Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekends Wrapup

It's been a mixed bag as regards to the weather here this weekend. Saturday was 37deg. warm and breezy, I eventually turned the air conditioning on to keep things cool inside the house.

Once the sun had gone down, it cooled off a bit and I could open windows and doors and let some air in.
Today has been quite breezy with a bit of a chill in the air. Went into town this morning as the local Lion's Club market was on. I usually have a stall but decided to take a break for a month or two during summer, also after Christmas things seem to slow down a bit, despite tourists being on holiday in the area. Twas nice to have a sleep in and not be rushing around packing tea cosies, cards etc. etc. etc.

I never thought to take my camera and snap a few shots, for you to see. The street outside the local primary school is closed off for the market and it's lined with large, oak trees either side, which is just lovely.
My boys have been away for the weekend down in Tassie, No 1 son was playing at a Folk Festival down there, so I had the place to myself!
Instead of tying"a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree", to welcome them home, I shall post a photo of some bunting blowing in the breeze whilst hanging on the clothesline!!
I made this back in Spring ,I love the red white and blue, seasidey feel to the fabric. No doubt you can tell it's Spring by how green the grass is and the Prunus Elvins (last tree on the right) is coming into bud. If you are not familiar with it, it has zillions of flowers which flower directly along the branches. The flowers actually outline all the branches so it is a maze of blossom, starts off white and deepens to pink as it ages, absolutely stunning. The flowers almost look like popcorn growing along the branches.

Hope you have had a good weekend wherever

you are and all the best for the coming week.

Thanks for stopping by, drop me a line to say "hi" it's always nice to catch up.

C x


  1. It seems so strange to look at all the green and all the blue when here it is so grey and white...what a lovely blog and hat lovely things you make...

  2. Hi Claire! Hey, I'm glad you posted about buntings. I have been wanting to ask someone about this. All the English and Australian bloggers seems to have buntings. ??? They are fun and colorful for sure. But you just don't see these in American homes. So I'm trying to figure out exactly what the bunting is all about. I am fascinated by these.

  3. Hi again Claire, thanks for your response.
    The reason you couldn't reach me was because the old blog address died... it's gone. In order to link to me again: my blog.
    2. then go to the top left menu where it says "follow"- open that up and click "Remove Follow". That will get rid of the bad old address that doesn't work anymore.
    3.Then, IF you want to be able to keep up with my blog and get my updates, go right back to that follow menu and click on "Follow" and you will be linked to the new blog address that does work.
    It takes less than 30 seconds.


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