Saturday, January 30, 2010

Books, Birds, (Letter) Boxes!!

I have been working on some journal covers recently and enjoying the process, once I figured out what I was meant to be doing!!
As you know there has been a fair bit of "Kombi Love" going on around here, so of course a Kombi had to feature. I wasn't 100% percent happy with the finished product, as there was a lot of blank space around it but figured some flowers in the top left and bottom right corners would do the trick. Playing on the "Flower Power" theme of course, so that's yet to be done. Looks like the front left tyre has had a blow out but I think it's just a thread to be cut off.

Next of course there had to be a bird and I am more than happy with how this cover turned out . As it was my second cover, I was getting the hang of things. Love the colours the green and brown on the natural background are very striking.

Last but not least another favourite, this book is alot smaller than the other two and it just cried out for an Owl! Owls happen to be another favourite "thing" at the moment. For a long time I have tried a number of different owl designs and have never been happy with one up until now. I realise the branch doesn't stand out very well in the photo but in real life it seems find. particularly love his feathery tummy. Owls may have taken over from Kombi's for the moment!!

For some time I have been driving past groups of letter boxes and they have intrigued me no end. I love seeing them standing there waiting patiently for the postie to deliver something, whether it be a bill, letter or junk mail.
Going up to the letter box during the day is always a bit of an adventure, you never know if there will be something there or not. If there is will it be exciting, interesting or just rubbish.
I enjoy seeing the different receptacles people use
as letter boxes, whether it be a shop bought proper letter box, or an old oil drum that's been cleaned out and painted up, a plastic drum of some sort or just any old thing lying around that will keep the mail out of the weather.
Before computers they were our connection with
the outside world, family and friends. My letter
box, not only contains mail at times, but egg cartons and egg money from my neighbour, magazines friends pass on and numerous other things. I think at times the postie must get quite a surprise when she opens it to put something in there!!

I think people should use something in keeping with the countryside, something slightly weather beaten, to give it that rustic appeal . The little white letter box on the far right, looks so out of place in the country it belongs in a town, where they have concrete guttering, street lights and manicured lawns!

Standing like sentinels, looking a little worse for wear but still able to carry out their job. I particularly love the last four, so much character in the size, shape and colour. Times like this I wish I was an artist, I would get my paints out and do a series of country letterboxes paintings.

As you can see the countryside is quite brown, but there is a tinge of green here and there. We need some more rain and soon. It's a struggle to keep the water up to the garden and by the end of the day all the plants are looking very droopy
A big thankyou to Julie Whitmore for her blog posting tips, particularly the uploading of photos. Still struggling with text beside the right photo, but today I feel it has been 2 steps forward and half a step backwards. That's progress of some sort.
Thankyou for visiting and reading my 'wafflings'.
I hope you are well in your corner of the globe, till next time,
C x

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