Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Red,White and Blue and Polka Dots Too

Oooh, I am such an egg head, I have posted all my photos in the wrong order, never mind..........Grrrr!

Found this 'little beauty in the nesting box yesterday, ouch.... Is it a double yolker?

Comparative size the usual 67gm egg on the left and.............

This 103 gm monster, yes I did tare/zero the scales before adding the egg in the cup....
No it wasn't a double yolker just a very large goog.......

Time out of the run, if we hide in the Rosemary bush she won't see us right.............

I mean to say if we can't see her, she can't see us!

Then when she's gone we'll sneak into the vegie garden, eat the seedlings and kick the mulch all over the place. You know how much she likes cleaning up after us!!

There's safety in numbers and if we stick together, that big noisy monster out there won't come near us.... right?

Noisy monster being driven by No 1. Grass is almost long enough to slash and bale.

Twas a beautiful mild afternoon, surprisingly I managed to tear myself away from the sewing machine, don the gardening gear and get outside. I pruned, weeded and planted like a woman possessed

In a couple of weeks with warmer weather, the garden will go berserk and there won't be a minute for anything else ha ha.... So thought I better get a head start.

You could almost get high on the aroma of fresh cut grass, mmmm, love it.

This mornings view from the kitchen door, lovely and sunny, fluffy, cottony clouds in a beautiful blue sky.

Two hours earlier, we had this, couldn't even see 'the Ben' for the cloud and misty rain.....love, love, love this sort of weather.

Creatively, this week I have been working on finishing some tea cosy orders.

This one is for an English workmate, he's actually a Cockney and put in an order when he found out I make tea cosies.

Of course it just had to be red, white and blue, they look so darn good together.
I kept it simple, the back is red wool and I 'wrote' something on it in rhyming slang.
I hope he likes it otherwise it will no doubt find a home elsewhere.

More red, white and blue, love stacks of crocheted goodies, in this case they are hearts and not granny squares.
Found the pattern over at http://www.skiptomylou.wordpress.com/ take just minutes to whip up and can be made into a garland.

Might have to make a few more then join them up to make a garland or some heart felt bunting....
I'm feeling a tad frustrated today, why?
Because of my lack of knowledge about techniques, lack of drawing ability and lack of patience.
Shame I wasn't so interested in art etc. when I was much younger and had the chance to do an arts course at Uni. Believe me there's no way I would do one now, what with assignments and deadlines........
Anyway, I shall plod along and keep being inspired by what I see around me and there are so many tutorials on the net, there's really no excuse.
Sorry, to have a little whinge, I do feel better though.
Shall finish on a brighter note and list a few things I am grateful for apart from family, health and home.
1: The beautiful place I live in.
2: Living just a 4 minute drive from work (no traffic lights or congestion)
3: Having time to 'play' and create.
4: Wonderful, inspiring blogs and friendships made via the internet.
Okay, better, leave it there, time to get ready for work,
Hope your week is going well and you find lots of things to be grateful for.
If you would like to leave a comment I would be very grateful........... Always love hearing from you.
Enjoy the rest of the week, till next time,
Take care,
Claire X


  1. Oh Wow, that egg is a beauty!! The love heart bunting/garland will be gorgeous, it already looks great:)
    I've been more productive and creative pre and post art school. Uni nearly killed it, sapped the fun just a tad!! You don't need it, you're doing wonderful work. Yeah,totally agree, internet buddies are great!:)

  2. Hello Claire!
    Just came from your son's MySpace site...Wow...he is so handsome and so very talented! You must be so proud. I tried to purchase his CD, but it said 'Coming Soon' I will just have to wait.
    Love the monster egg and your clouds are lovely. I am sure your English friend will love the beautiful cozy...well done!
    Thanks for sharing your corner of the globe.
    Janet xox

  3. love your chooks and photos and go red white and blue yah!x

  4. Wow Claire , it seems no time at all since you were bloging about autumn and I was bloging about spring.Where did the summer go?
    Love your tea cozy and crochet hearts !
    Jacquie x

  5. your poor chooks - that's a doozie - you must have heard her a block over when she "buk-buk"ed its arrival :)
    And snap - last night I started on little crocheted hearts too - nothing as productive as yours yet.
    Your tea cosy is lovely - those colours always rouse the spirit.
    P.S. drop over to Fan My Flame - Gina is doing on line art classes - they are awesome

  6. Dear Claire
    the lovely land around you reminds me alot of California. But greener!
    Let me know how that new Marion Cran is.
    your chickens are very handsome.

  7. Your hearts are cute! Can't wait to see what you make them into! Your latest tea cozies are really pretty! Love the Quince from a couple of posts back as well as this teapot cozy.


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