Friday, April 3, 2009

Is anybody out there?

If there's anybody out there and you may have just stumbled upon this by accident, any chance of leaving a comment, just to say "hi"!!

Well today was my second Friday at my Tafe course. Once again watching talented ladies work their "magic" with fabric, thread and dye made me want to disappear into oblivion, BUT I perservered and by early afternoon I had something happening with my little fabric sampler.
I had sandwiched together three pieces of fabric and then free hand machine embroidered a pattern taken from a drawing of some bark. Exciting stuff , stay tuned! then I cut through the two top layers of fabric to reveal the underneath and in so doing had 3 or 4 different colours coming through.

Not earth shattering stuff, but I could see where I was going and my sampler was saved from the rubbish bin and my dignity also.

Of course everyone is very encouraging, but when I got home and showed No1 son, his comment was a very enthusiastic " that's cool, i really like that mum" and that's when the shoulders straightened up, the chest was thrust out and I could really feel good about it.

Surprisingly, I trust his opinion more than most other people and if he thinks it's cool , then that's a big thumbs up in my book. Obviously, we are quite alike and share the same tastes in some things, but being a muso he's creative in his own way and is not mainstream in the way he sees some things, so it's interesting to hear his views on what I do.

We've just had a big thunder storm which dumped about 20 mls of rain in a short space of time. Fantastic to see the rain as it will top up our tanks and dam and give everything a good drink.
It was quite heavy and was blowing in under the door and at the window sills, but nothing compared to the poor folk on the Mid NSW coast.

Floods at one end of the country and bushfires at the other end, guess where they should be putting the pipeline!!

Well, school hols are on the way that means 2 weeks away from Tafe so I will have to do some homework, that will include a lino print and some other samplers, so I better get busy and get drawing, sewing and general crafting.

Hope to have some photos on my next post if we can find a simpler way of doing that.

Bye for now.

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