Sunday, February 14, 2010

It Won't Hurt A Bit I Promise!!

Scissors at the ready, will I won't I?!!
It didn't hurt a bit, honestly. Make sure you use doily's that haven't been handed down from your great great great grandmother! Can't remember where this one came from, but it does have some mildew marks on it. I should be able to get another cover out of the other end. The embroidery was lovely and I am more than happy with how the cover turned out.

Here it is front and back, once again using the fabric from the Butterfly Journal Cover. I thought it was a nice match with the embroidery.

Ah, Violets, "how could I " you ask, "quite easily" I reply. Love the colours, purple and green two of my favourites and throw in some polka dots and there you have it. Wasn't sure about all the blank space on the doily, but I decided to leave it alone and not muck about with it.

Two together, I think they look quite nice and certainly a different use for a doily. Instead of having them in a drawer being eaten by silverfish, or worse still completely forgotten, give them a new lease on life.
Thoughts please, do you like them or not, be honest now.

Aha, recognise the flower variety, I hope so!! Zinnias, I love them, the gorgeous colours they come in ,light up the garden in summer and it's soooo nice to cut a bunch and bring inside. "Earth laughs in flowers" is the quote.

Front and back view

For those living in the Northern Hemisphere where it's a little chilly at the moment, I thought you might like to see what 's happening in gardens down south. I hear your Spring is on the way, so be patient. All good things are worth waiting for. These are Belladonna Lillies or Naked Ladies, usually you see the pink variety but these are the white ones. They are veeeeeeeery special, dug up from my mum's garden after she passed away. She loved her garden and as we were going to sell her unit, I didn't' want everything to be lost if the new owner was a non gardener!
I dug them up and gave them a home in my garden, it has taken three years but finally they have flowered.
Haven't they put on a beautiful display, the perfume is divine and off to the right is "Curtsy Girl" also belonging to mum. Don't know if that's the correct name for her or just what mum referred to her as.

Mmmmmmm, delicious colours, so bright and clear. Love the yellow around the centre. Zinnias are so cheery and hardy, they make me feel happy and it's always a surprise to see what colour the first flower on the plant is going to be.

Oops, I clicked something and the photo has completely disappeared, so you will just have to take my word for it (hmmm, scratches head thoughtfully!)

Another cheery, happy flower, Sunflowers with the Zinnias in the background. These are a small variety of Sunflower but still lovely and the chooks love the seed heads if the sparrows leave any for them!

Speaking of chooks, my rooster and Mrs Rock were happy to pose for me unlike the other somewhat camera shy girls.

It has been awfully humid this past week, which is not the usual summer weather. It is usually a very dry heat here, but there were tropical type storms brewing, so what do you do, grab your didgeridoo and go outside and play it of course! You can see the storm off to the right, someone is already receiving a good downpour. Our air conditioner is now fixed, hooray. We are soft aren't we, but being a winter person, I dislike the heat and humidity.
Mind you I decided to clean windows during the week and the perspiration was just pouring off me. Once I get an idea and am in the mood it's better to go with it and get it done than to put it off .

We have just had another down pour this afternoon about 6pm. Down came the rain in buckets, the tank was overflowing , the garden certainly got a good watering which is fabulous. In about 10 minutes or so we received 10.5 mls. Nothing to compare with the downpour in Melbourne last week, but we are grateful for every drop.
So what does the coming week have in store? I am planning to make a crochet hook roll, to keep all my hooks in one place. I have nearly finished one wrist warmer/ sleeveless glove, (you choose) I am very happy with how it is coming along and have managed to do quite a few rows whilst waiting to upload all these photos to my blog!! No doubt there will be more book covers in store. I must hand sew some brooch backs onto some sweet little "Kombi " brooches. I think that's enough to keep me going for a while, don't you?
Whatever your week has in store for you I hope it's a good one and you find time to create something that makes you smile and your heart sing.

Chocolate cake does that for me every time!!
Until next time


  1. Chocolate cake... now you are talking! Thanks for your comment on my blog - it has been so encouraging to hear everyone's thoughts :-)

  2. I love the original use of the doilies! They are lovely.

  3. Your book covers turned out beautifully! You know i Love those violets... and of course the zinnias too, since I love everything about zinnia's! I think sitting out in the grass playing the didgeridoo is a very sensible thing to do on a hot evening. Except I don't have a didgeridoo, so I'll have to come up with some other idea before summer. :-)

  4. I feel your pain...just finished cutting up an antique doily for a custom couture apron. It did look lovely on the apron and now people will get to see it more ;-)

  5. Oh Claire, your book covers are stunning. I felt a bit weird cutting the doily I had crocheted in half but I love the way we can give them a new life. Enjoy the cake. X


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