Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stitching vs Housework...........

Hello girls, how's your week been?
Things are slowing down on the crafting front here and getting busy on the packing side of things......
I haven't been able to pack away my sewing machine yet as ideas still need to be explored to keep the creative me happy before I go.
I finished another little stitchery this week and was happy with the outcome.
A friend had asked me (quite some time ago)if I would stitch a tree for her. 

She wasn't specific and just said
 'whatever you come up with will be fine'

I find that's the hardest thing to do actually, as I worry what I have in my mind won't match up with theirs. Soooooo, I put it off and occasionally asked if she had any ideas......nope.
Ok, so I put it off some more as I do and put it in the too hard basket.

She wasn't in a rush it, was just one of those
 'when you've got time' orders and as it was something different for me (at the time)I didn't intend to ask for payment.
Ok, long story short here it is......

I hope she likes it. I love the texture, there's even a wee heart carved into it with a teeny tiny M & S in it.
Can you spot it?

I really love this saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson and I particularly like the way the yellow thread I used to indicate the last of fallen leaves actually has a golden glow to it.

You know I'm kind of glad I waited so long to make it as my sewing is constantly changing and evolving and I'm really happy with the finished piece.

We now have 7 calves in the paddock with only 2 more to be born.
Their antics are wonderful to watch and they are such good mates.
This little black fella is being very inquisitive and brave.

One little calf  (not in pic) has a white heart on it's forehead very sweet indeed......can't help but fall in love with them.

Something else I had been putting off was cleaning out Cluckingham Palace.

Our chook house isn't one of those cute little houses that you could sweep with a glance.

On no, this requires a wheelbarrow, rake and brooms.
Anyway, the girls must've read my mind and in appreciation of my impending efforts had laid an egg.
Now this may not sound very auspicious, BUT,dear reader considering they went off the lay around December this is quite a big event here.
One, perfectly formed, brown shelled egg lay in a mound of straw.
I glanced at it, looked at the girls in disbelief, then looked at the Magpie out in the yard, shook my head again then thanked them......
Thankfully, the job took less time than I thought and within the hour there was a lovely, cleanish chook house.

Now whilst I hoiked feathers and straw out, this Magpie was going around picking up beak fulls to line it's nest with.

It was fun watching it pick them up then put them down. Was it looking for a particular colour, degree of softness? 
It was quite a business and I was thrilled to witness this little nest making venture....

The first Daffodil has bloomed.
This season I ordered and planted some different varieties. so I'm looking forward to seeing them when I return from holidays.

Our adopted stray Mrs. Kafups likes to find little hidey holes around the house....makes it interesting when trying to put her outside!

Can you see her?

How she managed to squeeze in to that small space without sending DVD's flying?!!
 With her Winter coat on she's quite a substantial feline.....

 The Japonica (Flowering Quince)is putting on a show......

And another little nest that's been discovered.
 This time in the Wintersweet, not sure who it belongs to whether it's a blue wren or not.....

So there you have some snippets from my week......the day to day things that I've been up to.
I've also been busy posting purchases around the world which has been very exciting.
 Seeing little Sweet Birdy Love items finding new homes in different countries.
Thanks to everyone who made a purchase.
 I will have a few extra pennies in my pocket to take on holiday.

I've been making lists of things I have to do and organise before I go away.
Must remember to put Mrs Kafups out if I can find her!!

My boys have been keeping me up to date with what's been happening and I have to say I'm really excited about heading over to Canada.
Thanks to everyone who left a suggestion on my last post.

Oh, that reminds me if you'd like to participate in a swap.......songbird Mezz over at Mezz Makes Stuff is hosting a swap, so pop over and check it out and say 'hi'.

Righto, I better go and do some tidying up, cuppa first though!!.......

Thanks for visiting girls and taking time to say 'hi'
Have a fab week everyone,

Claire X


  1. Love to see you with signs of spring hinting. I am always so impressed at the way you sew the written parts of your work. I can't even hand write that neatly.

  2. hi Claire, thanks for the swap mention! we already have 20 people singed up so its bigger then I anticipated! I always love your posts. that tree you created is divine, and oh, the cute! but my fav is your daffodil, they are my favourite flowers. thanks for your advice re the festival application btw xx

  3. I am so excited for you and wish you a wonderful, wonderful trip. The tree you made is a work of art, painting with stitches.
    Have a great time,

  4. My dear your style still evolves and still so beautiful. I'm looking forward to holding some treasures and feeling closer to you in spirit. There is every sign of spring around your place, in the laying, the birthing and the nesting and the daffs, even though we know the temperatures are set to be a little low yet for a while. What a funny old thing that cat! Amazing, I thought I was going mad, I searched and searched that picture. How do they do it! Have a lovely time away and I pray St Christopher watches over you.

  5. Your tree is gorgeous, I love it. The calves are SO cute, I love them too. It's definitely bird nesting time as it seems we both have magpies looking for materials to line nest with. Chook feathers will make a nice soft lining.
    Anne xx

  6. Your needlework looks very pretty Claire! Wishing you a lovely holiday!

    Madelief x

  7. Gorgeous needlework, as ever. I think it's too soon for you to have daffodils! That means Spring is with you already, we're not nearly ready for Autumn yet. Enjoy your trip, have a fantastic time.

  8. Oh oh, you have Daffodils!! The world is turning and the sun is heading your way....hope we still have some hot sunny days left to enjoy ! The years go so quickly and summer is never long enough. Just got the September issue of Country living....I'm not ready for autumn yet ....sigh.
    Love your stitchery tree , your work is always stunning Claire.
    Jacquie x

  9. Gorgeous photos again Claire. Love your tree creation, and I'm pleased to hear that ours aren't the only hens not laying in a long time..... I'm getting a little tired of buying chook feed AND eggs! Looks like you are getting well sorted for your trip! Enjoy. cheers Wendy

  10. I so enjoyed reading this lovely post, Claire, with so many beautiful photos of delightful and different things. Love the stitchery in your tree design, adore the calves (I'd have to keep them all!), the magpie - so busy and so cute, and your Mrs Kafups looks to be a very woolly tubby-toes cat!

    What! You have DAFFODILS in full bloom? Here down the hill all buds are still tightly closed.
    Susan x

  11. The tree and the stitched sentiment are both lovely. Yes, I do see the heart. And the cat! LOL. Our youngest cat does that, too. Your daffodil is really pretty, but it sounds like most of them will bloom while you are away. The little calfs are darling, too. You live a dream.

  12. What a lovely chatty post ... gorgeous tree, crazy cat, and the best bits in my book, the picky magpie and that incredible nest in the Wintersweet! Birds are such amazing engineers!

  13. Oh Claire, that tree is stunning ... with the goldy thread and the perfect quote and all! Your friend will love it.

    What a very handsome Magpie - I'd never seen one before. And those calves are so sweet.

    Hope you have a good trip and enjoy your time in Canada - if the weather is anything like ours they may have just gotten over a cool snap.

  14. I know exactly that feeling, given a free reign so to speak for a commission almost seems more has happened a few times for my painting, and normally something that shouldn't take long, doesn't get done. Your tree is lovely, I love the heart addition.

    It's been lovely to catch up on your last two posts, how exciting to be off to Canada with your menfolk.

    The calves are lovely, we used to calve in spring, it was always a little nerve wracking, but seeing the calves good and strong was heartwarming, and any anxiety you had was soon forgotten, when they were all out enjoying the sunshine and growing like the clappers.

  15. I wish I'd read your post earlier Claire, but I've been on two weeks of holidays and only now catching up! I hope you enjoy your stay here in Canada, and I'm going to read back on your posts after this. Your little calves are adorable, and I love that little chocolate brown and white guy (you didn't happen to pack him in your bag did you?). The stitched tree is a great, and I love that gnarled ancient look you've achieved. Enjoy your holidays ... weather is perfect at the moment (not too hot 'n humid!). Wendy x

  16. Oh your stitched tree is amazing!

  17. How cute are those calves?!

    Love how Mrs Kafups squeezed into that small space!


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