Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Early Morning Wakeup - 5.57 am Precisely

Yes, it was a very early morning start this morning.

I was awake there was no going back to sleep so I dragged myself out of a nice warm bed, threw on some clothes and went out to feed the chooks.

WOW, what a gorgeous morning. There was a mist rising and moving across the dam, the rosy glow of the sun rising up behind the mountains.
Bird song, it was like a choir singing. There were Magpies warbling off in the distance, Willy Wagtails chattering, Sparrows chittering, Parrots with their beautiful, high pitched sing songy call. Crows cawing and other unidentified feather friends adding their voice to the dawn chorus.

The sparrows had been up a long time, but the cows were still lying on the ground , their backs covered in dew, mist rising from their bodies warming in the light of day.

It was great to be up and see all this.

How did your morning start? Tell me what goes on in your little corner of the globe I would love to hear about it.

Polka dots are still the flavour of the month here and chocolate cake has never gone out of fashion I can assure you.
The latest book cover, rolling off the production line for a market next month.
Had a lot of fun making this, so without doubt there will be quite a few more in the coming weeks.

Front and back view.
Inside it is lined with white fabric.

Of course there has to be bunting, it's just sooooooo Spring.
I made a quick trip to Spotlight last week and rolls of pink and green polka dot fabric just jumped into my arms, honest. You all know how it is!
There is still more to be made in different colour ways. It's so easy to cut, sew, press and voila. Well, actually there is quite a bit more to it than that!

The little birdy cushion hanging from the door is from www.mimiloveforever.blogspot.com. If you have never visited her blog, head on over there, she is one, clever and creative lady.
Hey, not just yet, I have more things to show you !!!!

Check this out, isn't it one of the cutest bird houses you have seen. My boys bought it back from their weekend away at The Turning Wave Festival in Gundagai. No. 1 spotted it at the market and knew it was just 'me'. It's made of recycled timber and has lovely rusted iron on it, plus twigs and seed pods nailed to it for added interest.
I'm thinking it may be a teeny, tiny bit small for some of the parrots here, but I have hung it up in the 'Wild Wood' out the front where the parrots seem to visit and hope it's not too long before they are sampling the lovely seed I have left out for them.
I could almost see a little swag of bunting out the front. I am sure that would attract their attention.....................
Without doubt it would convince Mr. SBL that I have truly lost the plot!!
Made by the Eumundi Bird House Co., it certainly has alot of character.

The local market was on here Sunday morning. I didn't have a stall. As I hinted in my last post, the creative drive seemed to have come to a dead end, so I decided I would have a little lie in Sunday morning and head on in later as a customer.
I picked up this lovely pot of Daffodils for $3.50 , bargain. They are called Shirley Anne and have a beautiful delicate salmon pink ruffled cup.
It's seems as if I am becoming a collector of Daffodils......................

Yesterday, being such a glorious Spring day No. 1 and I decided to head to the waterhole for a picnic lunch. We drove the van down and along with two handsome looking ducks ( I assume they are fellas!) a black swan, which is a rare visitor to these parts and a couple of people trying their luck at fishing - we were the only ones there!
The water level has come right up with the recent rains. There used to be a 3 metre sandy beach behind those ducks now the water reached almost up to the picnic table.
It's lovely to see it looking so full.
I can see a few more picnics being had at this lovely spot, can't you?

Shall leave you with this photo of Tig. What can I say about it? Don't you envy him, being able to sleep anywhere and anytime.
He's totally oblivious to everyone and everything, how nice! Just hope he's oblivious to my new bird feeder.........................

Well, it's time to plug the sewing machine in and whip up some more bunting and book covers. I hope your day has something lovely in store for you.
Thanks so much for dropping by, always lovely to hear from you, so if you have a spare minute or two leave a comment and say "hi".

Till next time,
Take care,
Claire X


  1. Lovely Day to you Claire !
    Ha - I knew you couldn't forget your garden - a pot of Daffies is just the start :)
    And yes micro bunting for your new birdhouse - what good lads to bring such a thoughtful present home.
    Hope you find a comfy spot like Tig for an afternoon "rest" from the sewing machine.
    Have a great week !
    thanks for visiting this morning :)

  2. Hiya Claire - can't sleep - tummy too full :)
    I forgot to say this morning how great your book cover looks - what a grand idea - and more stunning emboidery !
    Hope your next market goes well - the locals are very lucky to have you !

  3. Hi Claire, love your birdhouse and your bunting.
    The weather here is really warm, we are having an indian summer. We have the autunm equinox on thusday so I'm making the most of the sunshine and warm temps ( 22 degrees forcast for tomorrow) before the rain and cold sets in :0(
    Jacquie x
    P.s. love your cat !

  4. I love waking up before the sunrise..it is so quiet and peaceful. It is a very internal time for me. Love you daffs and Tigger always makes me smile.

    Janet xox

  5. PS...............adore the rustic birdhouse!!!

  6. Beautiful bookcover!! A great way to look at birthdays too! I thought it might of been your birthday for a moment...I did the market this saturday and I think I'm still recovering from it,lol. I actually managed to get sunburnt, weird 'cos in the morning it was raining and cold then all of a sudden quite warm...typical Tassie weather:)
    What thoughtful boys to bring you home that gorgeous birdhouse! I wonder if Tig will be able to resist it's charms...or the birdies his, he's so cute!!:)


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