Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Spring has sprung..........actually it did a little while ago, but I still had some Winter to enjoy.
This is my Japonica - Flowering Quince, it's called Apple Blossom, easy to see why.
I love the simplicity of the bare branches and blossom. Unfortunately, some little, creepy, crawly,critters have been chewing on the flower buds and when they open up , there are bits missing, but I still think they look pretty.

Anyhoo, my Japonica has been the inspiration for a new tea cosy order. I was searching for inspiration on the weekend, when I spied a vase full of Japonica on the coffee table. I thought a sprig of Japonica is just what I needed. Not too busy, I like the minimalist look and the colours.
Click on the photo to enlarge, the above photo is with a flash, the 'writing' shows up better.

This photo is minus the flash, I'm pleased with the colours, although, I think I could've added a bit more pink. Oh well, there's always next time.

Close up of the blossom. Not exactly sure what I am going to do on the other side, let alone what colour felted jumper I will use.
I will have to do some surfing on the net for an appropriate saying and maybe some nice floral teacups will complete it.

The Daffodils are putting on a cheery display at the front gate, like sunshine on a stalk.
As I headed into town for a coffee last week, I stopped to pick a bunch, as they were all bowed down under the weight of recent rain. I shook the water off, thinking someone would like a bunch of flowers.
I walked into my favourite coffee shop and the owner, Julie, jokingly asked were they for her. I replied they were and she was quite taken aback. It was her fathers birthday , but he had passed away a year ago, tough day for her.
You never know when a small gesture on your part can make a big difference to someone else's day.
So here's to small gestures and they joy they can bring to others.

Stand back, here comes the rush, chooks heading for their run and dinner time. They look quite funny as they run.
I have one chook, who I think, must be deaf. No matter how loud or long I call, she keeps scratching away in the garden long after the others have returned to the yard. You can be sure that 'Mrs Rock" is the last to go back in the yard and you will always have to go and find her!

Ah, the Silver Birches or the Wild Wood as we call it. I just love the silvery, papery trunks. Standing out against the green and blue of their surroundings.
Spring is waiting in the wings, blossom buds are swelling on the Manchurian Pear, the Daffodils, Violets and Camellia are all flowering their little heads off.
The grass is growing slowly as the weather starts warming up and the days are getting longer. Come Spring, everything will go berserk particularly the weeds, which means mowing every week. Just as well we have a ride on mower, it takes an hour or so to go around the house yard.
This past week has been a rather unusual one for me. I have been out of sorts and am only just getting back into the swing of things.
We had visitors recently which meant we needed to use the dining table aka my sewing table. So I packed/chucked (ooh, my mum hated that word!) everything into the spare room.
The table looked wonderful, all that lovely old timber, the whole room looked tidier, but I felt things weren't quite right. I couldn't just sit down at the machine and play when I had a spare five minutes. I'm sure that's why I felt so at odds.
Anyway, the situation has been rectified, I have dragged it all out again (or most of it!) and everything feels as it should be now. So here's to creativity and the joy it brings.
I hope your week is full of creativity and joy and maybe a small gesture on your part will bring a smile to someone who needs it.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting. If you have a minute to comment, I would love to hear from you.
Your small gesture, always makes my heart skip a beat and bring a smile to my face, I love mail.
Till next time, take care,
Claire X


  1. I think being thoughtful of other people makes you a better person…giving the daffodils probably gave you as much pleasure as the receiver. I’m not for one moment suggesting you need to be a better person! But you know what I mean?
    A few years ago I was in town and it started to rain and I saw this little old lady who seems upset she had been caught in the shower so as I had an umbrella I walked with her to her home so she didn’t get wet….it wasn’t really out of my way – anyway when we got to her gate she thanked me then asked very seriously if I was an angel which made me feel great for the rest of the week!
    Your WIP tea cosy looks so beautiful.

  2. Hi Claire, and thanks so much for popping by my blog!! I wonder where you are in Victoria? I'm in Ballarat, and I wish Spring would hurry up and arrive here.... it's been absolutely freezing, dreary, windy, and horrible for yonks (or so it seems!). I have noted some blossom out here and there, but I haven't seen any daffodils.... perhaps if I pay more attention!

    I love the blossom on your tea cosy, just gorgeous.

    And, I truly adore Silver Birches, one of my favourite trees after oaks and willows (used to climb these as a child as we had a big old oak in the back yard of one house, and willow trees at another..... love trees heaps!)

    Glad you are feeling better now! Thanks again for popping by.

    Linda. xox

  3. quince blossoms are a favorite of mine, but i have yet to take the time to make some cuttings. i really should. your tea pot cosy is very :inspired" it's so lovely and has a real Japanese style to it - lucky person who will have that work of art :)
    Well done with the daffies - I'm always so cheered by the generosity people show - be it a half used parking voucher, a little note - and even more so bloggers sharing joy and kind words amounsgt each other despite most of us unlikely to ever meet !

  4. Hi Claire your tea cosy is looks absolutely gorgeous!! I love the blossoms being out now too! :)

  5. Claire, I think a bloggers' catch up would be amazing! Is there such a thing?... a Victorian bloggers' catch-up? I seem to have been finding more Aussie and Vic bloggers in particular lately which is fantastic.

    And yep, Winter in Ballarat is a whole new ball game. Although, I don't think it's as bad as some think it is..... if the wind stays away it's pretty bearable. But, if the wind chill factor kicks in it's horrible.

    So nice to *meet* you!

    Linda. xox

  6. With Spring popping up your way means Autumn is coming ours! Love the hens, have you many and more importantly do you get a good supply of eggs?


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