Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hello I'm Still Here........:)

Hello girls, yes, it's me.......I'm still here.
How are you all?
I did my first market for the year today.
The forecast was for 11deg. with 60% chance of rain.
 Think I needed my head read for agreeing to do it!!
Well the sun shone for most of the day, although a chill wind was blowing........

On the way home I had to pull over and take some photos of the brooding skies....... 

A corner of my stall, the sun brightening things up, but it was far from warm, brrrr.....

It's been a busy few weeks here in the Sweet Birdy Love household.

My Janome's been busy stitching away.

Some little brooches in the making.....

Along with some sewing needle books....

Teacosies were posted over to the U.S to
Janet at

A little chooky stitchery came into being.
I enjoyed making this as it was a little different from what I usually do....
It will be heading off to another part of the U.S next week......

Too much fun to stop at one, so.......

Outside it's been frosty and cold.
I managed to snap off a couple of pics before the parrots flew away.
I couldn't figure out what was going on as the Parrot appeared to be walking on the water....... the water had frozen.....

They added a splash of colour to the morning......

Apart from sewing there was also a lot of packing and sorting out going on.
 Hubby and son headed off to Canada last Monday.
Rich has a 6 week tour across Canada, playing at music festivals all over the place......

Hubby, Chris is going along as chauffeur/roadie/manager/dad......they work well together. 
The amount of organisation that has gone into this tour has been amazing.
After  a long trip which involved 4 different flights they arrived in Montreal minus their luggage which was somewhere at the airport in New York.
A rather frustrating 36 hours without it followed, but thankfully it turned up and they could hit the road.......
Things are going well now, although jetlag is playing havoc and rather large mozzies in Nova Scotia are enjoying some Aussie blood!
A little family pic....having breakfast the last Saturday before they left.

We're all looking a little pale,there was a light directly above us

The Johnnies are flowering, I love these blooms....the perfume can fill a room.
A small bunch in my 50 cent op shop jug brightens my day and makes me smile......

So things continue as they are here. 
Plenty of sewing going on, lots of ideas to play with.
Another birthday has come and gone and thankyou all for your birthday wishes.
Winter is giving us beautiful days after frosty starts.
Another little op shop has opened in town, did I mention that?
So a trip into town includes a visit to one or the other, or both!!
I've found some lovely things and turned my $1.00 investment in a vintage jigsaw into $20.00 by walking across the road to the
 2nd hand/antique shop and selling it on, not bad......
I won't tell you what they were going to sell it for, but I was very happy with my $20.00......

So what have you all been up to?
I hope you are enjoying your weekend and finding some time to be creative in some way.
Thanks so much for visiting and I will try not to leave it quite so long before my next post.

Take care,

Claire X


  1. The work is lovely, you are so talented with that sewing machine embroidery. Hope you don't find the house too quiet whilst the boys are away.

  2. your embroderies and just gorgeous!

  3. I love your little rural scenes. They are so adorable, and I just can't imagine how you do it all by machine.

    1. Thanks so much, I've enjoyed making these's been alot of fun......x

  4. Oh Claire those little garden pictures are fabulous! Glad your fair went well and the rain stayed away! :) x

  5. Hi Claire!
    So happy to see you in a pic! You know? Your son is so "you"!! I love to look at the resemblances!
    Really love all your stitching, so detailed...the brooches are fantastic...not to mention your tea cosies!
    You are a great crafter my dear!
    Hope you don't feel too lonely, xxxxxx Ale

  6. Oh gosh - your sewing is just beautiful!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Hello Claire, you've had a busy time of it. So glad the market day stayed dry for you, those clouds looked ominous but there's always a nice surprise sometimes.
    Love your chooky sewings, oh that cute little scene of flying over the fence into the garden - so typical. You really nail the cuteness beautifully.
    Such a huge gig for your Son - how proud and thrilled you must be. Beaut that your hubby can travel with him too. It'd give you a lot of peace of mind. All the best.
    Those pretty and bright Johnnies are just the thing for brightening this time of year and that jug was a great find. It's definitely found its home.
    Cheerio for now and keep well and snuggly warm :D)xx

  8. I love your stitching and the little brooches and amazingly sweet. Cx

  9. Hi Claire, it's lovely to hear what you have been up to, very busy with your sewing machine it would seem. Lot's of lovely items for your stall and being sent off overseas. WOW, a six week tour of festivals in Canada for your son, that's quite an amazing trip to put together. Just thinking about the logistics has me breaking out into a sweat. I'm sure they will be having a good if not very busy time.
    Anne xx

  10. Such beautiful pieces - no wonder you haven't had time to blog!! I especially love your chooky gardenscapes. Divine!!

    1. Thanks Samantha, I've had quite a lot of fun stitching recently.
      Lovely to hear from you and thanks for visiting.........x

  11. Great to catch up with your news Claire. Love the family portrait.
    Your latest makes are stunning.....I love all the sweet little details.
    Keep warm...we are melting in a heatwave ....amazing !!
    Jacquie xxx

    1. Thanks Jacquie, lovely to hear from you........
      It's about time you got a decent Summer in the Uk.......
      Have a great week.......x

  12. Great to know all is well with you, Claire. I love the beautiful photos of threatening sky; and hasn't it been a wintry weekend here in the N.E.
    Your creations just get more stunning! Absolutely stunning.
    Alessandra is right, your son is so "you". Lovely family pic.

    1. Hey Susan, yes it has been rather Wintry.......just the way I love it actually.
      Always feel cheated if Winter isn't cold as I would like.
      The family photo really does show our similarities.........I love this pic, I don't seem to have many of them, so it is rather special......x

  13. What a newsy post; I love your brooding pictures of the land , its so gorgeous there. Your work is looking outstanding, Claire.
    Your family is a handsome one!
    Have fun while the boys are riding the range, and you are safe in the henhouse

  14. What a lovely post - I like those lowering skies behind the brown trees. Your garden stitching is wonderful - that sewing book with the birch tree is perfect, and the chookie stitchery too - especially that top one with the chicken bending down to peck.

    Good luck to Rich on his tour, and to Dad as he manages etc. My goodness your son looks like you! But he has a look of his dad about the eyes. And what a fun scarf you're wearing. Enjoy your alone time and all that sewing! :)

  15. Hi Claire - so much going on, creative and otherwise! Gorgeous stitching - love all your new work, so inspiring :D School hols here, so everything is slowing down - including me LOL! Lovely to see your family pic - hope all goes well with the tour. 'Speak' soon,
    Alison x

  16. Loving the chook-y stitching, I do hope you'll make more of those :)

    Good luck to the travellers ... how exciting!

    And as for the parrots and the ice ... somehow I never thought I'd see the two in the same picture!

  17. Love the little brooches with the chickens, and the needle cases are so cute. I guess your men weren't too put off by Canada after spending a slightly chilly time here in the winter! Summer really is much kinder ;) Very nice family shot of you ... hope you have a good time in the States. Wendy :)

    1. Hey Wendy, thanks for visiting.......have enjoyed all the recent stitching.......
      The boys are well and finding it pretty warm over there at the moment, but it's all good
      Have a great week.......x

  18. love your photos.

    love your makings!

    hope your boys have a great tour!

    1. Thanks alot Mezz, great to hear from you.
      The tour is going well and the boys are enjoying somewhat the warm weather, but not
      the humidity.
      Hope you are enjoying Winter.........x

  19. I just love everything I see! Your little brooches and tea cozies are darling, and I'm especially drawn to those sweet little sewing needle books.


    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment Dulcy....I've enjoyed making these items.
      No doubt there will be more made in the future.....x

  20. I love you makes, and your stall looks fabulous!! Best wishes to your son and husband on their adventure!! x

    1. Thanks Mellie Moo........lovely to hear from you........x

  21. Hi Claire, I love the way your stitchery evolves...............the new chooky scenes are just so delightful with all the little details, such a clever one you are. Good new the boys got their luggage returned!!
    Such a busy time here in Clydesdale hope to post soon with all our news.
    Keep warm.X

  22. I love your stitching you make such beautiful things x

  23. That is my favourite kind of sky, dark and steely, but with the sun shining on the trees and grass.

    As ever all your stitchings are fantastic, so much detail. Isn't that just the way - the hens have loads to eat in their own patch but have to get into the garden!


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