Saturday, January 9, 2010

One more tea cosy!

Another day, another post, so far so good, getting the hang of posting WITH photos very, very slowly. If I wore a hat I would take it off to all bloggers who post regularly. I guess like anything it will just take time.
Just wanted to show you another tea cosy, which now that I am having a good look at the photo, it does appear somewhat wonky in shape and yes I realise the "writing" on the reverse side is too far over on the right and is heading up hill, but nonetheless, it's obviously handmade and I just love it.
Once again I have used hot pink, seems to be a favourite, although being a read head it's a colour I wouldn't wear. I found a lovely green lambswool jumper at the op shop and felted it. It was lovely and soft and it was very difficult to actually make the first cut into it. But once that was done I was fine! I used the pink and white polka dot cotton to line it and then played around with some other felted wool scraps to make some flowers, roses if you like. I cut three shapes from the scraps moved them around till I was happy with their position and then machine embroidered them, "free hand" style. I was quite pleased with the way they turned out and the effect created.
Once again I thought up a short verse to embroidery on the reverse and it reads " A garden full of roses is enjoyed more when shared with a friend. Much like a pot of tea.
It turned out to be my favourite tea cosy depsite it's slightly wonky appearance, but someone at the market had their eye on it and so it went to a new home, where it would be used and enjoyed.
Fortunately, the green jumper was a reasonable size and so from the sleeves I made some recycled arm warmers and there is still a bit of the "fabric" yet to be put to use .
Well that's it for tea cosies, I have made others but unfortunately didn't take photos at the time and they are now sold.
No need for a tea cosy this weekend as it's hot enough , 42 deg. Hope you are warm and cosy if it's winter in your corner of the globe and staying cool if you are experiencing this heatwave.


  1. Hi! I love the tea cosy, it is gorgeous but you are right, its a bit hot to need one this weekend, or infact for tea at all. I've only been blogging for 6 months and in the beginning I just couldn't do it and then it would take me so long to get the spacing and text right but now I have a formula and I stick to it and its pretty easy. I think you are doing great.

  2. Kate thanks for the support, any suggestions or tips greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for stopping by. Lets hope the cool change comes through earlier than predicted.


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