Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last But Not Least

Just before we move on from tea cosies, I HAD to show you this little fella. I found it in an op shop and couldn't believe it. Being an owl lover I couldn't leave it there, after all they only wanted $1.oo for it. It's such a hoot (pardon the pun), I think it was the find of the day. It's very kitsch, but I just love it!!

Thought I would show you a few of the cards I make and sell when I have a stall at the local craft market.

Any small scraps of fabric can be used which means of course,I have great difficulty throwing anything away. Once again wonky lines are my trade mark and add a quirkiness to the card, it's definitely handmade. Being a chook lover, I had to make some and believe it or not, they are my best seller. Seems like there are alot of chook lovers out there besides me.

I used to cut words from old books and sew them onto the card, but now I have an old manual portable typewriter and can type up anything I want, which makes it a lot easier and quicker.

I quite enjoy making the cards as they are quick, easy and quite different from anything else around.

It's been a very warm day here 43deg. another three hot days on the way and then hopefully a cool change will come through. We are all doing our best to keep cool, poor old chooks aren't enjoying it but they have plenty of shade and water to get them through and the mornings are still relatively cool for a few hours.
Being a winter person, I just tell myself at the end of each day that it is "another day closer to winter!" For any UK readers who might drop by, our winters are nowhere near as severe as yours. Hope you are all managing to stay warm during the cold weather as it looks like there is more on the way according to our news report.
Wherever you are are in your corner of the globe I hope you are well, please drop by again or leave a comment, it's lovely to hear from you.


  1. Love the owl tea cosy.
    Thanks for popping by to my blog.
    I am a winter person too although I'm kind of tired of our snow....
    Liking your chicken cards too - you are very adept with your machine embroidery.

  2. The owl tea cozy is really cute! How could anyone pass up a bargain like that? You are so clever! I really like your little plaid chicken cards.

  3. Hi again Claire,
    To answer your questions, Yes I use my teacups all the time. Even if I am having a cup all by myself. How about you?
    I use both tea bags and loose tea. (I do put the loose tea in a little ball infuser before I put it in the pot, because I don't have a tea strainer. I saw a wonderful teapot at our local Irish import shop that has the tea strainer basket inside the pot. Have you seen those? I want to go back and get it. I think the beehive teapots have a similar basket on the inside.


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