Monday, February 1, 2010

Home Grown and Hand Made

Don't they look, nice and juicy and luscious? Our nectarine tree, the fruit is just about ripe. It's quite pretty to look at with all those rosy baubles hanging on it. The fruit is lovely and juicy and sweet and often is eaten straight from the tre. On really hot days it tastes as though they have been cooked, just need to add a scoop of icecream to them!

My recipe book has obviously seen better days, but was a Chrissy present from my parents when I was expecting No. 1 son. It's full to overflowing with recipes cut from magazines and newspapers. It has hand written recipes from
friends and family in it and needs to be held together with a rubber band.

It also contains sayings and quotes I have found over the years and want to remember, so where else would you put them? In a recipe book of course!!

Click on the picture to zoom in and read some of the quotes. Just for good measure I have stuck in one of Leunigs cartoons. For O/S readers, Leunig (Michael Leunig) is an Australian cartoonist and every Saturday one of his wonderful cartoons appears on the back of the A2 magazine in the Age newspaper. He is very, very clever, witty and sees humour in the most mundane things.

Does anyone have recipe books falling apart at the seams, that they can't bear to part with? Please tell me I am not the only one!!

Just to finish off a little crafty goodness. These "creatures" have been made from recycled materials .An Op shop woollen blanket and woollen jumpers that I have felted.
They are just little characters that came to life and
have that much loved and mended look about them.
They remind me of the soft toy that starts of as a brand new gift for a new baby and then
years of love and cuddles see them being patched,darned and even handed down to siblings as they are too special to discard.
It's interesting to watch people's reaction to them when I have my market stall. They either love them, or are not too sure about them. As they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

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  1. I cannot believe that nectarine tree.
    You are so lucky. Country cousin to peaches, but different, a little more tart. One of the things I miss most about an old house we used to live in is the peach tree I planted. I drove by not too long ago and it was loaded with dozens of ripe peaches!
    And yes, I have recipies stuck willy nilly everywhere..........

  2. Hi Claire,

    I haven't re-read any of the books yet but I do intend to and hope to read them to my nephew when he's a bit older too.

    First on my list to read is The Naughtiest Girl in the school - my favourite! I think once I'm in the flat I'm going to get so much more free time now I'll be coming in from work and not getting lost for hours chatting to my mum and I want to be more strike with my laptop usage!!

    Victoria xx


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