Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter's on it's way

Only two more days to go and then it's the Easter break, yahoo!!
The weatherhas that typical Autumn/Easter feel to it. Coolish mornings, dew on the ground, nice sunny days, the sky is a little bit hazy, no doubt there is burning off going on somewhere.
Evenings are cool enough for long sleeves and slippers, love this time of year, but of course rain would be most welcome.

We are not going on our usual Easter trip, but heading up to Canberra for a few days, No 1 son is playing at the National Folk Festival, very exciting and should be alot of fun. Great acts to see, great music to hear and a great time to be had by all.

Have to get busy and tidy up the house as my sister and her hubby will be house sitting and looking after the animals. Nice to have someone here while we are away, Tigger our ginger Tom misses his cuddles when no one is around.

I will be taking a bit of craft work with me, I have packed a bag with some crochet needles and wool as there will be hours sitting in the van sandwiched between Mr. G. and No1 son, so if there is a bit of room to move my arms, I hope to crochet some flowers and turn them into brooches to sell at my market stall.

When we get back I must get Mr. G. to show me how to upload photos , I feel it will be involved but everyone else seems to manage very well, so it's a new skill I must learn as I do have lots to show you and I am hoping someone will be interested!!

Stay well over Easter and if you are travelling take care (double demerit points apply) stop and have a power nap if you're tired. Don't overdo the chokky and y'all come back real soon now, y'hear

Bye for now

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