Monday, August 30, 2010

Short But Sweet

Yes, you guessed correctly it's another tea cosy. I finished the fun part, now I've got to assemble it and that's the fiddly part hmm..................................
I love little English villages and couldn't resist putting one on a cosy. I would love to live in the cottage on the left with the grey door.
How about you?
Click on the photo to enlarge.
Remember those cute little hearts I was crocheting last week with the idea of making them into a garland? The lovely Lee at was also hooking way unbeknowns to me. She has blogged about her pattern and has been making them into cute little book marks .......... now there's a great idea. She's a whizz with a crochet hook, so pop over and pay her a visit and say "hi" from me.
Today was a gorgeous, sunny day. A day to get outside and enjoy sunshine on your skin, throw off the jumpers and jackets of Winter. Put on the gardening gear and.......................... clean out Cluckingham Palace our chook house.
So I swept, raked, shovelled, barrowed and got it looking all spick and span. Then I put fresh straw in the nesting boxes, much like fluffing up your doona.
The girls thanked me by laying 5 beautiful brown eggs.

The Violets have been flowering away and supplying me with enough to put a posy in a vase on my bedside table. I loooooooooove these beautiful little flowers, with their heavenly scent. The thing is it takes quite a while to pick a bunch, but so worth it.

The Snowdrops are flowering under the Japonica, I love the combination of pink, white and green.

Enjoying the last rays of afternoon sun is Tigger, surprised he's even awake at this time of day!!
I am heading off on a little road trip come this weekend. I am making my way to Daylesford to visit some friends and also to go to the Daylesford Makers Market ( which is on this coming Saturday Sept. 4th. I have been wanting to attend it for some months and have finally got myself organised. I spent quite alot of time there when I was younger, having wonderful holidays with my aunt and uncle. Auntie Margaret was amazing, she could turn her hand to just about anything, making bread, sewing clothes, beautiful cakes to put in the Royal Melbourne Show, even casting her own concrete pots to grow plants in !! So Daylesford, holds lots of wonderful memories. If there are any bloggers going to the Market perhaps we could plan a catchup and coffee, just let me know.
So, I am planning to do a little Op Shop Crawl along the way, why not. Perhaps even sample some coffee maybe a sweet little something to go with the coffee....
Ooh, I've got it planned, haven't I.
I'm hoping to take a lot of pics along the way and pics when I get there, so make sure you come back and visit me next week to read all about my adventures.
Thanks for dropping by, so nice of you to come and visit, if you'd like to leave a comment and tell me about your recent adventures of the householdy or crafty kind I would love to read about them.
Until next time , take care
Claire X


  1. Hi Claire! I will look forward to seeing your Dayleford pics! Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time! I have those little wild violets growing all over my back yard.

  2. Have a great time in Daylesford. I also have violets growing, but not enough to pick. Your new tea cosy is looking good, I also prefer the grey door house.

  3. Hello Claire,
    Your tea cozy is the two little 'chooks' pecking away.
    Love all your little flowers and Tigger makes me smile ;-)

    Have fun on your little trip and I will be back to see all the great photo's.

    Janet xox

  4. hope you had a lovely day at Daylesford and found many nice goodies. I notice your blanket in the back of your cosy - aren't they great !

    Gorgeous cosy - I would love to make a wall hanging like that but have yet to learn machine embroidery :(

    I have found another thing for our hearts - will post it later in the week - thanks so much for linking back to me :)

    And your garden is so lovely - you are ahead of us by about three weeks I would guess - our blossoms have only just popped on the plum trees.


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