Monday, March 28, 2011

Resuming Normal Transmission

So, after a weekend of wonderful music and late nights, life resumes it's usual rhythm.........
The visitors have departed, so I plugged the machine in and started on a Blanket Bunny, but I was thinking about a little needle book with frayed edges and wonky lines

The bunny just needs sewing together and it's done, not another UFO.............

"Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in out hair" Susan Polis Shutz.

A perfect quote for the weekend just gone.

There was sunshine and much dancing, no wonder my feet are sore.......

Front and back.

A piece of recycled blanket makes a wonderful blank canvas ready for some stitching.

A couple of pieces of felt, in which to keep your embroidery needles.

I was hoping I had some hot pink felt, but have used it all, still.............

There was another surprise parcel in the post today.

After 3 trips to check the letter box the mail finally arrived and there was a parcel from the U.K.

Yippee, I know what it is, or at least I think I do.......

Looky, looky isn't he just the cutest gnome you have ever seen?

Love those sparkly snow flakes and he's holding a lamp with gleaming beads and thread lighting the way.
" Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home" ain't that the truth

Do you recognise the artist behind this wonderful work?

It's Karen over at Mimi Love, head over and pay her a visit, she's one clever lady and has an etsy shop chock full of wonderful creations.

Also travelling in bubble wrapped comfort with Mr. Gnome was one of Karen's cockney sparrows.

All the teeny tiny stitches Karen embroiders on her pillows make wonderful pictures.

"allo me old china" a bit of rhyming slang, just sets him off .

Thanks Karen, I love them both, they make me smile.

Still there was more.

A beautiful card with one of her stitchy paintings on it.

Graceful doves, painted and stitched.

If you haven't visited her blog, head on over there. I guarantee she will have you in stitches.

Oooh, just realised the pun , not intended, but very true.........

Come Winter this is where Mr. Gnome will reside. Hanging on my dresser, lighting the way with his little lamp and making me smile.

No. 1 son is a little jealous of Mr. Gnomes beard, hehehe......
He thinks it's a very 'manly beard'.

Mr Gnome will be joined by the lovely Red Robin I purchased from Mimi Love last year.

Till then my cheeky Cockney Sparrow will be hanging around, at least this one won't be stealing the wheat out in the chook run.

One final pic below.
Who would've thought inside an unassuming taped, cardboard box, I would find so much creativity.........

Well, the mornings are certainly getting cooler and there is now a heavy dew on the grass.
Need to wear boots outside instead of the good old flip flops.

The trees are putting on some lovely colour and I was very tempted to light the wood stove last week when it was raining.......... but I resisted.

We've had an extremely busy weekend with he local folk festival taking place. I shall post about it later in the week, when I have the energy and have caught up on some sleep.

Shall leave you with a pic of No. 1 and Tigger.

If you're lying down on the couch then Tig thinks you are fair game for a cuddle.........

I think Rich will be doing a bit of this over the next day or two, he's worn out as well.

He played some great gigs over the weekend. Always special playing in front of a home crowd, no travelling for a start.......

As you can see there's a long way to go before Rich has a beard to rival Mr. Gnomes.....

Thankyou all for popping by for a visit and for commenting on posts.
It' always lovely to hear from you and get some feedback.

Welcome, to any new followers, promise I won't lead you up the garden path.........

Well, I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed some fine weather and time to spend with family or do something creative.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Hi Claire, I love the Gnome, his lantern really looks like it lights up! Looking at Tigger, it's really quite scary at how much he behaves like my Chester, right down to the plonk on your chest when you try and relax on the couch! I can't wait to see the finished Bunny ... till next time, take care, Yollie :O)

  2. Morning Claire,
    Another beautiful post and what fabulous treasures you recieved in the mail. Love her work..she is one talented lady. I need to check out her Etsy shop for sure. Thanks for introducing me to her.

    I really love what you do with small pieces of wool, fabric and of course your wonderful thread are so creative!

    We are hoping for Spring to show it's face's beginning, although we had a snow scare this weekend. Thankfully it's gone...YEA!

    Rest up and enjoy your week.

    Janet xox

  3. What a lovely needle case - love the colourful flowers.
    Hope you've recovered from your busy weekend!
    Emily x

  4. That is such a pretty little needlebook! I have one that I made when I was just a girl... Yours is much prettier! I love the blue bird pillow you got from your friend. It's gorgeous! Kitty cats sure do know the best places to sleep. :-)

  5. Much sunshine and dancing sounds lovely Claire. Lots of sunshine here too!

  6. Love your needlebook, the flowers are so bright.
    We're having some mighty fine weather here at the moment. The dust is getting pretty thick indoors because I've been outside gardening while I can!

  7. So many beautiful things! And nice pic of son and kitty. :)

  8. Wow. You are so lucky! I'm very jealous of Mimiloves work (in a nice way) and last week after many months of umming and ahing bought some little canvases to try my hand. Just waiting for instpiration to strike! Don't hold your breath. teehee.

    PS That cat is HUGE!

  9. The needle case is pretty, I love your stitching!
    The cushions are so pretty, Mimi love is definitely very talented! I love how she paints them and then stitches over the top - beautiful!
    Hope you've had a relaxing week recovering from the weekend! :) x

  10. wonderful needlecase, Claire
    and such lovely treats from the U.K.!


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