Monday, April 4, 2011

Are You Sure It's April Already and Not a Joke?

What's that saying ?
" Blink and you'll miss it"
Well that's how I feel about 2011, but let's not grizzle about what we can't change.

My week has started with a box of tissues at hand.
No. 1 has shared his cold with me, thankyou ..........not!!
So, energy levels are fading rapidly.

I had high hopes for today after being woken by a certain someone wanting to come inside at 6.15am, grrrrr.

I was asleep, dreaming even, warm and cosy.

It's like a baby crying, hubby never hears Tig at the window.

So, I got up and stayed up.
It was a beautiful morning and lovely to be up early, even if it wasn't part of my plan.

Needle books are the 'happening thing' at the moment.
A little bit of stitching, a little bit of 'writing' and there you have it.

Chooks in the garden, hmmmmm........

"Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever" I wish......

Snippets of tartan all the way from Nana Go Go in Scotland and wool from Sandra in Swan hill.

"Sewing mends the soul" a little bit of stitching can be just the tonic you need some days.

Oops, uploaded the wrong pic.

My wee camera doesn't like taking closeups sometimes.

A 'Bgurk' brooch in the making.

And 'Bunny Love' is alive and kicking.

More brooches for my market stall.

This was all I had the energy for today. I had big plans but need to take it easy for a day or two.
I'm enjoying a cuppa while I post and then I think I might check out the back of my eyelids for 15 mins or so, just to recharge the batteries and get through the evening.

Autumn continues to spoil us with beautiful weather.
Cool evenings and mornings but brilliant sunny days with a temp. between 22 & 25 deg.
The leaves are colouring up, starting off quite dark but as the weeks pass they will turn scarlet and will standout like a beacon where they can be seen from well down the road.

Some beauties hiding in amongst the foliage.

So here 'tis April, a big month ahead.

No. 1 turns 20 that means I will be ............let's not go there, until we absolutely have to.

The photo on my calendar is of Reticulated Giraffes mother and bub, doing some mutual grooming.
Pic taken by Christopher Loffredo of Colorado while on safari in Samburu National Reserve in Kenya.

Thought it was quite appropriate for UK bloggers, as you've just enjoyed Mothers Day.

Hope you all had a lovely day and got to spend it with your families.

No. 1 and I will be keeping Kleenex in business for a couple of more days, but we are over the worst.
It's funny I haven't had a cold for 2 or 3 years, guess I was a bit run down after the lead up to the folk festival.

THANKYOU, for all your lovely comments on my last post. So nice to have you drop by and take an interest in what's happening in my corner of Oz.

I hope you all have a lovely week and get some beautiful blue sky, sunshiny weather.
The sort that makes you want to get outside and enjoy all that's happening around you.

It was at this time 4 years ago that hubby, No 1 and I visited the UK. We had a wonderful time and loved seeing all the Daffs and Bluebells in bloom, so I have been enjoying looking at beautiful photos on blogs.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X (oops maybe I better not get too close, hehehe....)


  1. Hi Claire, love your needle cases and bunny brooches , beautifully made as always .
    Hope your cold is soon over and you continue to get lovely autumn days :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. Some lovely stitching and sewing stuff happening at your house I see. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    Anne xx

  3. Hi Claire, I hope you feel better soon!! I love the bunnies, too cute. I am also feeling under the weather, I couldn't make up my mind if it's hay fever or a cold. Today I know it's a cold (sniff, sniff) ;0( All the best hope the crafts go like hotcakes (or hot cross buns??) Cheers, Yollie xx

  4. i like that you say zip zap and there is a needle book Claire !
    Great chookies - and the colours are so spritely - you are definatly under the influence of Autumn colours :)
    Hope your cold leaves soon - don't you love kids and their "sharing" (and that includes the demands of little furry kids too).

  5. Dear Claire I would love to purchase a Bgurk needle book please. Could you email me your bank details and I can deposit direct or if you have Paypal pls send a request to my other email adress tbmurray at bigpond dot com. It will be just the thing to keep my embroidery needles sorted.

  6. I just love the needle cases...beautiful you are clever...Happy mothers day to you too...although H

  7. I still can't get the hang of it being Spring here and Autumn with you. This is how dense I am - when I read the title of this post with you querying if it could be April, you put doubt in my mind and I'm thinking "It can't be April over there it must be October or November"!

    I love the tiny flowers on the needle books and brooches.

    Get better soon!

  8. Oh! What adorable little needle books. I didn't know they were the "in thing" right now (I just found out I've been living in a cave lately LOL). I can sure see why they're in. These are so cute!!
    Patricia :o)

  9. Hey Claire, soon as I finish an apron I am working on , I am going to try some of that machine writing.

    I love it!!

    Any pointers???
    Feel better soon.

    Janet xox

  10. I'm with you Janet on the machine writing, hehe!!

    Your sewing is a tonic in itself Claire - I love seeing what you are making over in Oz. Hope you make it back to the UK another time and that you get over the dreaded 'sniffles'!
    Alison x
    (from a very wet 'dreich' Outer Hebrides!)

  11. Hi Claire
    What lovely makes, as ever!
    Emily x

  12. Beautiful needlecases and pincushion, love the stitchy birdies, colds are such a pain, hope you feel better soon.
    lily x

  13. WOW, thankyou all so much for your lovely comments and your well wishes.
    After a good nights sleep, I am definitely feeling better this morning.

    Glad you like the needle books, I thought they weren't overly creative, but I have had sooo much fun making them, I think there will be more in the pipeline. You know what I am like..........

    LBM sorry to confuse you, don't worry, it's all a bit topsy turvy with the seasons. Having a sister living in the UK I had to 'get my head around it' years ago............

    Have a great week and thankyou all for taking the time to comment.

    Claire X

  14. Hi Claire, Hope your feeling better. Looks like your weather is as perfect as mine. Hoping it stays for Easter. Your bgurks are as lovely as ever!

  15. Thank you so much for your kind words. Well, I'm not bothered at all that sales weren't that good, as it was due to the market. All handmade sellers were experiencing the same thing (there were a lot of people with imported cheaper goods ;) So I will definitely be at another market :)

    And I loooooooove the little chickens you made! They are really cute!

  16. So glad the cold isn't catching over 'blogspace', do hope you are feeling better soon.Lovely photos,so unique and interesting, hope your stall goes well. Posie

  17. I don't sew but I always enjoy what others create - totally fun and cool items! You're phrases also made me smile... very different from our US ones. Makes me miss my friend Julie in Cornwall even more darnit! I'll keep peeking in - hope you'll visit one day, Jennifer jennsthreegraces blogspot

  18. Oh! Those are beautiful little birdie books and bunny brooches! Just beautiful!.....

    I found my way here thru attic 24, and am having a grand time looking thru your posts!
    You've a lovely blog!

  19. Hi Claire! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. So happy to "follow" you here and see your wonderful blog! Love the needle books!

  20. Thanks so much for this posting. I LOVE your needle books...they're whimsical, artistic, and fresh. They make me smile.

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  21. Hi Claire, thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog!

    I really love these needlecases - beautiful AND functional - whats not to like?


  22. Hi Claire, Lovely to pay your neck of the woods a visit too! It's beautiful. I love autumn weather. As much as I love Sydney, it can get rather humid in summer, so I'm grateful for the autumn breezes and crisper mornings :)

    I love that little saying you've sewn - Sewing forever housework whenever - I strongly adhere to that philosohpy for all my crafting too!

  23. I've really been loving your comments, thank you for taking the time.
    Hurry up and do another post, I can't wait to see what other amazing things you've been doing, I think your free motion embroidery is fab! xxx

  24. Hi Dearest Claire, I`m just amazed at what you`re able to do with that tartan! It looks so wonderful on your little needle cases and I love the way the chickadees are munching amongst the grass and flowers.To think it`s going to travel even further when people buy your fabulous work!
    I love hearing what you`ve been up to - sorry you and lad are suffering with the dreaded lurgy. Get better soon. xxx

  25. Gosh, I’ve been looking about this specific topic for about an hour, glad i found it in your website!



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