Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Tail/Tale of Country Mouse in Town

Country mouse and No.1 son decided a trip to the City of Melbourne was needed. No 1 son needed to take his guitars to the Guitar Doctor to have a little tweak here and there to get rid of the squeak before the start of the busy music festival season and I decided I would accompany him and visit the above exhibition.
No 1 son said he didn't need me to go with him, I assured him that I was going for my own interest and not to keep an eye on him!
Mind you I have the credit cards and the car, so I felt that having only just gotten his licence, it would be preferable if I was there on his first trip to the big smoke.
Being a country mouse, he's not exactly used to city driving or peak hour traffic and his sense of direction is still developing.
The exhibition was wonderful and if anyone is thinking of going to it, I highly recommend it. I also took the audio guide for an extra $7.00 and felt this also added to the experience.
Having only just started to take an interest in art in the last few years, I have much to learn. It was inspirational to say the least. To see these paintings 'in the flesh' so to squeak, I mean speak, was amazing.
There was plenty of inspiration out on the street as well. I have walked over this mosaic in the Block Arcade many, many, many times BUT saw it with new 'eyes' this visit. Those teeny, tiny pieces of tile must've taken hours and hours to place. Beautiful colour and design.

Lots of yummy inspiration in this shop window. We don't have these fancy cake shops where I live in the country and on reflection it's probably a very good thing!

In the Block Arcade we found the Hopetoun Tea Rooms and decided it would be nice to rest our paws for a little while.
It was with great effort that we made our selection for afternoon tea. I chose a simple Portugese Tart to have with my coffee and No 1 chose the mixed berry cheesecake. Both were delicious. Just as well there was plenty of walking to be done afterwards..........

Out on the street, young City mice were forming a conga line to a drum beat, strangely enough they were dressed in their pyjamas or sleep wear of some attire (note the fellow at the right of the photo).
We stood transfixed to the spot, not having seen this sort of behaviour in the country.
We wondered , were they protesting about something?
No it just seems it was all for a Teddy Bears picnic. They were enjoying themselves immensely, as they conga-d their way into Myers Department Store..........

Out in the mall someone had dropped their coin purse, but no one seemed interested in picking it up...........

I was glad I wasn't around to see the owner return looking for it. I could imagine they would have sent mice scampering in all directions, trying to keep out of their way!

It was quite Wintery and this country mouse was very glad she had packed her red leather gloves and scarf.

Oooh la la, look what I spied................... I think it would go very nicely with my gloves!
I haven't seen one of these in the country, wouldn't that make heads turn at home?

And this little beauty, how cute is that. I can just see myself whizzing down the country lanes on it, with a floral scarf and bright red lipstick, Audrey Hepburn style.

I popped into a beautiful shop in Brunswick street, full of lovely paper, cards, notebooks etc. I made a purchase after much deliberation and my purchase was placed into this lovely bag, a work of art in itself.
What did i purchase you ask?

Why these lovely 'birdy' stamps of course.
I spied them on a visit to the City some time ago and decided not to buy them. But this time I felt they just had to come and live in the "Sweet Birdy Love' household.
I hope to use them sometime in the future, I plan to have a lot of fun with them.

When it was time to go, we packed the car, and decided that we had, had an enjoyable time in the city, but we were country mice at heart and longed for the peace and quiet of the country roads. The wide open spaces and the slower pace of life.
No 1 son gets an award for his driving ability and I get an award for staying calm and letting him drive his way !
It's been an interesting week here in the Sweet Birdy Love household, with a middle of the night dash to the emergency department at the local hospital.
Mr. G. had severe pain, bought on by a gall stone. We thought it was his back playing up, but no.
I felt it couldn't have been too bad as he was still managing to crack a few jokes here and there and I was almost begging for some morphine to put me out of my pain!!
Things have settled down but tea and sympathy is still being handed out in liberal doses.
I can live without that sort of excitement in my life, give me the boring and mundane any time.
Well, I hope you have all had a good week, whether packed with exciting adventures or the boring, mundane day to day sort of stuff. I hope you have enjoyed it whatever it was.
Have a lovely weekend, thankyou for dropping by, please take a moment to leave a comment, it's lovely to hear from you all and find out what's been happening in your corner of the globe.
Till next time, take care,
Claire X

P.S. my apologies for terrible puns, couldn't help myself, Mr. G's sense of humour (or lack of) has obviously been rubbing off on me.


  1. That sounds and looks like a lovely, perfect day in Melbourne. Always so nice to go home though.

  2. I wish I'd had YOUR city trip - we popped to Cheltenham the other day & I realised why I live in the country. Humanity - *shudders*. I want that red bike, so badly, and your little bird stamps are prefect. Feels like winter over here in England, rain/overcastness - you will be looking forward to spring soon, I imagine!

  3. It's always nice to do somehting different and a trip to the big smoke is always an experience.
    I have the same stamp set! I had my eye on it for simply neighbour has the butterfly set which is very nice too.
    I love going to you have a favourite artist?

  4. hehe...I would have been really tempted to try and take a look inside the coin purse. And oh my that red bike! Sounds like you have had a lot of fun. hope Mr.G is feeling a whole lot better now. I think it's probably just as well those cakes don't live to near me either:)

  5. That sound like such a great adventure.
    Thanks so much for taking us along for the ride.
    I hope you are having a happy start to your week.

  6. Hello Claire....I loved visiting the big city with you and your son. Yes...that bike was a beauty and I drooled over the scooter. I have seen those stamps in a catalogue and thought they were beautiful...look forward to seeing what creative thing you do with them.
    Happy you are back in the country with your beloved 'chooks' ;-)

    Janet xox

    PS...finally cooling off just a bit here..only in the 80's this week.

  7. I'm so envious - I need a trip to the big smoke - even Hobart would do. You all seemed like having a great time. So many sights, so much inspiration.
    Those birdie stamps are great - do let us know what you make with them.
    Have you been over to Pashleys Bikes, . . . I think we both live in very non-flat places for these :)


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