Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spring Fever Has Me In It's Grip !

A worrying, niggling feeling has been lurking here in the Sweet Birdy Love household. Not that the two males in the house would notice! But there has been a slight change in the air, be it Spring Fever I'm not sure. The lure of the sewing machine has been waning and the lawn mower, whipper snipper (strimmer for those UK readers), shovel, rake and implements of the gardening variety have been calling me outside.
Now this dear readers, may not seem unusual to you, BUT I have to say for the last ooh,year or so the call of the garden has been fading and has been replaced by the song of the sewing machine, crochet hook, embroidery bits and pieces and all things of a textile nature.
I once was a very keen if not efficient sort of gardener and crafting was something I dabbled with occasionally.
So it has been a very strange feeling to walk past the sewing machine and head to the laundry to don my gardening gear.
Mind you, at this time of year the garden seems to consume every spare daylight hour you have. The lawn (ha, ha) needs mowing every week and the weeds are like something out of "Day of the Triffids"!
Oh, think I am exaggerating do you?

So,it was with a sigh of relief when the desire to sit at the machine and finish some bunting I started last week, overcame the urge to garden!
I made a deal with the two conflicting voices I was hearing.
"Let me sew, till my morning coffee and then I shall get stuck into the garden"
That seemed to keep 'everyone' happy.
So the jolly, polka dot bunting is finished and I am veeeeeeeeeeeery happy with it.
You do know how much I like red,white and blue, don't you?

It reminds me of Noddy and his little polka dot kerchief tied round his neck. I am sure he would approve of this and may even need some to 'jollify' his little abode.
It always helps if you have a tall person in the household to drape bunting prettily (well, as prettily as a 19y.o. male can!) in the Manchurian Pear tree.
Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge them and get a better view of everything.

Talking about red,white and blue.......

Who could resist taking a pic of these colourful chairs? I snapped these during my stay in Daylesford recently.

They are in cafe called Frangos and Frangos.

We had a delish breakfast there of sweet potato pancakes and bacon with maple syrup. If you are going to order them, a word of warning:- Make sure you are really, really, really hungry.

Whilst in the throes of worrying over the lack of creativeness I had to whip up some muffins, so thought I would share a couple of photos just to prove to myself that all was not lost.

Homegrown raspberries form last season and dark chocolate mmmmmm.................

I used block chocolate which I cut into shards and then put the left over chocolate into a container and hid it in the .................. drawer!

No 1 son has a very keen nose when it comes to sniffing out chokky and as this was particularly yummy chocolate, albeit cooking chocolate,you know how it is. When you need chocolate, any sort will do.

The finished product. Yep, they taste as yummy as they look. I had to double check just to make sure!!

Finally, a bit of Spring colour from the garden. This little Daffodil is so sweet, it reminds me of an egg that's been scrambled. Not a particularly romantic description, but there you have it.

A variety of Daffodils from the garden, lemon meringue in front, scrambled egg to the left and in the middle at the back, well I'm' not quite sure about that one, but the colouring is very delicate and lovely. They are such cheery flowers and they have put on a lovely display throughout Winter and Spring.

Here we have Prunus Elvins a week later, such a change (See last post for comparison photo) and give it another week and it will be pinker still.
The bees are buzzing away , if you are quiet you may even hear them!
Check out the dam in the background, how full us that?

Beautiful blossom out in the orchard. How gorgeous is that colour?
Such a lovely time of year. Each season has it's own beauty. Sometimes we just have to look a little harder. But I am sure you will all agree that Spring is a show stopper, no matter which corner of the globe you live in.

The creative drive may be in first gear for a little while as I need to tend to things in the garden and keep them under control. But rest assured that it shall return in due course.
Hey guys, thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings. I hope it made you smile, maybe even laugh or just shake your head in disbelief ! If you would like to leave I comment, I would love to hear from you and what's happening in your corner of the globe.
Till next time, take care,
Claire X


  1. Turn to the Darkside Luke . . . . .

    I think I have the same probelm. But luckily all that rain, school holidays, gale force winds have kept me out of the garden. Feeling productive indoors, but then ride on mower got fixed and the lure of clipped lawns, tractor bucket of paddock patties all called and the green thumb could start to stain the fabrics again :)
    Gorgeous garden Claire and I also think it is very important for all home kitchens to put proper quality controls on all produce - yum !

  2. Hello Claire!
    Your corner of the world is 'Springing' up quite nicely. Love the daffs...the double centers are my favorites. Their aroma is lovely. I am sitting here with my morning coffee and I am thinking how wonderful your muffins would be right now ;-)
    Your son is so sweet to model your pretty bunting for you....Lol!
    Enjoy your gardening/sewing days of Spring.

    your friend,
    Janet xox

  3. Oh that pear tree. I really cannot take it!
    Where's mine? Don't grow here by the coast, they are inland as I know very well, but they don't somehow look like yours.
    Gorgeous muffins too

  4. Blossoms are great! They always make me feel good about things! I'm very fond of red, white and blue too!
    And I love the owls in your previous post, so sweet:)

  5. How lovely to see your pics of blossom we are just preparing for winter here in UK :(
    Heather x


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