Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not Such a Bright Idea.......

Hello girls, how are you all?
Hope you've had a great weekend and enjoyed some lovely weather
wherever you are.....

I've been a busy stitching away, aiming for my first market stall at Bright this year to be held on Saturday.
For a change I stitched up some gum leaves,nuts and flowers on a sewing needle book. I loved the end and result and the final touch..... a native blue banded bee....

I've been having fun stitching up little brooches......
Some garden scenes and flowers in polka dot jugs.

Some sleepy time, blanket bunnies waiting patiently to have their nether regions stitched up.

Whilst I'm warm and cosy stitching away inside, it's been quite damp outside this week.
I had to race and grab the camera before the view changed.
The sun was filtering through the cloud, it was quite spectacular.

Wee birds nests have been discovered now that leaves have dropped from trees and shrubs....
This one belongs to the Mistletoe bird. 
It's made from matted plant down and cobwebs. 
I'll take my creative hat off to the gal who made this....the time and effort that went into making this is amazing. 
It's like felt, quite strong yet pleasingly soft.
 It looks like  a small bag suspended from the twig and this pic was taken 10 days ago, when we were having lovely, sunny days after frosty mornings.

Back to the stitching.......
My friend and talented artist  Ella asked me to make some soft toys in the style of the "Woodlings', as gifts for her friend who recently had her second child.

One was for big sister Meadow.....she loves the outdoors and appreciates the beauty of her natural surroundings

A little colour in the cheeks and lips made all the difference.....

Diamonds or a birds nest?
Which treasure would you prefer?

The second was for new brother Geordi,his dad loves the bush and  
no doubt will share his love of it with his son, as he grows.

Possum and gum trees

Now you see the reason behind the native flora inspiration ....

A closeup of the Echidna, funny little creatures that they are.....

As is my way, things came down to the last minute in preparing for the market.
When the alarm went off at 5.30am Saturday it was raining, but I was ready to go whatever the weather.
 Would've been too disappointing not to.
The river in Bright was a ranging torrent after recent heavy rain.
It looked like melted milk chocolate.......

Underfoot it was wet in areas of the park, just as well I packed my gumboots........
I set up my stall along with a few others
There was laughter and chit chat and a warm welcome back from stall holders.

Shame the weather wasn't quite as welcoming.

The sun put in appearance and people ventured out, but when it was obvious more rain was on the way,
I packed up early and headed off to have a coffee and catchup  somewhere warm with fellow stall holder Sandy.

Still, I enjoyed my trip to Bright and what do they say?

'Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain' ......

The past week, we've had some very stormy weather and 4 inches of rain and during that time 3 calves were born.

Great timing girls!!

These little bundles of energy are such great time wasters.
I love watching them take their first wobbly steps, gaining confidence, learning to run and  playing together.....  

So the mayhem that ensues preparing for a market is over and I can relax for a bit.......
This week I will be packing away the sewing machine and giving my  sewing room a good tidy up as well as giving the garden a bit of a spruce up too

Then I will be packing my suit case and next week, I will be flying over to Canada to join hubby and son on the last leg of the tour ........

I will be there for the last 3 festivals in Canmore and Calgary Alberta. Then a gig in Kelowna and the last festival in
 Salmon Arm BC.....

So I am wondering if any of you Canadian bloggers or those who have travelled to these places have any suggestions on places to visit or things to do while we are there as the week will be free between festivals......

I'm looking forward to some Canadian hospitality, seeing some of your beautiful countryside and some warmer temps....but of course I will be missing out on some of our Winter!!

So what's going on in your neck of the woods?

Are you enjoying Summer or Winter weather?

Staying put or heading off on holidays?

Hope you have time to stop and say 'hi'.

Thanks for visiting and have a great week,

Take care,

Claire X


  1. If we waited for rain to stop just imagine all the things we could miss........ Plenty of rain here too and two new lambs to watch.
    Have a great time in Canada with your "Boys" will be looking forward to hearing all about your trip. X. Bob says have a great time too !


  3. So much goodness going on in your neck of the the stitching, calves and the rain load you have had.
    Have a fantastic trip...sounds like a fantastic time another part of the world for you to tick off....we have just returned from NZ.

  4. Oh Claire! I always admire your stitchery so much but that little woodland fellow is a masterpiece. He is bound to love it for ever. Looks like your weather is the same as ours and I can imagine how cold you must have been by coffee time. When you have time to post to your facebook page, I would love to buy a couple of needle books for pressies. No hurry, just getting organised for Christmas. I do admire your dedication to keeping up the manufacturing of your articles, very self disciplined, and I am going to try to emulate it.

    1. Hey Tanya, thanks for the lovely comment, but I'm afraid self discipline isn't one of my greatest traits, more like I can't stop creating, hehe......
      Yes it has been cold and there was a dusting of snow on the hills we overlook.......
      Have a great week and stay warm.......X

  5. You are flying to Calgary....I've been living there for 6 years as a little kid!!!
    Enjoy the places and your family, xxxxx ale

  6. Claire, You are so talented I think I would have bought up your whole stall. I am sure you have enjoyed your time alone but are now eager to join in with the menfolk and enjoy the festivals. have a wonderful trip.

  7. You have some very pretty new creations, I do like your needle cases and brooches. Isn't that Mistletoe bird amazing? It must take hours to find the things to make her nest. Hope you have a fabulous time in Canada. Betty

  8. Your brooches and dolls look beautiful Claire. You have been so busy! Have fun in Canada next week!!

    Madelief x

  9. Dearest Claire, you're work is truly amazing and those Woodlings are totally adorable. In fact, I love everything that you make so couldn't pick a clear favourite anytime soon! You'll never believe it, but the weather here has been properly Mediterranean - too hot for me, in fact, I've been keeping cool as much as possible but I don't want to strip off anymore clothes than I have to for fear of frightening the neighbours!
    Have a great time in Canada - hope we get to see you here in UK sometime
    (ps I'm soooo lucky to still have and use my Sweet Birdy Love needlecase and the quilting pins have just been used to block my latest hat. Our swap seems so long ago now, doesn't it?).

  10. Dear Claire, I was just awestruck by your sweet little Woodlings. You've a fine talent for creating such treats. The children (and adults) will fall in love with them on first sight.
    You've been very busy and Hooray for you turning up to the market in the rain. We went to the Paynesville one on the same weekend... to support the locals but it must have been cancelled as the field was bare. Oh well, can't blame them of course.
    Wonderful news that you are to join your family in Canada. Enjoy yourself and have lots of fun!
    Cheers now and thank you for bringing some warmth with your delightful Winter Post :D) xx

  11. Beautiful, beautiful stitching Claire and I'm loving the Australiana theme. Wishing you a very safe and enjoyable journey to Canada. Have a wonderful time.
    Anne xx

  12. Hi Claire, When you get over to Vancouver try and go to Granvile Market there are lot of crafts there. My cousin live there look at and you might find other markets.Tricia

    1. Hey Tricia, thanks for the tip about the market.......sounds good.
      Will do some googling and see what I can find out.
      Lovely to hear for you, have a great week,

      Claire x

  13. So many lovely things here, from cute stitched bunnies to calves.

    Have a wonderful time in Canada :)

  14. A melted chocolate river? Mmm... that would be something to dive into!

    Those calves are so cute.

    How exciting to be going to Canada, I hope you have a great time!

  15. You know, it's too bad I'm so behind on blog reading, because I would have gone and seen your son at Ottawa's Bluesfest!!! AUGH!!

    ANyway, I hope you have a great time over here. Lots of things to do out in BC and Alberta. Personally I love the natural beauty. In Vancouver, I love the Aquarium, Granville Market, Chinatown, and of course Stanley Park. If you are driving east from Vancouver at any point, stop off in Abbotsford (where I used to live, and hated! :) ) and go to Clayburn Village (the tiny oasis I lived in within Abbotsford, which was lovely) and have afternoon tea at the Clayburn Village Store/Tearoom:

    It is just about the only thing I miss from living in BC, apart from the wildlife and mountains. :)

    I'm trying to think of things that aren't the usual tourist draws. Manning Park is beautiful:

    Again, it's east of Vancouver, sort of on the way to Kelowna as I recall.

    Of course Banff and Jasper National Parks are always spectacular.

    Kelowna has a lot of excellent wineries if you are interested in that:

    And orchards! That whole area grows amazing fruit. You should be there at just the right time to take advantage of the harvest.

    Now Kelowna is about an hour and half's drive from Osoyoos. So worth the effort!

    I bet you didn't know Canada had a desert!!! I LOVED Osoyoos. I highly recommend the Nk'Mip Desert Cultural centre:

    You'll learn a lot about the desert and also about Aboriginal culture. As I recall, the Nk'Mip have a winery too!

    Anyway, a few things to get you going. Email me if you want more! :) I only spent a night in Canmore when we were moving back to ONtario from BC, so I can't give much advice there. There's lots to do in and around Calgary, though.

  16. PS If you are ever around Ottawa or MOntreal, let me know! I am smack in the middle of them and would love to meet you. If your son comes back, I will make a point of attending his concert!!

  17. PPS: I haven't been to Salmon Arm, but here's a website:

    Gordon was a treaty negotiator while we were living in BC and was fortunate enough to see many reserves, and experience so much Aboriginal culture. I LOVE BC Aboriginal art and jewellery. That's something worth looking at.

    Oh, and go here in Vancouver:

    Museum of Anthropology. Fantastic!

    Wait, there's more. This is a beautiful garden in downtown Van:

    Granville Island:

    And look what I found!


  18. More beautiful handcrafted cuties there, Claire! I'm in love with the "Woodlings".
    Have a wonderful time joining your family in Canada. The worst of our winter should be over when you return.

    1. Thanks Susan, the Woodlings have been a fun make, I'm enjoying making different versions of them too.
      I'm looking forward to Canada, on the countdown now. Not sure I want to miss any of Winter as I'm not a fan of the warmer months really, although I do love Spring.
      First Daffodil of the season bloomed today..........X

  19. Oh Claire, you are off on such an exciting adventure!! Some of those towns will have summer weather that isn't much warmer than your Australian winter, though. Be sure to have some long sleeves with you. When you are in Kelowna, you must see the Ogopogo. (legendary lake monster) And Canmore is right next to BAnff, so make time to see some of the beautiful lakes in Banff National Park (Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake, etc...) So much gorgeousness, you won't want to leave. I can't wait to see your pictures when you get back!!
    I would take birds nests, any day! Sorry your market got rained out. You had such beautiful stock! (And that river really does look like chocolate milk!)

    1. Also a blogger friend of mine just visited this historic ranch outside of Calgary. Looks interesting to me.

  20. Hi Claire
    I absolutely love your new work - especially the Woodlings, they are charming! I have been really slack about making and blogging but hoping to get back into it. Breaking myself back into it gently by catching up with my blog links - who knows I might even post something!
    Best Wishes


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