Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Inspiration Comes In Many Different Ways

Last week the postie left a card in the letter box telling me they had a parcel which was TOO LARGE to leave and I would have to go into town to collect it............

It had me wondering who, what, why.

When I picked it up I was even more intrigued, it was large, soft and squishy and I couldn't wait to unwrap it.

The lovely Sandra from Sam's Sewing Room had very thoughtfully put together a parcel of woollen fabric which she bought at a 'garage sale' held by some of her crafting friends.
She said as soon as she saw it, she thought of me.............

I was thrilled ad she also included a copy of Get Creative magazine which had some wonderful projects in it, one of which I was in the process of starting, so plenty of ideas to choose from .
As you can see there is quite an assortment of colours and my head was spinning with ideas as I unwrapped the paper.

Anyway, I really haven't had time to do much sewing recently, but just had to have my 'fix' today. So plugged in the machine and when I should've been cleaning bathrooms, ironing and vacuuming I made .............
........... this bunny.
Well, it's only half made, but I couldn't wait to post a pic.

Did you know "Bunny hugs are best"? Just ask a bunny.........

I love the combination of the lilac wool and green fabric. The fabric under the bunny will be for the back and I will add some detail to it.

It's a little bit different for me, colour wise. But so far I am happy with how it is turning out.

There will no doubt be teacosies and more softies made in the coming weeks. Plus more projects as the ideas evolve.

Thankyou so much Sandra for your thoughtfulness.
As Sandra said in an email one of the best things about blogging is making new friendships and I totally agree.
Hop (sorry about the pun) on over to her blog she's been crocheting up a storm recently and has some cute little owls about the place too.
You know how it is when inspiration strikes?

You have to write it down there and then.............

No1 son was mowing the 'lawn' when he pulled up by the kitchen door and motioned to me that he wanted to write something down. I knew exactly what he needed it for.

I duly took out a pen and some paper and he sat there for a minute, engine running and wrote down some song lyrics.

Had to smile to myself, wondering what on earth they would be. What would you think of when mowing the lawn? All sorts of things apparently.

Shall keep you updated on the song as he has already written the first verse and the melody.
So far so good.
A quick look at what's happening outside in the garden.

The purple beans are ready for picking and the basil plant will soon be made into pesto. There are some lettuces nestled in amongst the straw, doing very nicely and as you can see the Zinnias are still flowering their heads off.

A bit of colour still happening in the shrubbery, beautiful bright Nerines, probably on their last legs. The roses are still flowering and the Dahlias have put on a lovely Autumn display.

Still plenty to pick and bring inside.

The Hoodie hanging on the line, belongs to my son. I purposely put it in the pick as it was made by Rich's mate Luke.
Luke did a brilliant job and has lined the hood with some recycled woollen fabric. He used an overlocker, made buttonholes and put ribbing on the sleeves.
It's quite long, covering his butt, apparently that's how snowboarders like them and Luke is a snowboarder. At the moment he's working at a ski resort in Canada and making some extra cash on the side whipping these beauties up.
Not bad for a 19 y.o. fella.

As you can see from the photo it's a rather overcast day here and I am loving it. Have put on the trakkies (yes, I admit I wear them) and the slippers and it's nice and cosy inside.
Shall have to get ready for work soon...........

It's been a while since I last posted, have been tidying up as we are having a couple of house guests this weekend for the local Folk Festival. So that means tidying up the spare room and finding the bed for them to sleep in, hehehe.........

No. 1 and I also made a quick trip to Melbourne last week to see the Doobies Brothers in concert.
I love their music and wasn't going to miss this opportunity. hubby wasn't interested so rich and I headed off. We had a lovely time, stayed with friends who also came to the concert.
Had breakfast out on Saturday morning, visited the Rose St. market in Fitzroy loads of clever, creative people there.

Best dash and see if I can get a few jobs done before I head off to work..........

Thankyou one and all for the lovely comments on my last post and welcome to new followers nice to hear from you all and meet new bloggers.

I hope you week is going well and have managed to squeeze in some creativity into your week,

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. That is so heart warming and beautiful. I'm so glad our little blog circlea are filled with really thoughtful caring people. I have "met" some gorgeous people and their capacity to share restores my faith in humanity when it sometimes seems to be going crazy out there in the world.

  2. Hi Claire. Beautiful, beautiful bunny, love it!!! I agree, blog has opened up a wonderful world for me also. I love speaking to people I would otherwise never have known. Seeing others crafts is awe inspiring :o) I love the inspiration it gives me and the creativeness it unlocks!! Thankyou and have a wonderful week - My husband used to fall asleep while mowing with a ride on, nice to see it gives your son lyrical breakthroughs :O)(Yollie)

  3. The Doobie Brothers are still alive! OMG Claire, how that took me back to the day!!!Weren`t they so handsome then? Loving the bunny, you`re so clever you know. Of course, my all-time favourite will always be Wee Jock for obvious reasons! If you need more tartan, just let me know and I can send you more.
    I`m totally with Tanya on the bloggy friends front. Two of mine have really cheered me up this week.
    Stay Well, Claire. x

  4. How lovely of Sandra to send you the fabric and you've already made good use of it with the cute bunny.
    Well done to Luke too. Like you say there aren't many 19 year old lads who could whip up a hoody.

  5. Claire, how are you? I've been off the blog for a couple of months and have missed everyone. What a lovely surprise all that colored wool must have been! Your garden looks just as wonderful as ever! I need to read down through some of your pasts posts and get caught up.

  6. Hi again, Thanks for stopping by. No, the forsythia is not perfumed. But the cheerful yellow color is such a joy after our long winters. :-)

  7. Hi Caire,

    Just popped over to thank you for your lovely comment on my bobble stitch tutorial. Did you give it a go? Does it make any sense?! Knowing me I've forgotten to explain something vital!

    I've just had a whisk through your blog and have to say I love your McChooks, your free motion stitching is great. I really want to have a go at that myself but I lost my sewing room when I had to turn it into the nursery. Much prefer it as a nursery though :oD


  8. Hi Claire, My name is Camille and I live in the US in Utah. I found your blog through Nana Go-go and I love the hearts and sewing book you made for her. Your hand work is very beautiful and unique.

  9. Hey Claire,
    Everytime I sit down to comment on your post, I get interrupted!
    I love your posts...always chiock full of great pictures and great narration.

    A pic here and there of your handsome son helps also ;->

    What a fabulous and generous gift of the wool fabric..she must be a lovely lady.
    Enjoy your weekend...we are getting snow tonight .

    Janet xox

  10. Hi Claire, what a nice parcel to get in the mail! Blogland is great isn't it!! The bunny is looking very cute, can't wait to check it out when it's finished. Your garden is still looking good, we are still getting lots of tomatoes down here, but lots of other things are finishing up. It is funny when creative inspiration strikes, you do have to capture the moment or it can slip away, so good on your son and his music making ways!
    Have a great week (sounds like you have been having a busy fun time!) Julie :)

  11. The bunny is gorgeous! I love all the little detailing on your makes, they always look fantastic! How thoughtful of Sandra to send you all that material.
    The garden looks gorgeous, still going really well, you must be into autumn now though? I suppose you don't get the same type of bad winters we do though.
    I've also given you a blog award, have a look at my latest blog post to pick it up! :) x

  12. All those gorgeous colours Claire. Love the bunny and song writing number one son looks cool on his tractor machine too

  13. Hi Claire! I seem to get my best ideas while cleaning. I thought once I should keep a pen a paper handy but usually don't. Many of those ideas are lost and never found. I must start doing that! Lovely start on you little bunny! Thanks for your nice comment at Tangled Happy. Still completely in love with my granny apron. :)


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