Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well, the weekend is almost upon us again and another music festival to attend. This time it's the Mt. Beauty Music festival, I am told that it's going to be cold up there on the weekend as this cold snap moves through the state.Everyone who knows me knows that I love winter and cold weather, any opportunity to dig out the gloves and a scarf and rug up!!

Had a fantastic time at the Canberra National Folk Festival at Easter. It's HUUUUUGE, if you are into people watching there's enough to keep you entertained without going to any of the concerts.

No 1 son, played 4 sets and had a great time and did very well in a couple of competitions, all in all an enjoyable weekend. There is alot of talent out there.

I have been sidetracked from my usual crafting and have caught the crochet bug, inspired by Fi at Marmaladerose and her gorgeous granny square blanket. I raced out to Spotlight and bought some Cleckheaton wool, fortunately it was on sale, but it still added up pretty fast!! Yes, it is addictive and if I don't crochet at least one square a night, something just isn't right!!

Back to Tafe tomorrow after a 2 week break for the holidays, a little confession I haven't done the homework I should have BUT at my age I am not and will not feel guilty. I will take responsibility for my actions and any consequences!!!

It's my wedding anniversary to Mr. G. tomorrow and No.1 son is 18 next week, amazing how time flies. I know this happens all the time and to make the most of every moment, but it still comes as a surprise.

No 1 son has made an outdoor fire pit using an old 44 gal drum, he cut a design in it using the angle grinder and it looks very effective when there's a fire burning. We just sat outside and had a bowl of pasta for tea whilst sitting around the fire, enjoying the stars better than anything on the TV.

Well, have a great weekend and take care and start digging out those winter woollies, it sounds like we are going to need them at long last, yahoo.

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