Monday, May 14, 2012

Sew, Cook, Dig...........

Monday, Monday it's a beautiful Autumn day here, the sun is shining after a frosty start.

I knew it was going to be a cold morning,(-2 deg.)I had to get up some time after midnight and drag the doona out of the cupboard and put it on the bed!! 
 Snuggling in under it's feathery warmth and I didn't stir till morning.......

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and a belated happy Mother's Day to all you hard working mums......

            Saturday was quite a productive day......

A new version of my Blanket Bunny came to life. 
This little Bunny in Blue is looking a little sad.
 I'm not sure why, but I know that all he needs is a cuddle and everything will be OK.....

'Hug me tight all through the night and 
cuddle me till dawn......'

Obviously I had my head on the side as I sewed this, hehe...

He has two mates who need stuffing and stitching and then hopefully they will find some new homes where little arms will wrap around them and together they'll journey to the
 Land of Nod......

After the creative, fun came the other stuff.....
cleaning out the chook house, hmmmm.....
It needed to be done and I'm sure the girls are happy with a lovely clean home and some fresh straw.

You'd think the least they could do to  show their appreciation would be to lay some eggs.....

It's soup weather and lamb shank with pearl barley and lots of vegies is the current favourite....
 So when my sister popped out for lunch last Monday and a friend came over today it was the soup d jour and I have to say it was delicious.
You can't beat a savoury muffin  with a bowl of hot soup ......

After I waved goodbye to my visitor, I got out into the garden and planted cauliflower, silverbeet and spinach seedlings.

Nice to find some locally grown and cheap seedlings at a weekend market....

This unused chook cage will hopefully, keep the cabbage moths off the caulies and I can retire my badminton racquet!!

My favourite, feathered friend the Flame Robin decided to pay a visit to my property this afternoon........

He had just landed on the barbed wire fence, when whoooosh from seemingly nowhere a Mudlark or Magpie (couldn't tell which) decided to see him off......

Obviously, my little friend wasn't welcome.....

Please don't stay away too long, you add a bright spot to my day.

 Photography and card made by Carol Hawke 

More handmade cards I bought at the market......

You know I love these flowers, how could I resist this card?.....

No label on the card, so I can't credit the maker

Have you seen this book?

I bought it online and it arrived last week.

Much earlier than expected, yipppee, thanks Postie Pam...

There's lots of wonderful things to either crochet or knit......

Where to start?

Look at that cute little Blue Tit, or those gorgeous deep pink Foxgloves.

It has me longing for Spring!!

Wouldn't I love some of those Bumble Bees, buzzing and bumbling their way around my garden?

Not sure about that caterpillar or some of those other creepy crawlies though, eek!!

Toadstools, mushrooms, acorns and oak leaves, yeeeees, I love them all.......

What's first on my list to whip up?

Might have to be some mushrooms or toadstools, they are just too cute.......

I'm heading North to warmer climes later this week.I'll be away for a few days or so and first thing to be packed into my case will be this book and a selection of yarns. Unfortunately, I can't take my little hooky stick on the plane, what am I going to do?

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post. It seems a few of you have been lucky enough to wander through a Bluebell wood recently........

I thought I might create my own and turn the 'Wild Wood' into a Bluebell wood.....

Love the stark, white Birch trunks.......

'No finer carpet was ever laid than that which Autumns' treasures made.......'

quote by me, hehe.....


This time next week, I hope to be strolling along a beach, sand  between my toes, sun on my skin,(upping my vitamin D intake) and searching for sea glass.
There will be new op shops to discover and hopefully treasures to be found. Maybe a market or two along the way and lots of hooky time.

I will be taking on the role of 'unpaid roadie' for No.1 son so there's a bit of work involved too, oh well, the price you pay!!

I hope you all have a happy and creative week and a BIG welcome to all new followers that have found their way to my blog and decided to stick around......nice to have you here.

Take Care,

❀ Claire ❀


  1. Hey Claire! Nothing wrong with the thumbnail image from where I'm looking at it - just 'perfick' :D Love the sad bunny - just waiting for a cuddle!

    Hope you have a fabulous holiday - I'm more than a little jealous, as I am of the LOVELY book!!!!! (Also of the soup - Scotch Broth as we call it, my favourite - yum!)
    Alison x

  2. Love the bunny in blue and what asweet crochet book - love the blue tit and the other makes.

  3. i cant tell you how much i like your posts!!!!
    your bunny looks lovely - i have one question: the writting and the circles around the you do them by hand or with a sewing machine???
    cant wait for your next post...till then many happy creations (the book looks pretty nice) and many sunny beach walks as you wish!

  4. The soup looks yummy and your cat seemed comfy!!!!!

    Luv Jane XX

  5. Claire what a lovely post! You are so creative - and clever I must say. Bunny is so cute, soup looks 'spesh, veggies to go, firey little bird (I say that because my local fave is a little firetail finch) and more! A great autumn roundup. cheers Wendy

  6. Hi Claire!I like the fact you're dealing with so many different activities! I really loved your new book!

  7. Enjoy your break to warmer weather. I'll be thinking of you on a brisk sunday market morning!

  8. Hello,
    I'm wishing you a fantastic vacation. How wonderful it sounds.
    Great book of things to make, and your rabbit is darling, what you wrote on the back is perfect.
    happy days ahead!

  9. Oh my gosh. I love that bunny!

  10. Your sad bunny is adorable. The book looks wonderful!

  11. Love the bunny and your new book... can't wait to see what you make.
    Have a lovely trip on the road enjoy the beach!

  12. Once again you never disappoint with your loveliness....the book looks great what sweet project will we see from you first? I love your blanket bunny too....have a fabulous time in the sun and look forward to seeing all those found treasures. x

  13. What a productive week ! Hope your girls are laying again soon they should be nice and cosy for winter.
    Can't wait to see what you make first from your new book, i am trying to teach myself to crochet and feeling a bit silly can't quite get the hang of it.......more practice.
    Have a great break and enjoy hunting through those op shops !

  14. Your blue bunny is just so cute x
    Well i hope you have a beautiful break, i am envious of the sand between your toes bit!
    A flame gorgeous is he?!
    love jooles x
    P.s nice book, may have to add it to my wish list :o)

  15. He is one adorable bunny. Nice book - a lot in there. Have a wonderful break. Liz xx

  16. Claire I really love your posts - they're so full of warmth and of creativity .. from little bits and pieces! Your bunny is very cute and just invites snuggling.
    That book you bought online is definitely for you! I can imagine you making lots of gorgeous things from it.
    Your Autumn quote is just perfect!
    Have a happy time planning your trip :D)xx

  17. Looks like loads of inspiration in that book!


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