Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seeing spots of the nicest variety (of course!)

Hello there, I am back after being away for far too long. I didn't realise quite how long until I took a good look at last posts date, tut, tut, not good enough I say. I was intending to blog regularly, that was a secret New Years Resolution!!

Yes, you are seeing spots. An order for the local Art and Craft gallery, had me whipping up some egg cosies. I surprised myself how quickly I got them put together, thought I better make a few extra for a market stall I am having this Saturday.

If anyone is in the Beechworth area (North East Victoria) there will be a market, albeit a rather small one held in the Buffalo Hall in the main street from 10am till 4pm. I will be there selling my wares.

A bit of speed sewing needed between now and then as I was sure they didn't have enough stallholders so presumed it was a 'non starter'. Of course that's always the way isn't it? Now I shall have to focus, organize, prioritise, and any other 'ise' I can think of , in order to be ready.

Always leave things to the last minute and always come through, huffing and puffing and promising to be organised next time, ha!!!!

The saying on the back is :- Buttery toast soldiers for dipping. I love eggs, yummmmm.

Here they are all sewn up and ready to go.
Do you think of chocolate when you look at them? I do.

Had to share with you some of my very favourite egg cups, actually it's practically all of my egg cups.
The yellow one in the middle is from my childhood, I love the bright ,cheery colours and the basket weave look. I remember my eldest sister always seemed to use it when we had boiled eggs for tea, but somehow I ended up with it. I think I am the more sentimental of the two of us, but don't tell her I said that .
The Jemima Puddleduck one is very cute, I bought one for a friend who had just had a little girl. I thought it was a present with a difference, then I realized how much I liked it and had to track down another one for myself.

The little one on the left is another childhood favourite, it's Wilton china and last but not least, the crazily painted one in the middle, my son painted when he was about 5 years old. Thought it would be a nice activity one afternoon he wasn't particularly keen so I had to help him out.

Another zinnia from the garden this is specially for Gayle of Garden of Daisies as I know she loves them. They have given me such enjoyment over the last couple of months. Who would think that out of one tiny seed could come such amazing colour and beauty.

Here are the sunflowers I up loaded last post but somehow deleted in the blink of any eye.
You can see a couple of bees buzzing around doing what bees do best.
Love the hum of bees on a summers day. We have quite a bit of lavender along the path and when it's in bloom, those busy little bees come from all directions to harvest the pollen.

We went down to Gippsland last weekend No1 son was playing at a Blues Festival in Bruthen. We travelled over Mt. Hotham which was a first for me. No 1 son drove 'L' plates and all.
We had a lovely time in Bruthen and heading home on Sunday we hit a storm, but the time we got to the top of Mt. Hotham the temp. was down to 14 deg. Stopped at a look out and it was absolutely freezing and sooo windy, but the view was spectacular,- cloud covered mountain tops

Felt like we were on top of the world.

You can see how windy it was . No 1 son and his mane of hair were getting buffeted by it. Not exactly dressed for the cold, but you know what teenagers are like!!!

Okay, time to plug in the trusty old machine and get an hours sewing done before bed (yeah right!)
Hope you are all well in your little corner of the globe.
Please leave a comment to let me know you popped by for a visit. Love to hear from all of you.
Take care until next time ( hopefully sooner than later!!)
Claire X


  1. Thank you for the gorgeous zinnia!! Yes, I really do love those! Your sunflowers are beautiful too! Your egg cups are so cute and the little cozy's are very nice and I bet will sell very well at the craft fair. The views up on the mountain are gorgeous! Is this "Man From Snowy River" country?

  2. Hello, those are such great egg cozies, and number one son has beautiful hair.
    Thanks to you I have received and am now reading my very first. Marion Cran book,
    The Joy of the Ground. I am smitten, its wonderful, thanks so very much

  3. I prety much think of chocolate when I look at anything really

    Spotty egg cozies...MAGNIFICENT...as is No.1 son's barnet! x;)
    Have fab week and save me a lump of sponge!!!


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