Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Did You Know Dogs Laugh?

Yes, it's quite true, dogs do laugh, but they laugh with their tails......
They even smile too.

Wee Jock will be laughing and smiling as soon as he's had his walk.

Another little needle book I made recently (click on the pic to enlarge)
The quote is by Max Eastman.
Wee Jock is standing amongst the purple and yellow daisies with that 'look' on his face.........

How can you resist him?

Looks like someone should've wiped their muddy little paws.........

Two posts ago I commented that needle books were the 'happening thing'.
I think that may have confused some readers, thinking that it was the latest trend in Blogland.

What I meant was, it's the 'happening thing' here at Sweet Birdy Love......

Mind you if it were that easy to start a trend then I'm up for it, hehehe....
I'm in production mode for a market on Saturday and possibly Sunday morning (if I have enough stock left...)

Another batch of bunnies and a couple of different breeds amongst this lot.

They don't particularly like having their photo taken, especially when Tigger is eyeing them off.

They tend to be a little camera shy, but I love their cute little tails.

Don't forget "Bunny hugs are best"

If you haven't cuddled a bunny recently then you are missing out.
The last two days has seen us descend into some very Wintry weather. It got to 13deg. yesterday, brrrrrrr...........

So you know what that meant? Yes, it was time to light the heater. No 1 waited till I got home from work on Monday afternoon as he knows how much I enjoy doing this.

I stopped in at the shop on my way, to pick up a bag of marshmallows as mugs of hot chocolate with 'marshies' are mandatory when it's cold.

We've had quite a bit of rain which has been lovely as the garden was starting to dry out.

So nice to hop into bed and night and go to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof.

As you can see in the above pic, all the Maples are colouring nicely and the "Wild Wood" full of Silver Birches is turning a lovely, buttery, golden colour. The leaves remind me of crispy, cornflakes.......

This Crab Apple had a mantle of beautiful burnished leaves yesterday.
I should've taken a photo then, but it was raining.

Just a few left today but still beautiful in it's bareness.

The top of the Ben, covered in cloud.

Monday afternoon as the sun was setting it just brushed the tops of the hills, giving them a golden, glow.

I had to take a pic, unfortunately it doesn't do the view justice, but believe me it was beautiful.

I hope your week is going well and you have found moments of beauty, that take your breath away.

Thanks for popping in for a visit and to all those who take the time to comment, it's lovely to hear from you.

Well, I'm off to do some dishes, tidy up the mess I have made sewing and then get ready for work.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. your bunnies are gorgeous, (love their backs!) and wee Jock just looks like a 'wee jock'.
    I'm wondering if you do a line in Emus? I feel the need for something with an emu for daughter in law in UK.
    We had our heater on too, Love it. Haven't lit the fire yet, waiting on a load of wood! Where is that man!!

  2. I love the bunnies and their little tails are so cute! I agree with dogs laughing and smiling, they defintely do! The leaves are looking gorgeous in their pretty golds and reds, great photo of the hills too! :) x

  3. I love your bunnies, especially those tails. Who knew bunnies had such variety in tails? :) I love the photo with the sun on the top of the mountain. I can imagine that glorious scene even if you think your photo doesn't do it justice.
    Wood fires, hot chocolate with marshmallows, some of the good things to enjoy in the cold weather, however 13 degrees is a bit chilly for this time of the year.
    Stay warm.
    Anne xx

  4. What a lovely post, having a fraught day with weaving going wrong - ie. having to cut the project off the frame, so it was good to wind down with your lovely pictures. We are cold here today but the sun is trying to get out, I'm watching the last of the daffodils admiring the blossoms and fretting over my two lady rabbits trying to nest - what a difference to you! Have to admit, the marshmallows still sound good though!

  5. Wow, lovely - looks idyllic. Love the little needle book too - cute dog!
    Emily x

  6. Just can`t get enough of that tartan, Claire!lol
    I did indeed hug my little `Bunny` today....she`s too cute not to! Have a great weekend, Claire. Lots o` Love. x

  7. Morning Claire,
    The bunnies are the most adorable creatures...and those colors are perfect for Spring (here anyway).

    I'm sure you will do well at Market. How can shopper resist your creativity??

    Glad to know you were able to light your fire and get cozy. I know you love that so.

    Fabulous photo of the mountains!

    Hello to #1...and #2 ;->

    enjoy the week

    Janet xox

  8. Hi Claire,those bunnies are lovely! Good luck at the market(s),I'm sure you will do well with all your beautiful embroidery and special things.
    I love the change of seasons and all the colourful trees. I have a gorgeous crab apple too, that dropped virtually all it's leaves in 1 night of rain, it's looking a bit bedraggled now, but it was lovely for a couple of weeks. I'll have to clean out our wood heater I think it's nearly time to crank it up here too! Have a good week! julie :)

  9. Wee Jock is a such a little cutie and the bunnies are so sweet, I'm sure they'll be snapped up at the market.
    It's lovely to see the leaves turning colour - our crab apples are just coming into blossom!

  10. I love your creations. And what a pretty sunset!

  11. Love the little needle case Claire! It seems so strange to me , to see the leaves changing colour when ours here are just starting to green over. Almost like someone with their finger on the fast forward button. Enjoy your marshmallows and hot choccie - sounds delicious1

  12. I love wee Jock! You have reminded me of the dog lady we used to watch on tv with your "Walkies" stitching - Barbara Woodhouse : )

  13. the bunnies are gorgeous,

    and yes, I felt that needlecases are springing up at the moment - in fact I almost need one , but not sure exactly how to go about it.


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