Friday, September 10, 2010

The Jury Is In

It's official, I love owls.
Not sure what it is about them that is so appealing, but they've got the X Factor......................
A little bit of stitching took place today. An idea that had been brewing and bubbling away for quite some time was put into action. Above is the back view, which can be as interesting as the front sometimes.
The black and white is quite effective don't you think?

Ta dah..... the front. Click on the photo to enlarge.
I am reasonably happy with how it turned out, but I think there is something missing, not quite sure what.
Next time I make one I will change it slightly maybe make the owls bigger...........
Any thoughts, ideas, tips are always appreciated.
I had fun making it and that's always a good thing.

Another little stitchy piece I came up with last night, love the nautical look.
The stripey background fabric was hastily put in behind the picture so I could take a photo and is slightly wonky but that will all be sorted before it's ready for sail !!

I get the feeling that there are a few more of these fabric pictures to be made somehow before I move on to the next idea.

Today has been a real mixed basket weather wise. Its typical Spring....changeable. One minute it's raining cats and dogs and then sunny as then back to showers, windy and then the sun's out.
I stayed inside in my 'cocoon' enjoying the 'show' In the great room (kitchen, living ,dining area) we have glass on the north and south sides so you get a wonderful view of the mountains and the garden and paddock.
Couldn't resist this photo, love the contrast in the colour of the clouds and just outside the photo to the left was blue sky................

This photo shows our dam and how full it is now after almost 5 inches of rain in the last week. We moved here in 2002 and it was probably fuller than it is now, but over the ensuing years it has dropped considerably. We only use it for the vegie garden, orchard and my shrubbery. We haven't put a proper lawn in so we never used the watering system we put in. Each Winter the rain has been decreasing due to the drought so it has never filled up, BUT this year is different.
It's soooooooooo nice to look out the window and see it filling up. I think it's safe to say the drought is officially over.
To the left of the photo is my Prunus Elvins, the buds are just starting to pop open. It's a beautiful tree and in a week or so will be covered with squillions of pale pink blossom deepening in colour over time. The flowers line every branch and twig and look like coloured popcorn. It's very showy, you wouldn't think so to look at it now, but pop back in a week or so and I will post another photo.

These beautiful Daffodils are from a dear friends garden. They remind me of lemon meringue pie , the lovely yellow filling and the meringue topping, mmmmmmmm. Is your mouth watering yet?

The girls found something very tasty in the 'lawn' when I let them out this week. Not sure what but usually they scurry off to the shrubbery and spread mulch everywhere. They have been leading me a merry dance when I try and shoo them back to their enclosure. My 'new' chooks have decided it's fun to play chook chasey, with me being quite an unwilling participant. So armed with long branches I can be seen running wildly around the yard trying to herd them back to their run in one go.

Tigger has decided that when I am on the computer he needs to be right there in front of me, not wanting to be left out............
He is good company when the boys are away, but there are times when.........
It's been a quiet week here in the Sweet Birdy Love household.
My boys have been interstate where the sun is shining and the temperature is a good ten degrees warmer.
No, I am not at all envious, the warm weather will eventually head this way.
I had grand plans to get on and sew my little heart out, but they have been thwarted by things to do and people to visit. A little bit of stitching has taken place, enough to keep me happy at least. There are threads over the floor along with little scraps of fabric and designs hastily jotted down from ideas that keep popping into my head.
It's been a good week if not as productive as I had hoped !
I hope you have all had a good productive week wherever you are.
Thankyou for dropping by, I would love to hear what you have been up to if you would like to leave a comment.
Until next time, take care and have a fab weekend,
Claire X


  1. Oh Claire..I love your little stitched creative! Keep those aAssie scenery photos coming..we are heading into Fall here in Virginia. The mornings are cool and crisp...I love it!
    The 'chooks' and Tigger make me smile yes, the daffs do look like lemon meringue I'm hungry ;-(

    Another great post......Is that a vintage Huck Finn book I spotted on the buffet????

    Janet xox

    Have a wonderful weekend in your cocoon ;-)

  2. Hi Claire, love your embroidered pictures!!
    The owls are my fave. Maybe a frame with a mount would add something, but your design is perfect :0)
    Love the pictures of spring. You have an amazing view from your garden.
    Jacquie x

  3. LOVE the owls!
    The stitched pictures are fabulous.
    I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

  4. um...did someone mention lemon meringue? (That's fruit n eggs so that's like bordering on health food innit?)

    You have last!! x;0)


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