Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'ts play time

Okay, I am posting this in such a topsy, turvy manner tonight, please forgive me, I have uploaded the same photo 3 times, would you believe. Managed to delete it but have got the order higgeldy piggeldy, but we shall soldier on, forward into the fray and follow on behind.

Here is one side of a heart I have made, yet to be filled, I love the raw, natural look of linen , the two little hearts off to the right, need to be bigger next time. I cut away the linen to reveal a floral cotton beneath. I love how well the safety pin turned out and I am using them quite a bit in my work now.

There's a wee bit of Kombi love going on here as well. The van on the right was my first attempt and I was reasonably happy with it. No. 1 son thought it was cool and let me sew it onto an old pair of school shorts.

They were a blank canvas and needed some decorating. So roughly zigzagged edges of different sized stitching seemed to fit the bill.

I also stitched a "saying" I found on the net, it read "music washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul", (that's from memory, so I hope it's correct!)

As he is a muso I thought that was quite appropriate and he thought it was "cool", so that was a big tick of approval. The kombi on the left is the improved version , there's a bit of flower power happening.
It will end up on a card with a little slogan typed up and sewn on. Isn't it funny how once you start thinking about something in this instance, Kombis, you suddenly start seeing that very thing alot more?
Here is the other side of the heart which reads" Love fails only when we fail to Love" Hmm. Once again FH machine embroidery and I cut away the floral fabric to reveal the linen beneath.

After reading Viv's blog over at Hensteeth and being inspired by her wonderful work, I felt the need to sew a heart, after all it is valentine's day next month.
It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I have recently discovered a new "love" !! Raw, rough, uneven edges, yes, you read it correctly.
Rip the fabric if you can, use blunt scissors to cut it to achieve the rough edged effect. Then delicate freehand machine embroidery with swirls.
I love the Scandinavian look of red against linen. This used to be a pair of linen drawstring pants I bought them from the op shop and a little bit of fabric can go a long way, as I use small pieces for my cards. This heart is just a little sample, a bit of playing about on the machine to see what I could come up with.

Well, that's what I have been up to here, the weather has cooled down, which makes life alot more enjoyable and you don't feel like you are melting!
Having trouble formatting photos and text, any suggestions or tips, greatly appreciated.

Till next time,


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  1. Hi Claire. I too love unfinished,raw edges and this work of yours is delightful! Thanks so much for the visit too!


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