Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SLightLy DaFFy AbOUT DucKs

I was going to cook fruit and freeze it, do some sort of 'domestic goddess' type of activity but all that went out the window when I saw Kirsty's wonderful work over at sixtyonea.

Her lovely duck picture inspired me to plug in the machine and sew a picture of my own.
It's just on a scrap of recycled blanket and will end up in my scrap bag, but I had to 'get it out' before I moved on to things of a domestic nature.........

Do you ever have those moments where you have to have that fix of sewing, crochet, painting or whatever it may be, before you can do the more mundane chores?

I loooove vintage childrens books.
These are two I have kept from my childhood.
The text and pictures, have so much appeal, they make me smile and I love flicking through them looking for inspiration.

As well as chooks, chickens, I love ducks.
Love watching them, waddling around, quacking away and doing all those ducky things........

Does that make me slightly quackers?

I bought No.1 son this book as a pressie for sleeping through the night.

He was 3 years old...............
Yes, a very poor sleeper, but he's now making up for it, typical teenager......

Farmer Duck has to take over all the farm chores as the farmer is just too lazy.

Poor Farmer Duck, is worked into the ground.
The other farm animals take pity on him and lead a revolt, kicking the farmer off his property and taking over the jobs themselves.

A happy ending to Farmer Ducks woes.

Jemima is one of my favourite ducks, despite the fact she is slightly silly.
I actually bought this egg cup as a pressie for a friends daughter.
I thought it was so sweet I had to buy one for myself.
Sorry, about the blurry pic.
In fact, being a coolish sort of day, it might be the perfect time to use it............

I can imagine half a dozen beautiful white ducks swimming on the dam.

Somehow, I think that's as close as I will get to having my own.

Right that's sorted now I can move on.


Perhaps now, I will be able to get those apples stewed.....

It's officially the first day of Autumn here and it's a cooler day with fluffy clouds scudding across the sky.

I hope your week is going well, you may not have seen the end of the ducky inspiration yet.
You know what I'm like....

Till next time, take care, thanks for all your lovely comments, always nice to hear from you.

Claire X


  1. Clare, I adore Farmer Duck!
    and I've never seen that piece of Jemima. Is that Beswick?

  2. Oh that ducky is gorgeous. You clever, clever lady. I'm not surprised you were inspired by Kirsty, her work is wonderful, as is yours. :) I have those urges to craft before domestic godessing every morning. I mean when it's a choice between either crochet, sewing, drawing, cardmaking, illustrating, oil painting, knitting or cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing, CRAFTING ALL THE WAY!!!
    We had ducks on our farm when I was growing up. They are sooooo messy and poop everywhere, especially in water so your lovely dam would be very yucky. I like goats as I think they are full of personality. They are the naughties of animals, eating everything including clothing and your hair if you'd let them. They are very partial to grape vine and rose leaves so you can't let them in the garden, it'd be gone just like that.
    My favourite books from young childhood were Thumper and Tootle, Little Golden Books. I ransacked every op shop when my kids were little until I found copies for myself. I said for myself, not my kids. :)
    Have a great week,
    Anne xx

  3. I'm quackers about polks dots and gingham!

  4. You are so clever with that sewing machine Claire! I love all your 'sewn drawings', the duck is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what catches your eye next! I am always putting my knitting or crochet before my house chores, which is probably why we live in a state of semi chaos most of the time! I do love our home to be neat and tidy, I just don't seem to achieve it very often!haha!
    We have lots of wood ducks around here and they are quite common visitors to the garden, so I have a soft spot for them too ! Have a great day! Julie :)

  5. What a great ducky post. Love your latest creations

    We're getting four Muscovy ducks for our farm this spring. :)

  6. Hi sweetie I love your duck... Spring is finally here and you are talking about autumn it's so strange... Hope you are well and blessed...Helen

  7. Hi Claire , love your duck picture ,very clever.Your egg cup is lovely too.
    We have the first day of spring and I saw my first ducklings today. They were on the flat roof outside our coffee room window at work....apparently the mother duck nested there last year too .It's a massive building in the city ...looked really strange.Hope they do OK.
    Jacquie x

  8. I love your duck picture, it'll be a shame if it ends up in your scrap bag.

  9. You are so talented. I love all your amazing designs Claire. Thank you for popping in on my blog. Lots of lovely apple pies for number one son!

  10. Love the polka dot duck! SO bright and pretty! Ducks are such lovely animals, would you believe I've never eaten duck?! Simply because when I was younger and ate meat (stopped eating meat except fish when I was 14) I thought they were too lovely to eat and anything that goes quack could most definitely not be food!! Hope you're having a good week! :) x

  11. What a gorgeous duck 'picture' - so clever :) It's good to get a 'crafty' fix before embarking on the dreaded chores!

    I'm embarking on a spring clean here - famous last words :)

  12. Hello Claire,

    Love the yellow duck and the machine writing. I must try that soon. My machine does free motion sewing..is it hard? Any pointers?

    All your sweet childrens books are so wonderful and so vintage.

    I have a dainty egg cup similiar to yours, however mine is a cute little bunny. I bought it for a friend, but could not part with it..I'm so bad.

    I know you are happy to have Autumn right around the corner. You and I are alike in that we love a good 'chilly outside...get cozy inside' kind of day.

    We are easing into Spring here in Virginia. All the trees and flowering shrubs are looking very pregnant with fat buds just waiting to burst open.

    A big hello to No.1 son and hubby

    Janet xox


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