Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well what a wet, wintery weekend we have had, all up we have had 54mls of rain which in the old scale is 2 inches, yahoo. I have certainly been in my element, being a lover of cold weather!!

The Mt. Beauty Music Festival was on, so I spent Saturday up there with Mr G. and No.1 son who was performing at the festival. It was fresh and it rained on and off which wasn't the best weather for the market stall holders, but we do need the rain.

Despite the inclement weather I think everyone was enjoying the festival, so I hope it was a success. The boys will be home later this evening with news of how it all went.

The Autumn colour up there is stunning as usual, one of my favourite seasons, it's hard not to fall in love with the range of colours that decorate the trees. When we slow down and look around us there is beauty to be seen and it doesn't cost a cent!
When I came home yesterday afternoon I lit the wood heater and enjoyed watching the sky, the cloud formations and the colours were wonderful. Nothing beats listening to rain on the roof, watching it fall outside and being coccooned inside by the heater. I crocheted a few a couple of squares for my blanket, it's very relaxing and so enjoyable creating something that hopefully will be put to good use.

I have a secret to share, I actually went into town today and bought some more wool in totally different colours for another rug!! Am I mad or what ? I do wonder sometimes. The colours I bought are inspired by Autumn, burnt orange, cinnamon, soft gold, deep turquoise, red, they just cried out to be crocheted into a rug. I think I might try a different pattern, maybe a hexagonal shape inspired by Attic 24, check out her blog, she is a very clever lady.

Anyway, I better go and check the heater, put some soup on for dinner and try and decide which rug to work on tonight, the ironing will just have to wait!!

Hope you all had a good weekend, rug up and stay warm, winter is on it's way at long last!!

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