Friday, January 29, 2010

Brooches, books and births!

The 'Kombi Love' continues to make it's prescence felt here at 'Sweet Birdy Love" blog.

Just a small sample of Kombi's waiting on the production line to be assembled. The orange Kombi in the top left corner is ready to roll off the assembly line once it gets it's brooch backing hand sewn on (not a job I enjoy). They are all on an angle, no it is not your eyesight, so put the phone down , cancel your appointment with the Optometrist!! At the mo my favourite is the finished orange one, but I have sewn up a red one just using red thread and not fabric and I think it has taken over the No. 1 spot.

Recently I found this lovely book in an Op shop and paid the princely sum of 30 cents for it. I was intrigued by the cover the lovely apple green and the delightful picture sucked me right in. It's a lovely story about a couple living in the country and it goes through the seasons and what happens in the garden. It is a true but not a historical story. I have thoroughly enjoyed it as these sort of books appeal to me . They are written in a time when life was centred around the seasons and society wasn't as fast paced as it is today.

The black and white pictures remind me of wood block prints, whether they are or not I wouldn't know , but they are very refreshing and quite appropriate for the story. There is quite alot of detail in them so if they are a block print then alot of time would have been spent on them

We have had a birth in the household and not just one birth but a multiple in fact probably close to 100 babies, were born last Saturday, intrigued? Read on - approx 3 weeks ago a Praying Mantis left an egg sac on the window screen of our living room. Initially I was going to remove it and then I thought why not leave it and just see what happens.

Last Saturday No. 1 Son called me into the living room to witness close to or possibly more than 100 baby Praying Mantii/Mantises?!! coming out of the egg sac. They were so small about the size of my little finger nail and perfectly formed. They hung around for a couple of hours and then started moving off in all directions. I didn't follow them to see where they ended up, no doubt some of them have become meals for spiders or birds but without doubt alot of them have made it into the wide blue yonder.
I have been busy working on some journal covers, which are coming along nicely , so pop back soon and I will be able to show you what I have been making.
By the way if anyone would like to enlighten me as to how I can get pictures in the right order and to stay put, I would be very grateful. I am still struggling to post a blog with which I am happy. Uploading photos and getting them in the correct position seems to be my biggest problem at the mo, I wonder how other bloggers centre their photos on the page? Anyway, I shall keep blogging away and maybe one day I shall unlock the door to posting success.
Thanks for dropping by, until next time.
C x


  1. Gorgeous book! Yes, they look like wood engravings to me, with the fine detail. Fascinated to see the praying mantis babies.

  2. It is a charming book, with so much depth in those illustrations. yes, i think woodblocks too.
    Now posting: I always enter my pictures first.
    Last pictures first and end with the one you want placed at the top of post. I center the pictures. Then I enter the text under each picture.

  3. Hi Gretel and Julie, thanks for visiting. The book really is a little treasure and the pictures have alot to look at in them. My wrists are aching just thinking of all the work in carving out the wood block!!
    The Praying Mantis babies, were just sooo cute and I was quite fascinated by the whole process, no doubt I will be seeing a few adults around the place in the coming months. Glad they weren't spiders!!
    Thanks for the blog advice Julie, I shall give it a burl. Funny thing is when I composea post, then preview it they are both totally different. Must be Gremlins in the system!!


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