Monday, September 6, 2010

To Market, To Market

So I packed the Austin Healey and headed off on my weekend adventure!

No, that's not quite true, my personal maid packed the car.

Oh, all right, I packed the car but not the above pocket rocket, the good old Holden.

I headed off on Friday morning and the further I got the gloomier it grew, hmmm, not looking too good.

The weather forecast was for loads of rain across the State and most of it falling in my corner of the globe.................

Anyway, I headed off full of excitement that goes with having an adventure.

I stopped in every little town I passed through and visited their Op shop hoping to find buried treasure. The first town I stopped in was Broadford and their Op shop was SHUT ON A FRIDAY.

Now, what's that all about? And it looked like the style Nazis had been there as well.......

My preferred Op shop doesn't look like an upmarket boutique.

My preferred Op shop is a bit jumbly with shelves and racks overflowing with 'things' .

I mean where is the thrill of the find if it's displayed on the wall with matching this and complimentary that.

You need to rummage and search and dig deep to find your treasure, well I do!

Saturday was wet, see above picture!

Main street of Daylesford mid afternoon, before the power blackout!!
I came prepared, you know how much I love this sort of weather (As long as you are prepared) but I managed to leave my umbrella back at my accommodation!

Grey and gloomy, but there were still plenty of people out and about.
There was a power blackout around 3pm! just as I was feeling the need for a coffee, hmmmmmmmm, bad timing.

The rain was very heavy and the friends I was spending the weekend with took me for a drive to see how much rain had fallen. This is the overflow from Daylesford Lake, a couple of days earlier it had been little more than a trickle.
There was a torrent of water gushing down the hillside, I felt a little nervous standing there watching it, such a powerful force.

In between showers I managed to take a couple of pics of local residences that appealed to me.
Love the blue and white of this little cottage

Not sure of the history of this one, but it has a school house/ church look about it, very cute and they certainly would've appreciated having a wood heater this weekend!

Now where are we?

Italy perhaps!

No, still in Australia.
Daylesford has quite diverse architecture, once you start looking
I could have taken 100's of photos but it was a bit too wet and I didn't want to bore you (too much!)
I used to holiday at my aunt and uncles farm many (more than I care to remember!) years ago , so I am quite familiar with it. But there have been many, many changes over the years .
I attended the Makers Market on Saturday morning, oneof the reasons for my visit. Due to the rain only half the number of usual stall holders were there, which was a bit of a shame, but I do understand.
There were some fabulous, clever, crafty people there, displaying their goods and I was very impressed.
I did feel a bit self conscious about taking photos just in case they thought I was some sort of 'Craft Spy' so I left my camera in the depths of my bag. Here's a link to their website if you want to check it out
I had a lovely weekend, despite the weather and lack of buried treasure! Thanks to the lovely, wood heater where I was staying, we had heat, a warm dinner, a cuppa and some nice mood lighting during the blackout.
A lesson learnt that I would like to share:- if you don't have candles get to the shop quicksmart before they sell out, as birthday candles really don't last very long at all !!
All up 80mls of rain fell in Daylesford, so it was quite damp.

I stopped at the Hepburn Springs General Store on Sunday morning for a bit of a look. It has all sorts of bits and pieces in it and I found this saying on a blackboard, click on the photo to enlarge. Next time you are planting vegies in the garden, you might consider some of the above . I thought it very clever and quite thought provoking.

I also picked up a couple of loaves of bread that they have baked one of them being Polenta and Pumpkin.

Made the mistake of cutting it when I got home and of course then I had to toast it and eat it ................
What else was I to do.
My little adventure has come to an end, it's nice to be home, by my own heater, toasty and warm (sorry 'bout the pun)

Whilst I was away alot of rain fell here. There was 117 mls in my rain gauge and there are floods nearby, I would venture to say that the drought may very well be over!
If you would like to check out some photos here's a link to the local newspaper
I know two furry little people that were very happy to see me after being locked out of 'their' house all weekend.
If you received some of this torrential rain I hope you are safe and dry. I certainly feel for those folk who had flood water running through their homes and hope that things can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

I hope you all had a good weekend and maybe even an adventure or two. Thanks for stopping by, if you have time to leave a comment, I would love to hear form you.
Have a great week, till next time,
Claire X


  1. Sounds like you had a great time despite not finding any charity shop booty. I'm with you - I like my charity shops to be an adventure:)

  2. I know exaactly what you mean about charity shops, most of ours have been *improved* (which means silly prices for tat and nothing interesting) and they usually are dull. But I did enjoy sharing the architecture, what a variety!

  3. Thanks for the mini vacation Claire! I loved your little houses, especially the little schoolhouse/ quaint! I agree about the thrift shops. Usually the messier the better chance of finding something really special.
    I could almost feel the toastiness of your wood stove and your cuppa.
    On another note...that bread has my mouth watering!!!!! Polenta and Pumpkin!!!! What a fabulous combo.
    All in all it looks like you had a lovely adventure. Thanks for bringing us along.
    It was Labor Day for us here in the USA...I labored over beautiful zippered pouches. I will be blogging about them Tuesday, so come visit if you have a moment.

    your friend,
    Janet xox

  4. Just found your page while searching for photo's of Prunus Elvin after purchasing one from the Bunnings.
    Tits certainly looks beautiful(men can say that right?, haha) in full bloom. I was wondering what it looked like without the bloom and found excellent photo's of that on your site. We have also purchased a Crepe Myrtle & a Smoke Bush to compliment the tree, trying to create our kind of Japanese garden/chill our garden. I have also become a keen gardener in the past few years, which probably derives from my mother who was a keen Vegetable gardener and always involved us. She also baked bread regularly, which i too have taken up, now I can just get a slice before my wife and son get to it, haha.
    I noticed too that you too have chickens which is my next step, along with a renovation of my garden bed/hoop house. Again a great blog, will read more of it soon.


  5. Whoops, I meant to say THIS certainly looks beautiful, not........., sigh.
    Now that's embarrassing!

    I must, I must, I must proof read.....


  6. Hey Dave, that's so funny had to have a giggle.......I didn't even notice until I read the second comment !!

    As you are anonymous, I will have to say 'hi and thanks for visiting' in my own comments section.

    Sounds like your mum was a real green thumb, nice that you have carried on with those pursuits.

    Great choice of trees for your garden, I imagine it will be lovely once established........

    Claire :}


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