Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hippo, Birdy, Two Ewes, Hippo Birdy, Two Ewes.........

Today is a milestone of the most important kind........

Today No. 1 son and my only child turns his back on his teenage years and enters his twenties.

So, bear with my as I take a quick wander down memory lane.
I may need you to hand me the tissues as I take a quick look back and wonderwhere those years have gone.........

Here we are mum and bub, wearing the beret style hat I knitted. I thought I was so clever.....

Look at those glasses, that's what we were wearing in the 90's.

Sorry about the blurry pic, but I think it's a little less scary that way, hehehe.....

Here we are on another special day........... and another blurry pic, sorry about this....

I married my fiancee Chris and Richard gained a step dad.
He has always been dad to Rich and a great dad at that.

I love this photo of Rich and my mum.

Grandma always had a very special place in her heart for Rich as he was 'her baby's baby'.....

They had a very close relationship, which was so lovely to see.
Sadly she passed away when he was 16.

She said she wanted to stay around till he turned 21 and then she would be happy to 'drop her clogs'.

It's been thirsty work this wedding thing.

Time for a bit of light refreshment.......

Just as well there was a bottle on hand.

So here with are with his first guitar and wearing my outdoor hat.

Not sure what's going on here, but he loved that guitar.
Who knew it would be a forerunner of things to come?

Fast forward a few years to 17, he's left school and not looked back.

He's earning his living as a musician although he did a stint at a local coffee shop for six months...........

He's an interesting young man, sensitive, caring, thoughtful, but he can also be frustrating, annoying and a tad on the lazy side.....

Hey, I'm his mum, I try not wear rose coloured glasses, so I can get away with saying this, as I know where his personality traits come from................

He gives me the best hugs and tells me he loves me.

He writes and performs alot of his own songs and I love it when he says 'mum can I borrow you for a minute?'

I then go into his bedroom, where all his music gear is and I'll sit on his bed while he plays a new song.
The times that I have sat there, tears running down my cheeks as the plays the most beautiful melody and then the words, well...........

I love the creativity and value his opinion in my creative endeavours.

Who would've thought that the boy who just wasn't cut out for school, who wasn't interested in sport (yep, I know, unusual for a boy) reading or much else except for Lego........ would end up being a muso?

We discovered this when he performed at a local 'open mike' night.
He sat down behind the microphone and transformed into a quietly, confident performer.

It's been an interesting journey, with potholes along the way, but my hubby and I have been there to guide him and he's pretty level headed with his feet firmly planted on the ground.
As he says, it's not about the money, it's his passion. He'd be happy making enough money to pay his bills and to live off.......

All I can say is when your child finds their passion in life, encourage them......

So Rich, here's to the next twenty years, may they be full of love, laughter and many blessings along the way. Thankyou for your friendship, love and the joy you bring into my life.

Thankyou, for allowing me to do the 'mum thing' and I hope I haven't been too self indulgent, or' 'blown the trumpet' too long or too loud..........

If you would like to listen to some of his music just click on this link or google his name and you'll be able to watch some videos of gigs on youtube.


Things have been a little quiet on the crafting front here. After the recent markets I have taken a little break from the sewing machine and then Easter thrown into the mix and things have been a little topsy turvy.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break, the weather here has been absolutely beautiful, but I think that's about to change.

Thankyou all for stopping by my last post and taking the time to leave a comment.

It's always a lovely surprise to click on my blog and see who has popped in for a visit.

I hope you are all well, till next time,

Take care,

Claire X


  1. Claire I received your beautiful post card today! And it was so "you". I'm off now to listen to some of Rich's tunes

  2. Oh Claire, please talk about your gorgeous son all you want. He looks like a wonderful young man and you have every right to be proud of him.
    I don't know where the time goes either.
    One day they are babies and the next they're young adults.
    You are very fortunate to have a close relationship with him, it's not every kid that want's his/her mum's opinion. ENJOY!!
    Thank you for sharing this very special day with us, your memories and photos, he's cute. Lastly Happy Birthday Richard.
    I'm just heading over to check out his music.
    Anne xx

  3. Hi Claire, what a great post to celebrate Rich's bday! I think it is wonderful to share how proud of our children we are, after all, you pour all the love and hopes and dreams into them, and nuture their gifts and talents, so why not celebrate how fantastic they turn out!! (there is certainly enough negativity about young people already!) I only have to start looking through the baby photos and I'm tearing up at how quickly the time goes, I hope I have as close a relationship with my boys when they are older,as you do with Rich.! He sounds like a great person, and I've just had a quick look on youtube at him playing at Woodford and a couple of his other videos - very talented too, what a guitarist! The didgeridoo is cool too!
    Thanks for all the nice comments you have been leaving on my blog recently, I really appreciate you taking the time!
    Enjoy the birthday, I'm sure there will be cake involved at your house too! Haha :) Julie x

  4. Lovely post Claire

    Your Rich reminds me so much of my oldest..right down to the hair length and non interest in sports!

    Billy has gone to University, but although most people have expected him to get some high corporate job, he is following his passion and working very hard at being a stand up comedian...yeah, I know ;->

    I love him more than anything and support him all I can. We must respect and support their choices.

    Rich sounds like a wonderful young proud!

    Thanks for sharing your kind and handsome son with us.

    janet xox

  5. You must be so proud of your Rich. He is just a few months younger than my son, so I totally understand this post. Mine is away at university now, but I love it when he comes home and tells me about things that happen at school. (All his legos and board games are still in his bedroom closet.)
    I listened to some of Rich's songs... he's very good. What a deep voice he has. He should go to Nashville.

  6. What a lovely son you have Claire you are right to be so proud of him.
    I hope he has a lovely Birthday.

  7. Rich sounds like a great son. How nice that he wants your opinion on his songs, a lot of kids would think their parents to be too old!
    Wish him Happy Birthday from me!

  8. Claire, I'm a bit choked! What a lovely tribute to your son. I hope and pray I'll be writing similar when my boys are grown. I must onfess I did chuckle at your very fetching spectacles..till I remembered wearing a very similar pair, gulp!

  9. Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments, I have shown Rich and he was very touched by your comments and well wishes.

    Our children can bring us so much joy and grief at times........... but they are our children and we wouldn't be without them.

    Enjoy the last of your week, I'm off to work......6a.m., hmmmmmm, I know where I'd rather be..

    Claire :}

  10. Claire that was such a lovely post. Happy birthday to your big No1 son xxx

  11. Ah, happy birthday to your baby - I hope he's had a lovely day.
    Emily x

  12. this is a heartwarming story.

    How lucky he is to have artistically sensitive parents

    that allow him to flourish.

  13. A fine young man you have raised! :) Hope he had a happy day.

  14. I've come over all wobbly lower lip! Happy birthday to all of you.

  15. I have a son of a similar age - and feel all nostalgic about the past, too, as well as so pleased and proud! A lovely post, and nice to discover your blog.

    Pomona x

  16. A lovely post! I hope he had a great day and is looking forward to what his 20's will bring him. :) x

  17. Hi Claire what a lovely post. You give me hope, my son sits glued to a computer screen all day, but maybe he'll turn out to be a gaming whizz one day. Thanks for sharing your special pictures and thanks to Rich for letting you, lol. x

  18. Ah bugger...see this is what happens when I'm not around! I've missed out on soooo much! So would you please send Rich yet another pinchy cheek hair ruffling virtual late brithday hug from me please...and you have one too for being such a bloody marvellous mum too!!! x;0)


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