Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time To Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

Well after 4 days of very hot weather, we have had a cool change come through, which is absolutely lovely.

We had half an hour of reasonably heavy rain which cooled everything off and gave the garden bit of a drink and will save me from watering for a day or so.

A couple of pics here of my girls. Top picture is of Mrs Rock (Plymouth Rock- black and white chook) Dorothy ( Dorking to her right, greyish chook) and our very handsome rooster, he's a Wellsummer and has the most colourful plummage. They are having an outing, in the orchard and enjoying the shade under the plum tree. It's quite amusing watching them move into a new area, as they go running after grasshoppers and it can look quite comical at times.

Here is a better picture of Dorothy, when I first bought her I was a little disappointed with her colouring as I was expecting something quite different, but on closer inspection, realised that she is indeed a very stylish lass. Although her feathers are grey and her chest is a coppery gold she has very fine markings and is really quite stunning in an understated way. She isn't out there shouting to the world "look at me"

Now that the heat has disappeared for a few days, we have something else to contend with. Another of summers unwelcome visitors - yes, you guessed it - a snake!! No 1 son was out at the vegie garden yesterday and heard a sound like a hose being dragged through the grass, he turned to see a brown snake slithering off into the rhubarb plant. The first time we have had a snake in the house paddock since we built 8 years ago, so not bad going.

Will have to wear boots and stomp very loudly so it can hear me coming and DISAPPEAR!!

This is our elephant garlic which is ready to be lifted, I love the flowers as they are so architecturally pleasing. The flowers have all dried off but they were a deep mauve . I actually cut some to put in the entry as I couldn't find anything else in the garden in flower at the time. They are still there 2 months later and have still reatined some of their colour. The entry smelt of garlic for a couple of hours after picking them!!

Fortunately, for visitors my roses are now in bloom!!

Struggling to get text in correct position with photos, so please excuse me, I still have my "L" plates on!!

Hope all is well with you - till next time.


  1. Your chickens (and rooster) are very lovely indeed! It must be uncomfortable to have to wear boots in the summer, but if it keeps you from a snake bite, then they are great!

  2. Beutiful chickens! Thank you for the nice comment on my blog! I wish you a really good and creative 2010!


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