Friday, March 4, 2011

On The Fifth Day of Autumn...........

On the fifth day of Autumn, I made scones.........
Nothing overly interesting about that, but considering the fact it's the most cooking I have done in many months apart from the usual meals, it is quite something for me.

I put it down to the weather.........Autumn arrives and the temperature drops. On Monday night the first official Autumn evening, I had to dig out my slippers a long sleeved Tee and some trackies to wear, it was chilly.

I looked longingly at the empty wood heater and thought 'not long now, just be patient'...........

On the fifth day of Autumn No. 1 son found the shed skin of a brown snake out in the yard. We bought it inside and measured it 1.25 mts or for you folks working in inches 49 of them, yikes......
"So where's the snake?" I hear you ask...................
He added it to his collection, now he has 2 snake skins.
The other one makes the latest find look rather small........

He's doing his Bear Grylls impression !

On the first day of March we turned over a new page on the calendar.

I love Puffins, there's something rather comical about them I think.
Isn't this a fantastic photo? It was taken by UK photographer Danny Green.

March already, time is flying by way too fast.

The last flush of roses and I just love pink and red together.
Might be a while before I can pick them again.........

Autumns harvest of Nashis, they have been lovely and sweet and juicy.

No wonder the parrots are hanging around.......

The Zinnias are still going strong and a sea of colour.
This photo doesn't do the colour justice.
They will stay in the garden till May providing food for bees and butterflies.

Two of our three chicks which hatched last December. They are a Dorking x Wellsummer at the front and a Barnevelder x Wellsummer behind.
They are at the bottom of the pecking order, but are very quick to react when one of the other chooks tries to give them a peck. They have grown very quickly.
It was wonderful to watch them growing as this was the first time we have had chicks hatch.
We are assuming we have two males and a female at this stage, time will tell........

On the fourth day of Autumn Tigger decided that the dirty laundry basket looked like the ideal place for a tired cat to have a rest.

So he dragged out a couple of wind cheaters to make just enough room for him to curl up in.

Autumn is really making it's presence felt.
The evenings are cooler,no longer can we sit in the great room with doors and windows open to let the evening air in.
I leave the cover on the bed instead of folding it back.
It's boots on in the morning to go and feed the chooks, the grass is too dewy.

No. 1 son feel like he has been robbed as we had a very cool, wet Summer and he loves the heat. Whereas I love the cool weather, rugging up, snuggling down going into hibernation.........

I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying the change of season and all that it brings.

'Delicious Autumn,
my very soul is wedded to it
and if I were a bird,
I would fly about the earth
seeking successive Autumns.'

George Elliot

Have great weekend and thankyou for taking time to visit Sweet Birdy Love and leave a comment.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Oh those scones look so yummy. I'm thinking scones might be on my list to make soon. The Zinnias and Roses are just beautiful.
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Anne xx

  2. Hi Claire, oh the differences in this world!!! Here you are getting the warm clothing out, dreaming of log fires and whizzing up the comfort food. Here I am in grey Yorkshire watrching the snowdrops get braver, wishing on the daffodils, dreaming of spring sunshine and cherry blossom.

    So glad I don't have to contend with the snakes!!!Definately rather you than me - teeny tiny spiders give me the creeps here and as for 'daddy-long-legs' (crane flies in other words) well there is just no option but to run!! Wimpy I know but do I care :)


  3. Those scones look lovely - I do lots of baking but have never made scones for some reason! Wouldn't fancy the snake skin near me!
    Here it the UK we're looking forward to Spring although it's gone freezing again here now.

  4. Hi Claire
    Thank you so much Claire - how exciting to get a comment! I've had a bit of difficulty contacting you - I left a comment after yours on my blog, but then realised you probably wouldn't see it and I can't email you for some reason and so I thought this might be the best way of contacting you!
    I've had a look at your lovely blog - beautiful, beautiful cushions - love them. There are so many really talented people out there in blogland.
    Crochet is completely addictive, isn't it? I've had to start a sneaky 'interim project' so I can finish something while I'm still working on my throw, that's how bad I am!
    Enjoy beautiful aumtumn
    Thanks again for your comment

  5. Hi Claire,
    Great collection of Autumn experiences! I think Tigger has the right idea; comfy, soft, cosy, warm and private(well sort of except for the camera). Clever puss;) Also my Barnevelder (Willow) just laid her first egg! We were hoping she was a girl and this made our day. A cute little speckled egg, such a talent. Well have a great Autumn. Yollie x

  6. Your photos are lovely. I love the orange puddytat all curled up...and the flowers! We out here in Eastern Ontario, Canada are still up to our necks in the white stuff. Expecting more this weekend. Ahhh, spring!

  7. See what happens when I take too long to leave a comment...I have to leave two in one day!!!!

    Please post your scone recipe....I LOVE SCONES!!!!!

    No. 1 son always makes me smile..both our Nbr 1 sons have the exact same hair ;->

    Beautiful flowers...enjoy while they last.

    janet xox

  8. Claire, I can't beleive you have parrots in your garden. I once saw one fly by my house in Santa Barbara, with a flock of peigons and I've never forgotten. I'm ravenous for a scone!

  9. The scones look yummy Claire. We often have them for Sunday lunch, nice in the winter with some IS getting cooler, so something to look forward to.
    I love your blog, you have a way with words.
    Love quackers too. Very clever.

  10. Your scones look absolutely delicious Claire! Where did No 1 son find his snake skin - not too close to home with a big snake not too far away me hopes :0)

  11. I love seeing pics of your part of the world!

    Those scones look so fluffy and wonderful. And your son is a cutie...that's one long snakeskin!

    And Ronna's right, we're still suffering with winter. I drove home from her house last night in a mess of fog, rain, ice and snow.

    I had to go Google "Nashi"... a cross between an apple and a pear?

    Have a happy Sunday!

  12. PS I See you have a fluffy orange cat too. They're the best! :)

  13. Mmm scones, I love cheese scones or plain scones smothered in jam and cream mmm. Not made any for a long time but will have to put them on the to do list. Can only say I'm happy to live somewhere where we only see emormous snakes on the tv!


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