Friday, April 1, 2011

March Madness

Last Thursday March 24th. this was the view as No. 1 and I had coffee at our favourite Cafe, Sticky Tarts.
It was quiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeet, a couple of tourists had arrived early in preparation for the folk festival, but you didn't have any trouble getting a table or a seat.

Unfortunatley I didn't take too many pics over the course of the weekend. Guess I was having too much fun to even thin about getting the camera out. You all know how it is. You get home and think 'oops, no pics!!'

Looking down the street, hardly a soul to be seen.
We knew it wouldn't last long...........
24 hours later the 'joint was jumpin'

We had some rain on the Thursday which was really lovely and gave everything a spruce up.

So here we are back at Sticky Tarts on Saturday morning for breakfast, a slice of fruit toast and sourdough toast and my favourite mug for a coffee.

We put in an 'order' for good weather over the weekend and that's what we got.

Beautiful, sunny days, not too hot and lovely cool evenings.
Couple of spare sets around the table anyone like to join me?

We were in town early as hubby being chair of the committee had numerous responsibilities over the weekend.
None of this relaxing and enjoying the acts.......

Saturday nights venue for the community dinner run by the primary school.
Just setting up at this point, under the trees, listening to live music, a fun evening.

The wheelbarrow in the background is great for collecting dirty dishes....

The market on Sunday attracted thousands of people.

Lots of stalls selling a variety of different goods.

A nice shady location under the oak trees.

This is the Marquee down at the sports park where there were two music venues.
I took this early Sunday morning, alot of folk were sleeping in........

Tables and chairs were set up under the trees and there were food stalls so you could have a meal, rest your weary feet and enjoy the atmosphere.

A pic of the path heading into the sports park. It was lovely wandering along the path running next to the creek.
Meeting new folk, catching up with locals. All in all it was a very successful weekend.
Alot of work goes into the organisation of such an event and it couldn't be done without the army of volunteers and helpers who give up their spare time.
I've hardly seen my hubby for the past 6 months or more. He has spent each evening on the computer in his study, organising performers, sending out emails, taking phone calls. It's been full on.

Hopefully, we'll get some time together now that the festival is over.

Is he going to chair the committee next year?

Hmm, I haven't asked this question, not sure I want to hear the answer........

No. 1 had 4 sets over the weekend and had a ball. He loves playing in front of a home crowd and everyone is very supportive. Plus it's only a 5 minute drive home......

Things have really quietened down and it's back to the normal routine.

On a completely different note, in fact let's do a complete U turn here.
I just wanted to share these with you.

Smiths Flavours of the Nation chips, Lamb and Mint.
I spied these at the supermarket Wednesday.

Have I never noticed these before?
Has anyone else tried these?

I had to buy a pack, I was intrigued, can they really taste like lamb and mint?

And the answer is, well, yes, you get a real mint hit, but there is also a slightly meaty flavour in there too.
Don't think I'll be buying another pack, but I wonder who comes up with the ideas for these flavours......
Just a few pics from around the garden.

Early morning mist rising from the dam.

The Zinnias are still going strong
As is Old Fragrance rose, putting out a few blooms.
Beautiful fragrance and I love this deep pink.

Tig's exhausted after watching me hang out the washing.
Need to have a lie down and when it gets too warm in the sun you go and............

...........curl up in dad's sock basket.
It's nice and dark in the cupboard, it's comfy in the sock basket and just the right size.
Just make sure you don't close the door completely.......

I have also received this blog award from the lovely Jen at Buttons, Ribbons and other Things

It is an award given to bring recognition and give exposure to small blogs that have followers of less than 300 in number. If a blogger is given this award and they choose to accept it, they should then link back to the person who gave them the award, then pick three lovely blogs that they regularly read (also with followers of less than 300) to recommend to others.
Now I have to fess up and say that I have been meaning to make my blog an 'award free blog' as it's always so difficult choosing blogs to pass it on to and finding time to post about it etc. etc.

Anyway, I have chosen to accept this award as it gives me the opportunity to shine the spotlight onto some small blogs with fewer followers at this stage.

My 3 are:-

Pop over and have a look at these blogs, say 'hi'.

It's always nice to find new blogs that are interesting and appealing , so go check 'em out....

Well, here we are the 1st. of April, eeek......

This week has just whizzed by, where did it go?
What have I done?
Well, I have done a wee bit of sewing, pics next week.
Bunny love is still alive and the numbers are growing........

I think we have finally recovered from the folk festival, thankyou for all your lovely comments on my last post.

Take a minute to say 'hi' and let me know what you have been up to.

Hope you've had a great week,

till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Hi Claire, Thanks for the award, how exciting! Looks like you have had a great time at the festival, I'm jealous, I wish we had a music festival in our town! Good on your husband for putting in all that work so everyone can have a great time. I think the sense of community that these events create is fantastic, and is one of the best parts of living in the country or a small town, it is harder to create in the city and burbs I think.
    Anyway, have a great weekend! Julie :)
    PS.Looking forward to seeing the bunnies!

  2. Thanks for the award Claire!
    It looks like you had a great weekend. I haven't got my Zinnia seeds yet but I'm definitely going to give them a go this year.

  3. Lamb and Mint chips (crisps) would not fly in Canada!! It's hard enough finding people who eat lamb. :)

  4. Congrats on your award!! I love the pictures of your flowers. The mist looks fantastic and Tigger, need I say more, he steals my heart (just don't let Chester hear me say that!!) Take care, have a great weekend, Yollie :0)

  5. Looks like you had a perfect weekend for your festival and market!! Sounds like people really turned out for it!! (and of course there is always a ton of work to be done to organize events such as this. Kudos to you hubby!) Your pictures of zinnias always make me smile. :-) Now I'm going to have a peek at the 3 blogs you highlighted.

  6. Hi Claire, I love these little glimpses into your lovely life - I can just picture myself sitting at your favourite eaterie drinking my latte al fresco! Lucky for you I hate flying!Have a great weekend.x

  7. Just catching up, lovely to see your photos and catch up with your part of the world, Glad the festival went well. Congrats on your award, and love the kitty in the basket.

  8. Hi Claire, thanks for your comment, glad you liked the baby sweater. It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the festival and I just love open air markets.

    Love the images of your zinnias and roses.
    lily x

  9. Hi Clair. Love that last little bit about Tig. I keep telling people I want to be a cat in my next life. Looks like a pretty good life. Loved you comment at Tangled Happy about the covered stones. I think my husband often thinks I'm a little out of my mind with all my crazy projects and ideas. But he has learned to go along with my craziness. Congrats on you award. What a nice compliment! :)


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