Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stormy Weather

Well, it's storm central here. The start to the New year has been a very wet one we had 29.5 mls of rain NY Eve and last night we had a massive storm with the whole works, thunder lightning and heavy, heavy rain. When I checked the rain gauge this morning there was 38mls in it, yahoo, the tanks are overflowing but as we have been having fairly regularly rain that's not unusual.

I was home alone and boy did that thunder make me jump, particularly as it sounded as if it was directly over my bedroom!! The lightning was quite spectacular at times but as we seemed to be in the middle of it I didn't want to open the curtains up and watch, it's unpredictable and dangerous and I didn't even have the cat to hug for comfort!! He was safely tucked up in the garage for the night.

I am sure all the campers wouldn't have been too appreciative of the storm, but when you have only tank water every drop of rain is appreciated.

One thing I want to have a little whinge about is they guys from the Weather Bureau, particularly when they are on the Radio(ABC) tlaking about the weather. I was listening, Friday morning (Jan 1st) and this guy (Cameron someone) was talking about how warm and dry it was in WA,SA, and NT then he proceeded to say it's not so good in the over in the east as there are showers and rain all over the place.

Okay, let's just have a little looky here at this:-

No. 1 A fair whack of the country is in drought

No.2 It's bushfire season

Hmm, what does this tell you, the guys from the weather bureau don't actually think about what they are going to say before they say it, or they assume nobody likes rainy weather in summer!

Well, I love rain anytime of year, too bad if it interrupts my plans, I'll manage to deal with it but we desperately need it, hellooo!!

Of course having said all that, I realize that flooding and the damage caused by it is very traumatic and I have sympathy for anyone who is affected by it.

Well, that's my little whinge for the new year, if you would like to comment please do so and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Well I am very glad to hear you are getting some good rains! After the dreadful fires in Victoria last year, nothing could be better news.


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