

The 'wavy' pattern and colours represented:-

sky,surf,sand,sun, green lifestyle and sunburnt tourists

(Actually didn't think of this until I had made it....I really just liked the colour combos!!)

So if you are visiting Byron Bay in the not too distant future, it's on the 'tree' by the playground park above the beach.
Let me know if it's still there..... and to Alison over at 
Tweed Delights, I really didnt' need much encouragement!!

That same afternoon a storm cell formed over the mountains and I snapped this pic.......

Check out the 'sand art' on the beach.....

Lots of creative people around doing 'their thing'....

 Anyone needing a 'sunshine fix' 

Hope it does the trick ☀ ☀ ☀

Eeeeek....I just clicked DELETE instead of ENTER and the whole screen went blank, arrgh!!
All is not lost fortunately.......

One last bit of creativity.....this mornings breakfast for my chauffeur, hehe...

Waffles were ordered with blueberries and caramelised banana and vanilla cream.

Check out the strawberry Mohawk....creative or what?...yummmmm

Lots more creative people over here for you to visit and be inspired by..

Thanks for coming over to say 'hi' and I appreciate all the lovely comments on my Hedgehog brooch post....

Take care,

Claire ❀❀❀


  1. I wish I could go and check out your yarn bombing activities Claire, but alas, hehe! . . . :D

    Glad to see your hols aren't curbing your creativity in any way - quite the opposite by the look of things!! xx

  2. Love your yarn bombing....did you get away with it unnoticed? How long did it take you to attach? Oh how it would be nice to pop on over and take a look xxx

  3. What a gorgeous place. Its going to be a challenge to enjoy my bran flakes and blueberries this morning after seeing that amazing breakfast. Someone was very lucky!

  4. Hello Claire,
    Good job you can't see the colour of this text because it has turned green!!! You lucky lucky thing over in OZ. It all looks wonderful and so relaxing. Brill idea to yarn bomb... to leave your mark better than carving initials on trees as some people do.

    Amanda :-)

  5. Hi Claire, how gorgeous is this place. I love the mushroom and that is a well dressed tree. I hope you had a lovely time.

    We are basking in glorious sunshine and intense heat! Dare I say, too hot!!? Well, especially when one cycles everywhere!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Liz xx

  6. Makes me feel warm just looking at those beach scenes.

  7. What amazing beaches!!! Looks like such a wonderful place to holiday!

  8. Ha ha, a great bit of yarn bombing there Claire!

    I love the beach photos with the sand art, and how good is that strawberry?

  9. I think that I would like to be your chauffeur, first the egg Benedict and now this strawberry treat....mmm!
    Byron bay looks like a place to visit...who day....

  10. Hi Claire! I love the "sand art" on this amazing beach!

  11. Ooooh, the beach photos are divine! And I want the waffles NOW.

  12. Cool! I love that you bombed!!

    Do you feel so naughty!? heheh

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