Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Day of August - Last Month of Winter

Ooh, a burst of colour to start this post. I'm still having fun playing with scraps from felted jumpers, just love curly hearts.
Sorry, 'bout the photo, doesn't quite show the true colour of the thread, but they certainly stand out.

Spring is just around the corner had to pick a bunch of Daffs, as the rain was weighing them down in the garden. They are sooooo bright and cheery.
The egg, was laid by one of the Williams sisters , the latest addition to my little flock. This is the first egg and is a lovely brown with darker brown flecks on it.
A jar of Blackberry Honey, from the Beechworth Honey Co., doesn't it sound lovely. Purchased at the new organic shop in town. Nice to have a different shop in our little village.

I feel like the proud Gran ( "Yep, she's finally lost it!" Hey I heard you say that....)

Sitting my favourite childhood eggcup. Guess what I am going to be having for breakfast?

It was raining and quite chilly, what else was I going to do Saturday afternoon. Whip a batch of scones, drag out the FB china, a couple of tea cosies, a pretty thrifted tea cloth and enjoy a lovely afternoon tea.

This little fella is the latest addition to the herd in our paddock. He's just too cute. The breed is Murray Grey and they tend to come up to the fence when you are outside looking for some handouts. You know how it is, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. He was quite tame, came up very close to me, till one of the 'aunts' swung her head around and pushed him out of the way.

This is a new form of mulch I am trialling on pot plants!!

Not sure if it will take off but Tig was certainly enjoying himself in the last rays of a sunny afternoon.

I didn't realise that it had been so long since I last posted, tut, tut. Had a little bit of a hiatus on the creative front, but I think it's all back to normal.

Today being the first day of August, has been near perfect weather wise. It's been very wintery, just the way I like it. Cocooned inside, looking out, a few words to describe it as I didn't take any photos.....bleak, grey, cloudy, blustery, showery and oh so very wet.

This would have to be the wettest Winter we have had in quite a few years, there is water lying about in the paddocks, the creeks are up and it's gumboots outside, if you please.

I LOVE IT, was that loud enough, I JUST LOOOOOOOOOVE IT.

I hope your weekend has been relaxing and enjoyable wherever you are and the weather has been to your liking.

I am planning a little trip away with No.1 for a few days later in the coming week. So we will pack the van up with guitars, amps, paint brushes, embroidery thread and lots of other bits and pieces and head over to the 'shack' on the banks of the Goulburn River where we shall create to our hearts content. No TV or internet, hmm................. but I certainly hope to get a few projects started and finished in that time and take a few photos to boot.

Until next time,
Take care

Claire X

P.S. I have had a little play around with my background. Not being up with all the gadgets, widgets, buttons and all the other sort of stuff, my blog has remained quite minimalistic in layout etc., BUT a change is as good as a holiday, so they say. So I hope you like the change, lets see how long I like it for! One question ladies, all those little buttons and signs etc you all have on your sidebars, how and where do you get them? Is it tricky to download or can a computer novice like me sort it out myself without having to bother Mr. G.?


  1. Hi Claire,
    I am playing catch up and reading two or three posts all at once here... It is so easy to get behind on blogging and e-mails when one takes a bit of time off to visit family.

    Your breakfast looks yummy, with Williams sister eggs and organic jam! :-) That is such a pretty china tea cup!

    Your little calf is adorable. Look at his cute little face!

    It's is good to take a bit of time off. Enjoy your week on the Goulburn.

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  3. Hello Claire,
    Well where do I absolute favorite thing! You set such a beautiful table with your tea service and to die for linens. That tablecloth would make a beautiful apron ;-)
    It is so strange to hear talk of August being a winter month...It is still in the 90's here in Virginia. I totally agree with your feeling about the winter season...I love the cold, rainy, snowy..need a hot cuppa and a warm throw kinda feeling.
    Love your little calf...too cute.
    Have a wonderful creative time with your No.1 and take advantage of the solitude.
    As far as the sidebar extras, I goggled 'Blogger Widgets' and found quite a few and all are simple to install. Just copy the code they give you and paste it into your blogger Gadget box in your layout.

    Here is one to display recent comments on your blog:

    Here is one for sharing on Twitter, Facebook and such:

    Here is one for Sitemeter, which lets you see how many blog visits you have had and where in the world they are (very cool)..sign up for the free option:

    Hope that helps a little

    Your friend,


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