Friday, February 5, 2010

It's raining ,it's pouring!!

Another book cover, this time butterflies and a quote by Hans Christian Anderson. ' Just living is not enough' said the butterfly 'One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower'. I love the vintage look of the patterned fabric.

I found some lovely doily's at an Op shop. Two have brightly crocheted edges around them, which is unusual, so they came home with me of course. I would like to incorporate them in a book cover and will be working on them this weekend.

Not much flowering in the garden at the moment, so I decided to use some Agapanthus heads now that the flowers have finished. I just love the limey greenness of them and in the red enamel jug the colours just 'sing'. I will have them for a number of weeks, they will dry out and turn golden in colour and take on a totally different look.

The nectarines are fruiting and are lovely , sweet and juicy. The tomatoes are bearing well and the green tomato on the top is actually ripe, being a green variety. I know, it just doesn't look right, but it tastes as good as the red tomatoes.

We had a huge storm last night which dumped 38.5 mls of rain, which is just wonderful. leading up to the storm were some wonderful cloud formations and fronts. This photo is slightly darker than how it actually was at the time, but the band of dark cloud was so striking we knew we were going to get something out of it. Have never heard such loud thunder it went on for hours.

As the rain was falling No 1 son was out filling buckets as the tank overflowed. He was pouring it onto the parched ground in the shrubbery to make sure all the plants got a decent drink. He needn't have worried, all the plants ended up receiving a good watering, we won't have to water for a few days now.
The weeks are flying by at a pace, hope yours has been a good week.
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  1. really pretty cover & a charming quote,love that fabric! Those doileys are very pretty-I have a vast collection,some too lovely to cut as there is so much work in them! Lovely to see your harvest-Spring should start peeping at us here soon but for now it is still very chilly!Enjoy your weekend....

  2. Thanks Shevie, I am really enjoying making these book/journal covers. I'm not sure how I will go using doileys and having to cut them up, but I have some ideas I would really like to try, so I shall just have to be brave!! Sending Warm wishes your way.

  3. Ah, different ends of the world that we live in, here are you harvesting tomatos, here am I thinking about sowing them...

  4. Hi Claire,
    Thanks so much for your kind comment.
    Lovely to see your stitched book cover,it looks great.
    You have an amazing view from your window!

  5. That is an utterly wonderful book cover!

  6. Your butterfly book cover is so pretty. You are so talented to be able to stitch-write. Can't wait to see what you make with the embroidered doilies. I really like the one with the violets. I bet all your plants are happy to have a good ground soaking rain.

  7. Wow, thankyou all for dropping by and leaving such lovely comments. Sharing the things you make and having others enjoy them too is obviously part of the joy of blogging (despite the text being all over the shop, I'm working on that one!)The rain has made everything seem so fresh and alive, including me, after the heat and some humid weather. Enjoy your weekend and happy sewing, painting, felting, ...... creating.

    Claire X

  8. thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I LOVE the doilies...they would look great on one of my aprons ;-)

  9. to be able to eat your own home grown nectarines...
    Lovely notebook cover.

  10. That book cover is beautiful. The butterflies are gorgeous. Those doilies are lovely, I wonder if you will be brave enough to cut them up.

  11. Hi again, sorry your AC went out in the middle of your hot summer! Heat and high humidity is no fun! I really would like to have perfectly comfortable weather... just cool/warm enough that you can wear a short sleeved t-shirt during the day and want a light sweater to cover your arms in the evenings. I sure am looking forward to zinnias again this summer!

  12. Hello Claire,
    I can't believe I've not visited before now! The book cover is beautiful, I have the very same floral fabric. I'm very inspired by your machine embroidery.
    As for the sofa covers, I've decided that my fabrics aren't right. I'm not quite sure why, but I do know that if I'm to put all that effort into making covers, I have to like it more than I do. Sneaky dog is now sleeping up on the landing on a night, so she can't get into the kitchen and get to the sofa. So at the moment I don't really need to cover it up. I might use the hexagon patchwork that I'm working on to cover the seat when it's finished. Thanks for asking though.

    Fi x

  13. looks like fun out there in the rain! Here we have heaps of snow!! I LOVE that HCA quote at the beginning, I must write that down! Hugs, Catherine x


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